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  1. misfit410

    Movies Godzilla: King of the Monsters Trailer

    Yea that was incredible, all 30 times that I watched it.
  2. I'm still going to give him credit for continuing to update it until it more resembles the game that was promised..
  3. misfit410

    Thundercats Roar

    I think they only made this so the Mediocre She-Ra reveal would seem amazing by comparison.
  4. Gunns humor is messed up and I love that about him, you don't judge a man for humor especially if that man once worked with Troma. Disney should have had his back on this and this sort of crap is getting greatly out of hand.
  5. Two reasons honestly. 1. Using two different 3d Printers and I don't typically have more than one roll of the same color 2. I ran out of the black filament after doing the waist (and had a few failures on the left arm) so I broke out a brand new roll of the blush. Normally I would try to do an entire print in one color but knowing I was going to fill and prime this one I figured it wouldn't matter once it was done.
  6. misfit410

    Movies Joker releasing on October 4th, 2019

    I'm interested, anything to wash away the memory of Leto as Joker.
  7. Since getting a really good second printer cheap I decided to tackle something huge, a 13" Hulk I wanted to go high quality without getting too insane so I went with a 0.15mm layer height (most people do .2, .05 is the finest you can typically pull off but it would have printed for a week per part) each part was about 4-5 hours at this quality I used Ace Hardwares generic Wood fill to fill up the gaps, sanded it down then applied rustoleum primer/filler, let dry, sanded again and another coat of white primer. Did a flesh base coat and it's drying right now.. started this on Thurs of last week, had an issue printing the left arm and didn't get it successful until Monday, and have been working on it since then as time allows. Hoping to have it fully painted at some point on Saturday but I want to take my time and really do it right. I'm already deeming this $199 second printer money well spent.
  8. misfit410

    What pizza restaurants do you like?

    Best Pizza is always local only joints, here Shenandoah Pizza is my favorite with Tony's being my second.. They are expensive as hell so typically I just have Dominoes (my goal is usually to not have to cook and get something to feed the kid as cheaply as possible)
  9. misfit410

    Television Luke Cage Season 2 *marked spoilers*

    It wasn't as good as the first half of Season 1, but was far better than the second half. It has some issues but not enough to keep me from enjoying it.
  10. Commandos 1, the Expansion and 2 were some of my favorite games of all time.. Commandos 3 seemed well like by most but I thought they completely ruined the gameplay Looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.
  11. misfit410

    Papa John is an n-word guy

    If context no longer matters then nothing does. Also if this is a horrible word in which needs to die and never be used again (which I personally feel it does) then it needs to stop being used by everyone, with or without the R.
  12. misfit410

    General Gaming What are you playing today?

    Still playing Overwatch and Paladins on a regular basis, fitting in some Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Mario Tennis Aces and Bloostained Curse of the Moon as time allows.
  13. misfit410

    Making your own Minis.

    Thought this would interest the tabletop board, I'm not much into it myself but a coworker has been bugging me forever about making him some figures for his DND play. I got a new $199 Printer last week, the creality ender 3 Thing took me about 30 minutes to assemble (which is magical for a kit since my Prusa took me almost two days) and I was printing right away.. this video clued me in on the trick to get perfect minis, I just had to download his profile into cura and use it when slicing figures, and my results were incredible. (Pic below) If you're really, really into this sort of thing, this may be a good move for you Also a Fantastic site for creating your own model designs (just save as an STL, run them through microsofts 3D builder windows 10 app and it will repair them for printing)
  14. I not only wish to dislike this, I want to chop it up, put it in a garbage bag and drop it in the ocean in the cover of night.
  15. misfit410

    Microsoft July Microsoft Games Pass Games

    The fact that a few major games also can be played on PC was all it took to get me onboard.. I subbed.