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  1. I was looking through a box of PC stuff and found my Logitech mx518 wired mouse. It still works, but the rubber coating hasn't aged well and has gone sticky. I've tried cleaning these rubberized surfaces before, but it never worked well. The coating usually ended up destroyed. Do you guys have any recommendations on cleaning mice? Water or maybe alcohol? I actually should have two more of those mice I picked up at garage sales and are probably in a similar condition. It would be nice to clean these up to have some spares on hand.
  2. I really like this. I set it up to turn on my tv and a light in the morning to help wake me up. I did get a email notice from slickdeals for one of these harmony remotes for $60. The home control remote has a few extra buttons dedicated to controlling lights and other smart home devices. You might not need those.
  3. I think I'll do this as well. I'm that that into collecting limited editions anymore. I don't have the room for statues or figures. I would just hope the normal release will include the bonus material and the the two movies.
  4. It has taken them this long and they really haven't figured out a good plan for separating from the EU. Do they have the option of just giving up on the idea of leaving?
  5. It would be nice if they could release the scores for justice league and batman beyond as well. I'd love to know if they had a full version of the batman tas theme that was played at the end of the Justice League Unlimited episode Epilogue.
  6. I'm thinking I might go with my ps4. It does most of my streaming needs. One thing it doesn't do is play CDs, which I have wanted to use on occasion. I do want to look more into the shield tv.
  7. My nexus player appears to be dead, so I'm looking for a new media player. I was wondering what devices you guys use? Does anyone have an opinion on the Shield TV? I have a ps4, xbox one, a chrome bit, and a paperback sized windows 8 computer. So I have a few options already, but I'm looking for other ideas. I might use my ps4 for the moment, but want to look at other options. The chrome bit and windows computer allow me to access all my streaming services through the browser, but that isn't the most couch friendly setup. I did like my nexus player. I like the options with an android based device. It just would have been nice if Android TV would have gotten more support from developers. Sideloading apps didn't really work that well for my nexus player. It would have been nice to get my comcast app to work on it.