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  1. Should I hold off on updating any Animate themes since they’re being worked on by the creators? I’d hate to spend hours tweaking the theme only to have it all botched again right away.
  2. What the crap. I just clicked the Gamestop link and was taken to a page that says I’ve been blocked. By GameStop. Lol.
  3. I just ordered Triage’s PS5 disc version. Here’s to hoping Best Buy pre-orders go on sale soon so I can get my digital version.
  4. Give us streaming already! They can charge an extra $5 for subtitles.
  5. @NeoJoe would disagree. We also just flew through both seasons for a second time again. Still just as good.
  6. I just don’t think a $50 difference is enough of a discount for the flexibility that’s being lost.
  7. Considering his history against the Lions, it would be a major regression if he didn’t dominate week 1.
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