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  1. I loved it. It's one of the better chicken sandwiches. Much thicker juicy. The breading is really good and the pickles are amazing. Now I would not go out of my way and wait hours in the line for (or stab someone for it) but it is delicious. Also their Cajun fries are amazing. I went and got for my entire staff since they never had the sandwiches either and they all are addicted.
  2. Finally had popeyes chicken sandwich!! The chaos has slowed down and I was able to get some twice already
  3. I have accepted my bitchy resting face long ago I will probably dib into botox or some shit when I’m 60 for my self esteem only
  4. My oldest grown up age 20, little one independent 14 year old. I'm so glad I had kids young so i can enjoy adulthood more. Even though the 20 year old still stresses me out.
  5. Yuup only reason we leave it slightly open most of the time. Also once she's done yelling, she plops herself on one of our hips and we cannot move. Both of our daughters sleep with their doors closed.
  6. I'm not gonna read the responses because this topic too sensitive to me. Weak ass parents don't know how to raise their kids, lack patience and resort to violence. I raised two kids they are now 20 and 14 and I never spanked them. Having kids isn't easy but if you will resort to violence, take your shitty parenting shove it up your ass. Good luck having healthy relationship with your kids! Damn it I went and read posts but glad majority here are good parents. Amazing job @Man of Culture and I agree. I too was abused by my biological mother and we don't have relationship but I had and still do have lasting scars. Hence I raised my daughters very differently.
  7. Happy Father's day to all the dads and dad figures. Special shut out to my husband @Emblazon for being an amazing father to my daughters or as he refers to them our daughters. Raising them for last 9 years with love, compassion and humor. For being there when they are sick and in need, giving them courage when they are in need. Teaching them things that will help them be better. Going to daughter father dances and taking them to doctors and getting them soups when they are sick. Happy Father's Day!
  8. We Disney smart by being there at rope drop, using fast passes, staying late night. There are times we are in line but 15-30 minutes tops and rarely half hour.
  9. There end of September and they have 6 am hours for resort guests. We will be in line. Just like flight of Passage ride we played it smart and never waited as long as others.
  10. I think it's big and any bigger would be too much. I like it to fit in my one hand (still talking about the phone). It is nice though
  11. Isn't today like your 100th anniversary? Or 20th.. Same thing
  12. Watch a show Read Game Nature hike/walk
  13. Where is the fun in that?
  14. I'm here often just nothing new or exciting to comment on. And I don't have time for discord. But I do lurk often fyi
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