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  1. I've only played my psvr once so far. I've been sick all weekend. I tried the vr mode for Zone of the Enders 2. That was neat. It does take a little getting used to since I wear glasses.
  2. That's what I am going to do. I've already picked up several games. I don't really have to the funds for the quest, but the PSVR will be good enough for now.
  3. That is good to hear about getting it to work on the PC. I managed to pick up one of the $199 bundles last night at gamestop. Tried Target but none of the Targets got the bundle in my area. I was rather annoyed by that since I had a $25 GC at target. Oh well. Gamestop gave out a $25 coupon with the purchase. Balances out I guess.
  4. Yea, I don't have the pro and was wondering about that as well. I heard might have to get some bumpers to keep my glasses from scratching the screens. I've picked up for cheap: Gungrave VR, Resident Evil 7, Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, and Zone of the enders the second runner Mars. I only need to pick up the $199 bundle since I picked up a set of the ps3 move controllers at a garage sale. I think they are compatible.
  5. I'm looking at the PS VR since it is on sale this Black Friday. I was wondering what experiences you guys have had with the PS VR? I've been looking at getting one for a while. I do have several VR games already that I had picked up for cheap. The one thing I'm concerned about is half life alyx was just announced. That will be on the pc and doesn't look like it will be compatible with the PS VR. I'm not certain I want to spend the money on two VR headsets.
  6. As nice as it is to see a Bab 5 reference, it's not one I like seeing in a real life president.
  7. Found another Virtual Boy and a controller. It only cost me $2. Unfortunately, it is broken. It is the second one I found like this. Both of mine have some movement inside the unit when powered on, but no image or sound. Also got a ps1 and snes controller last week. This is most game stuff I've found at garage sales lately. My area has really dried up.
  8. Star Wars X-Wing or TIE fighter remade for VR would be cool.
  9. $13 plus $1 tip. I'm rather cheap.
  10. I didn't get anything retro, but spent christmas day cleaning some nes carts I had gotten months ago. I picked up a bundle of 20 games since it had Mega Man 5 with it. Out of the bundle, I'm keeping mega man, duck tales, bionic commando, and the guardian legend. The rest I'll trade or bundle up with a nes console I refurbished with a new 72 pin connector over the weekend.
  11. It has been a while since I had a good game find. I got this stuff two weeks ago. I got the nes bundle for $10. He did have a nes for sale as well, but I left it since I have at least three of them I need to fix. I'll keep mega man, duck tales, and bionic commando. I'm not sure which others I should keep. I already have zelda, metroid, ninja gaiden 2, and turtles. I don't think I'll try removing the label on mega man. It is a former rental, so that will be a pain.
  12. There are some interesting services on their site. I would be tempted to get my nes toploader modded with composite.
  13. There are composite to hdmi adapters.
  14. Craigslist, get lucky at a garage sale, used game store, ebay. It has been a while since I've seen one at a garage sale. I also heard you can mod the snes classic and add game roms to it.
  15. I was looking through a box of PC stuff and found my Logitech mx518 wired mouse. It still works, but the rubber coating hasn't aged well and has gone sticky. I've tried cleaning these rubberized surfaces before, but it never worked well. The coating usually ended up destroyed. Do you guys have any recommendations on cleaning mice? Water or maybe alcohol? I actually should have two more of those mice I picked up at garage sales and are probably in a similar condition. It would be nice to clean these up to have some spares on hand.
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