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  1. They have delivery services that will ship you mini untapped kegs. Might be worth a go.
  2. Salaried for 35. But it rarely comes out to be that few. Work has definitely increased with everyone in quarantine. The meetings. Dear god, the meetings.
  3. It’s absolutely bonkers how much makeup gets applied to her to make her look as plain as she does on the show.
  4. Seeing the choreography for Satisfied is just jaw-dropping. They way they use the circular stage and completely redo Helpless from Angelica’s perspective. Also the king staying on stage for the second half of the show and dancing in The Reynolds Pamphlet. So good. I also like the alternate interpretation of Eliza’s gasp at the end breaking the 4th wall. That it wasn’t Hamilton taking Eliza’s hand, but instead LMM’s hand showing Eliza that her husband’s legacy has lived on showing her the audience watching a musical about her husband.
  5. I’d kill for Wicked and Dear Evan Hansen. I actually have the TV movie version of Joseph if anyone wants it. It’s got Donny and is probably the best version you can get.
  6. Just finished. Started over earlier today with my daughter. It still gets me to “Claire Danes” cry.
  7. I thought it wasn’t until 7pm ET tomorrow? EDIT: That’s for the watch partly. Movie launches at 3AM ET/12AM PT.
  8. @sblfilms Is there a way drive-ins could enhance the audio experience?
  9. Musicals I’ve seen live: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (x3, twice with Donny Osmond) Jesus Christ Superstar with Corey Glover (Living Color) as Judas Wicked (x2, once with Teal Wicks who, in my opinion, blows the doors off of Idina Menzel in the role) Hamilton (x2) I really do need to see more live.
  10. Seasons of Love. I actually have not seen Rent live. And LMM describes Rent better than I ever could—give a watch to his Apple TV “Dear...” segment. It’s really good.
  11. Yeah, sound would most likely go through AM/FM, so it would depend on the strength of the signal and quality of sound system in your vehicle. Of course... it would still only be in stereo.
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