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  1. It was a hint that the movie takes place in an alternate reality. It’s as simple as that.
  2. As someone who just wanted more LotR, I’m ok with that. I simply enjoy living in that world.
  3. Well, that’s one guaranteed character death. I’m also rewatching the Hobbit movies... the extended versions... and loving every minute.
  4. Will Smith was a better Genie.
  5. No thanks. And their food isn’t particularly good, either.
  6. The Last Kingdom is already that, and it’s better. Season 4 is sometime this year, and it had better keep going. EDIT: or did you just mean in ratings? In that case, Stranger Things is the GoT of Netflix. Though, I don’t think any show has ever reach that level of viewer dedication (watch parties in bars, live reaction videos).
  7. I need more Popeye’s chicken sandwiches in my life. I’m not sure how they do it, but no other chicken sandwich on the market compares.
  8. That sucks. Love, Death, and Robots is also fantastic. Fincher is one of the few select directors whose films I will go see regardless of what the film is. More from Fincher is always a good thing. And with Netflix, so long as The Last Kingdom continues, so does my Netflix subscription.
  9. I disagree. It’s never a bad thing to give users multiple ways to accomplish the same thing. Also, just because you know and associate the logo with going back to the home page, doesn’t mean all users do. Having something that says “Home” should always be available on a website.
  10. Personally, I like the sex swing. What did you do to implement Apple Pay? Did it come built into the platform, or did you require an API? Also, how do you go about getting the rights to sell those products, and at a listed discount?
  11. It’s episodic, but some of them are really good. The dollhouse one was my favorite.
  12. Just finished The Kid Who Would Be King... and it was... not good. Not good at all.
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