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  1. I had never played Maneater, so this was perfect for me. I ended up finishing the game in 2 days, at 14.5 hours, and my first PS Platinum. I need more!
  2. So, Nagy is horrendous at play calling. Similar to how Trubisky is horrible at accuracy past 5 yards. 6 game losing streak, hands play calling off to the OC, Bill Lazer. Bears proceed to win 3 straight, scoring over 30 each game. Albeit against shit teams. What does Nagy do? Takes back play calling in the finale against GB and proceeds to absolutely shit the bed. So, I’m here to watch the Bears completely tank on Sunday. And then give up everything for either Watson or Fields.
  3. We recently ordered the Always Pan: Always Pan FROMOURPLACE.COM Meet your new favorite essential kitchen pan. Thoughtfully designed to be the perfect size and shape to do the work of eight pieces of traditional cookware. Healthy ceramic non-stick... Unfortunately, it won’t ship until February.
  4. I love and miss Jack in the Box. Their sourdough burgers are great. And they have, hands down, the best worst tacos you can buy. And now they have tiny tacos! I also really really miss In N Out. I love animal style on the fries, but not on the burger. Burger King’s new fries are great—I can’t recall ever having them cooked poorly. Wendy’s new fries are horrible and an abomination to fries everywhere. What’s really odd is how far McDonald’s has fallen. Their quality control is just shit these days, and it’s rare that I get perfectly cooked fries, which are amazing when coo
  5. From Olive Garden to Maggiano’s to high end Italian in downtown SF, the only Italian I haven’t had is food that was actually made and eaten in Italy... so I can’t speak on that. But for all the others—it’s all the same. Maybe it’s the “where” for Olive Garden more than the “what”. Like, I would never think to eat at an Olive Garden in Oklahoma.
  6. Picard was AMAZING. Easily worth the $6 alone. Every season of Discovery has been fantastic, as well, and the production budget is of the charts for a TV show. Don’t forget the new Twilight Zone is there, too. I wouldn’t condone keeping the service all year round, but seriously, you can watch all that in a month for the price of one drink at Starbucks.
  7. Congrats? The great thing is, there are options—you have the option to buy whatever headphones you want, and I have the same option. Unrelated, as someone who thinks the 598s/650s are the most comfortable headphones ever created... FUCK the Sennheiser vice grips known as the 280s. How the same company can produce such drastically different headphones in the same product line is beyond me.
  8. The AirPods Pro are significantly better than AirPods. That being said, I do hate in-ear buds that create a seal. If you’re not blasting music, you hear your own breathing, you hear your heartbeat, and it’s just a genuinely uncomfortable feeling. If the Pros didn’t have Transparency mode, I wouldn’t have bought them. Over-ear headphones are inarguably the best way to listen to audio from a small form factor (something that goes on your head). Apparently, the transparency mode with the Max are a level above what it was in the Pros, which is already phenomenal. And the cancel
  9. What the shit. Come back @sblfilms! Animal Crossing had just brought us all together, too. Who can we run out of here for running SBL out of here???
  10. I can confirm that Tesla is the way to go.
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