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Romney Hanging Up His Mittens


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17 hours ago, TUFKAK said:

In hindsight I wish Romney had won in 12.

I distinctly remember a ton of friends and family of both (center-) left and right persuasion saying during the 2016 race “can’t we just have Romney back?”


You never appreciate moderate opposition until it’s gone.


Curiously enough I also remember all my far left (communist/left-anarchist) friends being very pro-Trump on accelerationist grounds. (and because they consider left-centrists to be their greatest enemies) They at least got part of what they wanted.

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On 9/13/2023 at 1:13 PM, ort said:

It's crazy how Romney went from being a villain to one of the few reasonable seeming republicans... and I'n not sure he really changed at all... the rest of the party just went bat shit insane over the last 20 years...

I often wonder how the truly normal, and still functioning, Republicans are handling this. If it was me, I'd probably be thinking retirement or a different occupation. Who wants to deal with crazy every day?


This reminds me of how people treated Trump as an anomaly, that everything would go back to normal after he was out of office. The crazies are running the government now, and I can only imagine it's just going to get worse with no rational reason for things to ever return to normal because we redefined "normal."

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