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  1. @skillzdadirecta the intern was from NIU that was his field of study HR that's why he WAS in the room.
  2. Well we know however that works People are asking about the intern that was shot. The police won't confirm if he was or wasn't in the room during the firing but only that he is one of the victims. Mother that lost her son had her friend make the post on our local page saying he was.
  3. This is fucked up. I'm okay with people owning guns but damn have stricter rules!
  4. Watching the press conference The shooter had 6 prior arrests and got FOID card then they found he was charged with assault and batery in 1995 then revoked his card but in the mean time he got his gun. How does one with 6 arrests get an approval in the first place? 2 of the employees dead were HR. One forklift operator just at the wrong place at the wrong time. All police officers injured all 6 not life threatening injuries. One already released this morning.
  5. He knew two weeks ago that yesterday Friday will be his last day. They did announce the lay off letting people know. Having the intern there day one seems idiotic to me as well.
  6. Here on the shooter https://www.google.com/amp/s/chicago.cbslocal.com/2019/02/15/aurora-shooter-gary-martin/amp/ And today news says all 5 victims are workers from the factory all men. 5 police officers injured in cross fire.
  7. One of the victims was a 21 year old intern and it was his first day at work. He was sitting in on firing the gunman (that I mentioned was working there 15 years). The victim was going to be 22 this April.
  8. This stuff is almost daily crap but having it so close to home just brings this to a horrible realization life is short and you never know. And I'm so sick of comments "thoughts and prayers" obviously it's not working so shove it
  9. Fyi people saying he's black are going off LinkedIn page the exact name and place of work listed.
  10. Wow you work near me. I work in Aurora, Oswego and Montgomery. We had lock down at the Aurora location since it was right there and I was today in Aurora at a school for Junior Achievement. Too close to home. They shooter is dead. There are confirmed 5 dead just not sure if the shooter is part of the 5. The shooter was 45 worker at that factory for 15 years laid off two weeks ago. There are some mixed articles but news conference is 9 pm central time
  11. Triage

    He is lord Melatonin

    I am too! @Nokt how did you get your information and when? I went to a doctor since I'm having issues sleeping so either my doctor is wrong or your source. My doctor said to take it daily at night time give it at least a week and if needed increase the dose but it'll take time.
  12. Triage

    He is lord Melatonin

    I went to a doctor because I went about three months with no to little sleep. Melatonin takes about a week to work it's something you have to take regulary and it helps you fall asleep but doesn't keep you asleep. At least that's what I was told.
  13. Triage

    Are there going to be any more podcasts?

    I would join one as long its not while I'm at work
  14. My pillow gives me enough lift it's comfortable.. Now there are couple or so days a month I cannot lay on my stomach because my boobs hurt
  15. Triage

    What’s the gayest thing you’ve ever done?

    Made out with few girls kissing, squeezed boobs and touched the V. Watch girl on girl porn especially scissoring That's it