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  1. lol not even a little bit. we could elect 1000 Abrams and it won't make a difference. it's actually an enormous waste of time. I kind of wish the Purge was a thing just so I could murder a bunch of mouth breathing retards. meh... hopefully someone gets the launch codes soon.
  2. Do us next! We have ,maybe , 3 states that aren't an absolute embarrassment. I'll kneel if Putin murders most of the country.
  3. I wonder if Saban's Onlyfans is included in Kirby's compensation. UGA can't hire a better HC than Kirby. It would be amazing if they dumped his ass on the side of Atlanta Highway anyway. What an absolute waste of talent.
  4. lol who even gives a fuck? I'll vote for her. I'll help the handful of people that I know that don't drive vote for her. She may even win. Who fucking cares.
  5. as one of the few here that can you would be doing all of us a disservice if you didnt.
  6. JRE is what it's always been. It hasn't changed. I listen when he has a guest I find interesting. I skip the rest. Bill Burr, Tom Segura, or even Jewel (surprisingly). I'm in. Tim Poole, Colin Noir, or little Ben Shapiro? Hard pass.
  7. Allies and Acuna signed 7 and 8 year deals. They are also 23.
  8. Your posts aren't trailer dumps. I read all of them. The content is just usually so out of my wheelhouse that I don't have anything to add.
  9. He use to just thread dump movie trailers for shit no one was ever going to watch. Now he's a full blown chud.
  10. How inept do you have to be to think that tanking for the MLB draft is a good idea? The talent almost always takes a ton of time to develop. Number one overall picks are often busts. MLB is easily the worst sport to tank for. What a joke.
  11. Offensive linemen are the only players that have real degrees.
  12. He comes from a long line of chuds, so this isn't at all surprising.
  13. You don't have to post every stupid thing you find on the internet. I know it's hard, but maybe work on your impulse control.
  14. College football really needs Alabama to lose tonight.
  15. UGA has given up 59 points through 9 games. Gross...
  16. I apparently hear weird shit that no one else does, but it sounds like dirty Kansas to me.
  17. Oh, that makes sense. Have you seen Freeman's E60 piece? They have a pretty amazing relationship.
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