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  1. 1. Emblazon (well since we are married and I don't want to sleep on the sofa) 2. Cnut because she's my friend 3. Anzo, NeoJoe, Stepee, Mr. Vic, SFLUFAN, Nokra, Mo1518, bladimir2k 4. Rev, Kittykat, Captain Pickle, Boyle, BasementDweller, Chairslinger, RedSoxFan, Chris-, Jason, keyser 5. Anyone reading this feeling left out and sad that I didn't list them 6. I don't hate Biggie
  2. Tbh I feel like I'm married to both Emblazon and @stepee they talk like day and night.. Every night I'm all cuddly and Emblazon is on the phone and each time I'm who is it now? It's stepee
  3. I never understood it until my husband came into my life with three cats. And one thing for sure men that love cats make great husbands/boyfriends/dads because they have sensitive side to them and caring too
  4. Depends on my finances. When I'm doing go to a nicer place $36+$9 tip total $45 When on the budget and willing to take a risk $14+$5 tip I used to get hair color that was $130 plus $25 tip but now I color my hair myself
  5. How I need to lose weight without sacrificing all the yummy food
  6. I'm serious (sadly). I was adopted and I had no idea since I was adopted by US citizens that somehow that was done part of the process. I even have a birth certificate from Springfield IL. Thought I have to go through process like eneryone else. The day I went to test they told me no need I'm citizen and I did NOT get my $400 back
  7. @Nokra well at least she was honest
  8. Emblazon's and my first date movie was Catfish
  9. I never have been because I had no idea I was US Citizen since 1995 so everytime I got the form in the mail, I responded with not US Citizen. Then in 2006 I found out I am US citizen (while waiting to test to get my citizenship ). So they gave up on me long ago.
  10. @kittykat I need a pick me up so hit me up... Unless it's heartfelt hatred then don't
  11. I know @Emblazon you have some! Didn't you like carry one date's child then she didn't want to date again because she fell for some random dude in Australia?
  12. On the way to work the radio station I listen to has this second date update call (where one doesn't hear back from their first date, they call to find out why and see if the radio can set them up for a second date which usually doesn't happen). This girl calls wondering why her first date never called her back after what she thought was an amazing date. They get him on the phone and he without knowing she's listening says that this girl has voodoo doll collection... She gets mad he doesn't respect her hobby of having voodoo dolls that she USUALLY uses for good... I completely get his reservations and then she at the end threatens him to better watch out Share your nightmare date experiences. I sadly don't have any since my ended in marriages
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