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  1. Triage

    Favorite desserts?

    Creme Brulee Tiramisu Flan Limencello (tiramisu or trifle) I also like pumpkin pie and carrot cake
  2. Triage

    What beer or liquor have you drank recently

    On Sunday I had some Rose Wine before that like three weeks ago had mixed drinks with vodka
  3. OMFG yes @Emblazon And I'm ok with Earthfall being mediocre
  4. Triage

    How do you save/invest your money?

    I have no investments and savings has been hard because of many different events in our live. Once we are done with the wedding this year, I will budget better and save left over funds. Start paying off debt one by one. I'm hoping in 5 years we will be in a better financial situation plus we will have nice equity in our house (granted the house market doesn't crash).
  5. Triage

    do you pee in the pool

    I have when I was young but never in the pool
  6. Triage

    Fitness & Nutrition - De Gym

    I have gotten to heaviest yet in the past year (especially after spine surgery and being limited physically) but I finally started to care and it helps Emblazon wants to lose weight and be healthy. It motivates me. For now nutrition wise I am doing Isagenix for breakfast and lunch with fruits and veggies for snacks. Dinner I usually eat Hungryroot which is vegan company. I do cheat meal once to twice a week (but even then I watch portions). I added working out with Emblazon and we walk 4 miles a day with usually one day off a week. I've lost 10 pounds so far but I have so much more to go. I seem to be steady losing 1.5 lbs a week.
  7. I shower at least once a day, definitely twice when I work out or have the need for another shower in the day. I do NOT wash my hair everyday. My scalp used to be dry and when I went too skin doctor told me to not wash my hair daily and my scalp and hair gotten much better.
  8. Triage

    What toppings do you like and dislike on a pizza?

    Love: Pepperoni Tomatoes Onion Artichoke Pineapple Bacon Ham Mushrooms Dislike: Olives
  9. Triage

    How do you balance out the hours of your life?

    So you mostly work and sleep then family and gaming gets same amount of your attention Pretty much majority of us
  10. Triage

    My aunt woke up from a 3 week coma

    @Remarkableriots and @CitizenVectron thank you for sharing and sorry for your loses. The disease sounds horrible. My aunt not sure what brought on the stroke but this was her third one and this one was bad. She's a fighter she survived cancer few years ago and now this.
  11. I mentioned in one thread my mom's sister had a stroke and was in a coma. Doctors said it would be a miracle if she woke up and if she somehow did, it wouldn't be good because she's half brain dead Three weeks later she woke up. She cannot speak and doesn't have full mobility but she's aware and recognizes everyone Has anyone heard dealt with people in a coma? She wasn't hooked up to machines for the three weeks but was fed through tubes. She will have physical therapy so she can regain some mobility It feels strange we all have said our goodbyes over a week ago
  12. Triage

    How do you balance out the hours of your life?

    So 24 a day in one week 168 hours total available I sleep 49 hours a week I work 38 hours a week plus 1 hour lunches (+5) I drive 2 hours a day so 10 hours That leaves me with 66 hours a week Hmmm doesn't feel like it for sure. Maybe on weekends since I don't work weekends I do spend about 1 hour a week grocery shopping 5 hours a week cooking 6 hours a week walking/exercise Now 54 hours left
  13. Triage


    I use upvotes a lot.. Easier than quoting to agree
  14. Triage

    Name some of the dumbest things you've done

    I didn't sunscreen enough once in Jamaica it was painful.. Sunburns are so painful. I got once such severe sunburn on my legs I had to go to ER my legacy stole first degree burns and had to take steroids for a week