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  1. Poppy at #1 Followed by Kesha, Tool, and Marina lol
  2. Silk has a zero sugar added oat milk that has 6 carbs per serving. No idea if it is as good as oatly, but it is a $1 cheaper per half gallon.
  3. The line is obviously whether you saw E.T. in theaters or at home. And probably if your favorite Land Before Time movie isn't the first one.
  4. My son just started kindergarten. He attends a charter school in the Atlanta Public School system (APS). His schedule is 8-4 Monday through Thursday, and 8-1 on Friday. We can drop him off as early as 710, and they provide free breakfast and lunch (free breakfast and lunch is APS wide in an attempt to improve attendance) They also offer free after care, but you have to sign up for it at the beginning of the school year, and if you don't use it every day they can remove you from the program. My son is in class the entire time. They have a bunch of neat programs to fill out the day. He has a spanish, chess, robotics, and a dance class. The adjacent highschool is on the same schedule, but I can't speak to their class structure.
  5. We exist. I don't post much because I need an in person dialogue in order to flesh out my own arguments. This probably doesn't make any sense, but there are few arguments that I enter into with a definitive perspective. I may have a strong opinion on something, but I'm not always sure why. The back and forth (I'm a drummer; call and response is life) helps resolve that for me. Otherwise I almost feel like I'm arguing with myself. All that to say, don't post on my account, but I do appreciate it.
  6. Jesus Christ.... can we just please trade the Hawks, Braves, and Falcons for a hockey team? At least bad hockey is still fun to watch....
  7. It's supposed to reach 97 in Atlanta today, breaking the all time high in October for the 2nd day in a row.... should make for a rather steamy 1st pitch @ 5:02.
  8. Yeah that does seem weird. I took it more like a blip on radar... there one second, gone the next.
  9. Yeah, this isn't new. This has been going on for his entire presidency. I'm pretty sure that they sold Trump sharpies after the hurricane/Alabama bullshit.
  10. What's more hilarious to me is that someone heard that nonsense, and was all press that shit.
  11. The Astros seem to do better with former Braves. I would just wait and see who doesn't get resigned lol
  12. Damn it, now I'm going to have to watch Bad Boys.
  13. Sure. But in this example candidate Y's lack of diversity is the point.
  14. My only concern is that UGA has struggled to generate a consistent pass rush. I'm still suffering PTSD from the Richt era, so I'm more nervous than I should be. Ga is more talented at every position. I don't feel great about the 14.5 though....
  15. Maybe if you want to maintain your original bullshit persona on a video game website you shouldn't claim to own a Ferrari and/or a lumber yard?
  16. I'm not really sure why, but John Malkovich makes me want to gouge my eyes out. I know that he is a good actor, but I just can't. Every SNL Christmas special with him reading The Night Before Christmas makes me want to throw myself off of an overpass. The scene in Being John Malkovich where he entered his own body almost makes me have a psychotic break.... maybe I should talk to someone about this lol
  17. Don't beat yourself up about it. US criminal justice is tough to keep up with when you're Canadian. Especially when you own Ferraris and lumber mills. Maybe get your secretary to fill you in on the details during your next flight to Japan.
  18. My son just started his 4th week of kindergarten. He attends a Purpose Built School, which I had never heard of before. They are built in underfunded neighborhoods to help working families. They start earlier, finish later, and have a schedule that is more conducive to a working family. I think it's awesome that such a thing exists, even if we don't need it. Free lunch, breakfast, and after school care. He is 1 of 4 white kids in the entire school lol Edit: I'm not entirely sure what I was loling, but whateves.
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