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  1. All kidding aside, they are very hostile/distrusting of outsiders. My wife was almost deployed (CDC) to the DRC. I told her to quit if it ended up happening. It just isn't worth the risk. Hats off to the folks actually giving it a go.
  2. You still have to convince the infected to take it. Good luck with that.
  3. I definitely find the bathing in human blood vs suicide angle to be far more compelling than the redhead discovering forks angle that Disney went with.
  4. I really wish I could sell my wife on buying a barndo, but it's a hard pass for her.
  5. For sure. Their BOGOs are amazing as well. Especially outside of Florida where you don't have to actually by two of something. Terrible place to work, though. I was a deli manager for years, and they burn their managers to the ground.
  6. That goes for pretty much all of their fresh products. They are the only major retailer (that I have access to) that still hand cuts/grinds all of their beef, and most of their pork.
  7. They would have to shit the bed for two more years before he is eligible.
  8. Wtf? Every article I've read mentioned that Christian churches were targeted. If anything, bringing up the fact that they were worshipping on Easter only boosts the ethos. How is this a thing?
  9. That's why I said significantly less than. It's still more money than pretty much any single person on the planet will ever have an opportunity to earn.
  10. He has an 8 million dollar insurance policy. While that is significantly less than what he would've made over his NBA career, I'm guessing that he'll be fine.
  11. It's Gary Oldman playing Les Claypool in the upcoming Primus biopic.
  12. Thanks for visiting! Now please leave, because my ride to work has been garbage for 10 days.
  13. They do. Thinking that all they do is knit and sell cookies is very outdated. I'd much rather put my son in GS.
  14. The saints only committed 3 penalties? It all balances out lol
  15. I understand why they left UGA out, but they would've been a better opponent in both of these games.
  16. Bad things happen when you name your kid Topper.
  17. My second attempt at early voting was a success. It still took over an hour. There seemed to be a lot of enthusiasm for Stacy Abrams in the building. Early turnout has been absolutely bananas in Georgia.
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