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  1. Nothing—my work pays for my Apple laptops. I’m good on the desktop front—I have an iPad Pro with the magic keyboard, which essentially makes it a laptop, I have my work 2018 MBP, which is a little long in the tooth, and I have my personal Windows PC (i9-9900 & 2080Ti), so I’m pretty covered. But why the fuck put a notch on a laptop? I’d rather have more bezel.
  2. I actually didn’t get one. I was all ready to throw my money at a new one (got the 13 Pro), but the update was horrible. They lost me at “same great battery life”. No. The Apple Watch battery life is shit. I stick with it because I love the functionality, but the battery life is easily the worst thing about the device.
  3. Black Sails: 11/10 Treasure Island had no business getting a set up this spectacular. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better 40 hours of television. Everything about this show hits every note perfectly. From character progression, to the sets, the action, the payoffs—all spot on. Quite possibly my new favorite show of all time. Phantasm: 3/10 Watched the 4K remaster, and while there are some great Lovecraftian scenes, the movie is just all over the place, some would say intentionally so, but it really is a hard watch, and that ending. What. The. Fuck.
  4. If it’s the one posted above, yes. But the page is a little messed up from some GIF that @Jason posted there.
  5. What is it supposed to look like? It looks like an appropriate button to me.
  6. I’ve got time this weekend. See if I can’t dust off my CSS skills. I usually stick with PlayStation, but Dreamcast was my favorite. If I was a Neanderthal like @stepee, then Super NES would be my favorite.
  7. There isn’t a thread large enough for everything we have in our house.
  8. Not that he’s not a bad guy, but there was a reason he had a woman chained in his basement in the first film… and the “heroes” were there to rob him. This is clearly a series where there are no protagonists.
  9. Still need the alcohol. No decaf for me. What’s the calorie count for the Dogfish Head? Also, one of my favorite beer types is a citrus wheat, so that’s one of the reasons I’m drawn to the Blue Moon.
  10. I’m currently limiting myself to only Blue Moon Light Sky. It’s the only light beer I’ve ever had that actually tastes like beer.
  11. I’ve recently switched to Oat milk and it’s only downside is it’s quite calorie dense (compared to other dairy milk replacements). I will say not all Oat milks are built the same—I’ve only had two so far, but the Oatly one is rather watered down and not very good. The Califa one is fantastic and my go to.
  12. Yup. We’ve got one in the bedroom (where I play primarily) and one in the main living room for when my wife goes to bed and I need to vacate the bedroom. The Series X is ridiculously quick to boot up and load content, so hopping from one console to another is a breeze. I paid around $620 for each of my Series X consoles. We have two PS5s, as well, but I was lucky enough to get @Triage’s at launch through Target, and then my digital PS5 through a friend who only wanted to sell the system at cost. And my PS5 is still in its box months later. SoT has been taking all my time.
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