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  1. Same thought I've had for a long time. Basically, I got the impression that cops actually felt they were privileged and were the law rather than the people who enforced the law, which is a bad precedent if you're trying to gain public buy-in for what you do.
  2. Nothing about the Epic store has interested me, and by forcing my patronage to their store, those games also become less interesting to me. What really bothers me about the Epic Store is that the allure was first made in that developers could use it to offer games cheaper for consumers, and instead developers decided to go exclusive and keep the entire profits for themselves. Yeah, it's their choice, but also enough to cause me to say I don't care about their games right now. And if I have to wait a year to play them, I probably won't care about their games ever.
  3. I'm more and more convinced that the only reason Trump is the leader of our government is to show us how fucked up and broken our governmental system really is. For years, I used to tell people how it would only take a corrupt person to get into the highest office to show how messed up our system is, and people ignored me. Now, they'll still ignore me, except they'll claim they always knew it and will act like they were saying the same things way back then. I also predict that instead of holding him accountable, they'll choose to just run out the clock and do absolutely nothing to fix the system when he is finally gone.
  4. So, has Fearless Leader explained how this Space Force is supposed to get to...um...space?
  5. I still love the comic that was done of the rover, trying to prove himself useful so NASA would come back and get him. First time ever a comic brought tears to my eyes.
  6. I notice the default response is "yeah, but what about Obama?" except when Obama obviously did something a lot better. Then it's dead silence.
  7. I did, but it can easily be argued that I'm never in my right mind. On the real subject, I bought a Honda Insight brand new because it was the first year in some time that the car was being offered that was also a hybrid (the only type of car I buy these days). I really love my car, and I would have bought it used if it had been available as such.
  8. At least I know enough to know what should or should not be happening, and my patience with customer support is just enough to realize when I'm not going to get any of the assistance I need. This weekend is the first time I've been able to start using the computer, and it was nice. It's just sad that a computer I bought in the beginning of December finally got to be used (not in its finished form) in the second week of February.
  9. Wow, after all of this time, I finally got my computer running. Paid a bit of money to get it repaired (lost complete trust in Cyberpowerpc.com. One bad turn after another. Anyway, a local repair place was able to fix the liquid cooling system problem (I will NEVER buy a computer with that type of system in it because it was the one thing I couldn't fix on this computer and ended up being the biggest complication I've ever gone through with a computer ever). Right after they fixed that, the video card, of course, didn't work as planned. Being a 2080, it is one of the 50 percent that fail after a short while of working. So I have to send that back, YET the box to send it back won't fit into any UPS bin, which means I have to find a local UPS drop off place (as two UPS Store locations refuse to send anything with an RMA that they can't charge for...yeah, no kidding). Anyway, I bought a Nvidea 1070 and stuck it in the machine to at least get some of the quality of this machine up and running, while I wait for the card fiasco to play itself out. I'm thinking of just throwing an older 1080 Ti into it and forget about this new version from Nvidea until they finally fix the problems. Or I just might wait a short bit for the new AMD card and throw it in instead.
  10. This whole thread was fascinating to read, right from the start. Granted, that's about a week and a half I'll never be able to get back in my life, but wow, that was fascinating to read, just to see how so many people just weren't understanding what was happening as they were living.
  11. Wow, I can't believe this shit show is still going on.
  12. Never said she saw the light. Just that she's using the stupidity of Americans to continue spewing her nonsense.
  13. I was gonna guess Alaska. I mean, you can't throw a Russian grenade without hitting one of those things there.
  14. No, we're a horrible country when it comes to learning from our mistakes. The run up to 2020 is already an example in how we don't even think through the week before before planning for the week ahead. And as long as we keep getting people who will pretend to be all things great yet are actually in it for their own personal power (kind of the definition of every politician ever), we're going to be stuck with people out for their own interests. It's kind of what I hated about the run up to both Obama and Trump. People basically turned off their bullshit detectors and started serving nonstop Kool Aid. We got lucky with Obama in that he turned out to at least have the right motives in mind, or at least enough of them that coincided with positive outcomes, but we most definitely pulled the slot machine the wrong way with Trump. Even today, the sycophants who sided up to Trump are starting to see the light, such as Ann Coulter who says she was a "stupid girl" as if that somehow made it all right. For reasons that make little sense anywhere else but here, she has a base that listens to her. And they're going to listen to her again because they're stupid and she's somehow "redeemed" herself by writing an apologetic tweet. So, 2020 will happen again.
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