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  1. Domestic violence call, arrest the 1st black guy they see, and later find out the actual suspect was white. Cops are so damn stupid.
  2. Baseball managers are the least consequential out of all sports. They sign the lineup card, and make pitching changes. 90% of their job is to stand on the top step of the dugout and yell come on kid. They are glorified cheerleaders. Do you actually watch the games, or do you just get score updates? Going into yesterday's game Morton had a 1.13 ERA in the 1st 4 innings. He gave up 5 in 3 yesterday. Is that on Snitker? The Braves lead the league in team bullpen ERA (low 2s), yet they were garbage over the weekend. Snitker? Pache's bat isn't ready
  3. You called him a journeyman. He isn't. That's what I was addressing. Words mean things. They play 160 games. Calm down, or send your hat back. I don't really give a shit.
  4. he's been with the organization forever. it's ultimately up to the players to win games. the Braves will be fine.
  5. there are far more checks in place in order to prevent pharmacists from doing this, though.
  6. Yep. The quality of the opponent will almost always dictate the quality of the athlete (unless you are Katie Ledecky). It's impossible to draw any conclusions about how women would perform against men without them actually competing against men. This would have to be a generational test study. You can't just say best v. best at this point.
  7. not really. their mental fitness is even further behind. I can't think of a group of employees that are less capable of performing their duties than law enforcement.
  8. If she had permission to use the vehicle then she is protected under the 4th amendment.
  9. sure you can. she wasn't who they were looking for. move on.
  10. The person with outstanding warrants wasn't in the car. It's none of his business what is in the car at that point. I'm not insulting the officer. I'm questioning why we don't have fitness requirements for a job where fitness is potentially extremely important.
  11. she obviously wasn't who they were looking for. Let her go, and live to fight another day. Why are morbidly obese people allowed to be on patrol?
  12. Stop pulling people over when they don't pose an immediate threat to public safety. This protects law enforcement as well. The officer that was just shot in New Mexico pulled the driver over for a tint violation. This poor kid was stopped for an air freshener.
  13. Bohm still hasn't touched home plate.
  14. This win alone is estimated to earn him $1 billion in endorsements.
  15. The Mars Volta (with Jon Theodore) Blind Melon Ghost Tool Puscifer Billie Eilish Marina (with or without diamonds) Air Poppy Sia Lorde Kim Petras Black Dresses Portishead Bad Religion Pixies
  16. most major retailers have a clearance section. Find one that has headphones/earbuds. I picked up a $300 set of ote headphones from Target for $80. I'm not suggesting that you will find what you are looking for. It's worth a look though.
  17. Process "guides" are not mid-level. They are essentially entry level with different colored vests that also occasionally wear walkie-talkies. Looking to them for any sort of expertise is misguided. Any blue badge that has been employed longer than 2 months is already more knowledgeable than 90% of them.
  18. Stop being mean. He played Division 2 basketball with Jesus. He's gotta rep his boy.
  19. During Dr. Tobin's testimony he states that he observed brain injury shortly after the 5 minute mark. The restraint went on for 4 more minutes. Just fucking gross...
  20. I'm assuming he's talking about Dr. Tobin. You can search YouTube for "George Floyd trial" and everyday is available to view.
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