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Game of Thrones - Season 8 - Starting April 14th


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2 hours ago, TheGreatGamble said:

Man, John Hannah has been an actor for 40 years and has done far more than the mummy. It's also not his most famous work. He co-starred in multiple tv series, and practically stole the show in Spartacus with Lucy Lawless, on top of keeping the series in the limelight with Blood and Sand when Whitfield was sick and the show was on long hiatus.. He was fantastic on AoS. The James Gang, The Hurricane. You are ignoring a whole career to claim a series of shitty movies is his best work, it's ridiculous. He's an amazing actor. 



The Hurricane???? He has a bit role in that. Come on how you gonna use that as an example 😂

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yeah.. my comment was more in admiration of John Hannah.. I enjoy watching actors who play in opposing extremes in projects..


Its like watching Stephen Lang be the super cowardly bully Ike Clanton in Tombstone and then hes ultra prick marine in Avatar



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12 minutes ago, skillzdadirecta said:


I saw the Hurricane. I vaguely remember him being in it only because you said he was. Spartacus was definitely the role that got him the most notice despite his 40 year career. 



He was part of the group that was helping the kid who was helping Hurricane Carter.  I feel like he has like 5 lines lol

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4 hours ago, GeneticBlueprint said:




Jon used the blood relation to Dany as an excuse for his own frustrated inability to perform with her due to his homosexuality. Killing her to save Westeros was obviously pretextual because he had just rejected that very idea from Tyrion. He obviously became distraught as one last attempt to prove his manhood failed.


Drogon spared Jon because it is well known dragons are huge supporters of the LGTB community(that's where the term "flaming homosexual" comes from).

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