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  1. I have everything but cherries. It’s all planted as trees—should see fruits tomorrow. I’ve got pear, apple, peach, and orange.
  2. I’ve always loved the end credits to Step Up 3D. My favorite part starts at 2:35 in the video. And it’s hard to tell when not in 3D, but the credits from that point forward actually “roll” up, as though on a curve.
  3. If anyone needs shooting stars, I’ve got a verifiable meteor shower tonight. I just hit 200 wishes from tonight alone. 1526-5477-8205
  4. I would love to see a dome drive in. Make sure it has proper ventilation, but this way it could be open all year round in areas that have poor weather.
  5. 122” screen at home. 9 feet away. I’m good on that cinematic experience. Now, I will say, without a doubt, my favorite place in all of the Bay Area is West Wind Capital Drive In. They have 6 screens and their concessions are to die for. Literally—it’s the very best kind of food that will kill you, and it’s amazing. Back when I first started going, I had a Tacoma that had a power outlet in the bed. Their audio went through FM. I got an air mattress, sleeping bags, pillows, and powered speakers that I plugged into that outlet, connected a small radio to, and blasted “surround” sound from that combined with the cab’s speakers. And because it was a pick up, I could park virtually right under the screen. I really fucking miss that place. Oh, and when I switched to a Prius after the Tacoma, my one requirement was that the hatch opened up high enough so that it wouldn’t block viewing the screen.
  6. Yes, my 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos simply can’t compare to that AM/FM Stereo/Mono experience you receive at the drive-in.
  7. It’s amazing. It was actually my favorite movie of the year when it came out. Favorite movie period.
  8. You don’t say. Keyser mentioned Korean, and IStD is undoubtedly better than any Japanese horror, so I figured I’d mention it.
  9. All done. Got all collectibles and completed all side quests. Still only at 455 out of 10000 Gamer Points. Lol. While I did have some issues with the game, and it definitely had its share of technical glitches, I really did love the game. The story and music were fantastic. I had more than a few times where my frame rate dropped to zero. The game would just up and freeze for a few seconds. And the game was ridiculously slow going into and out of the map. I don’t think I’ve ever played a game where I’ve frequented the map as much as I do with the Ori games. All in all, I’m not sure which game I prefer. Fix the technical issues, and give us the ability to use energy to create save spots and it’s even closer.
  10. This next season (4) covers my two favorite books. I’m SUPER curious how they’re going to handle the transition between books 7 & 8.
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