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  1. For me it only slightly edges out Blindspotting, which was the superior race relations film from 2018.
  2. I'm done with work tomorrow at 3. Want to hit up In N Out and maybe finally go see Captain Marvel.
  3. Shit bro, stop by MGM and finally meet me! I'm here until Friday. I brought my Switch with and have yet to touch it. Lol. @johnny
  4. Um, thanks for resurfacing THAT memory.
  5. This is my favorite: It's available at most grocery stores, too.
  6. Nobody bought him eggplant to put in the condoms.
  7. I would... but it would be the 4th most traumatic cheating experience for @Triage.
  8. Halloween was a pretty looking steaming pile of horseshit of a horror movie. So, unless you've got something else, nothing came close to Hereditary.
  9. I'm in. Hereditary was the best horror film of 2018. Though, to be fair, it was a shitty year for horror films. Still shouldn't take away from Hereditary. Great movie.
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