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  1. I contributed as well, I've bought this game on PC and Switch, and then again on both for my Son.. I don't know what it is about that game that just keeps bringing me back. Glad Paladins is on there, I crapped all over that game as an Overwatch knockoff but being free on Switch drove me to try it, and I love everything about it.
  2. Good to hear, I don't know what was up with the trailer my local theater was running but on the run before Wreck-it Ralph 2 the animation was all kinds of janky, it hurt my eyes, it was like a video game running at 12fps.
  3. Ir depends on when, if it's out waiting to be collected sure, if it's been picked up already..no I have neighbors who clean up after their dogs and then that shit sits in my garage for a week and it pisses me off
  4. That MSI is specced pretty much the same as my Gigabyte Aero 15X, I love the hell out of this laptop. The battery life on the one you listed, mine and the one pikachu listed are all in the 8-9 hour range which is fantastic for such a powerful machine, I think you'd be happy with any of them honestly.
  5. Next episode of SU&SD Podcast will be discussing it, bringing it to your attention as the creator is a friend of my cousin whom I follow on social media because he has a twisted sense of humor that lines up with my own, but it's been fun to witness the progress of him releasing his first game and I thought it may appeal to a few of you https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/255455/captains-gulf
  6. It makes me think of the first time a penis is whipped out in European porn.
  7. Turkey is amazing, it's just not when old ladies throw the entire thing into an oven and cook it to death
  8. Took my son to see it yesterday and we both loved it, honestly it's one of the most important messages a kid can learn (though I mostly say that because I've experienced way too many times having several friends in my life who were clingy to the point of insanity, going out of their way to sabotage any plans I had that did not include them.. I hope they watch this movie and get it)
  9. My wife has purchased several, and from my experience I will only get Roomba from this day forward.. Our other two broke because even though we did everything right eventually they went haywire and threw themselves down the stairs and they just get stuck on everything, whereas the Roomba has been consistently good at navigating and giving us no issues and also because things like long hair and such can eventually get caught in the rollers and cause damage and Roomba parts are so much easier to find on the cheap (it's rarely more work than taking out a screw, replacing a modular piece and putting the screw back). You will have to change how you do things around the house when you get one, such as keeping wires off the floor and not leaving clothes and such laying about because they will get caught in it and while it's little more than a headache really thing wires can absolutely get destroyed by them. In fact because of this I keep my mancave door shut until I have time to really neaten up the wiring.
  10. I'd gladly check out Conan Exiles if nobody else wants it.
  11. I love that they have a pile of great franchises and unlike every other Publisher on earth they are actually making full use of them.
  12. I was turned off by the look of it from the stills, seeing it in action it turns me off even more. seems entertaining and I'll give it a chance, but man I hate everything about the art style.
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