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  1. I have two and I will be getting two more
  2. I'm around. I lurke now. I do talk to people from here outside of this page via phone or Facebook.
  3. Currently my youngest
  4. @stepee that's a difficult question since I'm 40 and I've been gaming owned every console since I was 8. I love the classics especially Mario and Zelda. However there is so much more and it be difficult to pick one. I love anything zombies, adventure and RPG. I've played through all of the Tomb Raider since 1995. All Uncharted. One of the best games I've played The Last of Us. Also Witcher 3. Currently obsessed with Cyberpunk (I'm glad my husband got me PS5 I hear it's unplayable last gen). Left for Dead. 2020 I played through handful of amazing games. Red Dead Redemption... That didn't answer
  5. Ask my husband who plays video games more in our household.. This week alone 86 hours playing Cyberpunk
  6. I didn't know you wanted it!! I will hook you up if you want one. I have good trading skills I will send it to you tomorrow. Just remind me if you don't see it by noon.
  7. 14 small 1 large 2 or 3 Taurus.. Keep checking the fragments keep showing up as soon as I'm done picking up
  8. It's dark wood it's actually really nice. What's your AC name so I don't send it to the wrong person (I think it's Frank right)
  9. The kitchen set via Facebook group trading and cataloging.. Anything you want let me know you can catalog also what cnut said, lots of hours. And the kitchen island was Cnut
  10. Thank you! I keep adding and changing things daily as I get things etc. Did you see the lighthouse section? Lighthouse now has incline to get to it.
  11. My store sells it right now, you can buy as much as you can hold. Gates are open right now. Lucky working on Garden Rock DIY
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