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  1. You posted the same video 7 posts after it had been posted.
  2. George Lucas being on set explains a lot. <Sits patiently and waits for pictures of Damon Lindelof on set to appear>
  3. I was half expecting Drogon, after laying waste to the throne and looking back at Jon, to say something profound in the voice of Sean Connery.
  4. To be fair (to the red wedding and shock factor of GoT), Grey Worm could have wiped out all but Brienne in a quick flurry before any other soldiers arrived.
  5. It is rather amusing that it took Daenerys' army to make the final outcome happen, but her entire army is nothing more than an afterthought after she's dead.
  6. And who's to question or object if he should decide to take a wife and have kids. Let the Unsullied try to venture North of the wall.
  7. Actually, Star Wars had real canon. Over 30 years of actual canon... that was wiped out in an instant, just like Alderaan.
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