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Who else is free again?


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My son just started his 4th week of kindergarten. He attends a Purpose Built School, which I had never heard of before. They are built in underfunded neighborhoods to help working families. They start earlier, finish later, and have a schedule that is more conducive to a working family. I think it's awesome that such a thing exists, even if we don't need it. Free lunch, breakfast, and after school care. He is 1 of 4 white kids in the entire school lol


Edit: I'm not entirely sure what I was loling, but whateves.

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51 minutes ago, Ominous said:

Yea but you'll need someone to come over and find you naked in the shower after falling when you get older. 

Lol this is literally one of the reasons my wife presented to me as she made a pitch for us to have a kid. 

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