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  1. They wouldn't do it. Cyberpowerpc is incapable of feeling or showing any guilt or pity. And I've gone the supervisor route. There's never one there, and they have to call me the next day. Guy called me and was the worst customer service person I've dealt with in ages. Rather than send it back, I brought it to a repair shop in town (that has a lot better facilities than my apartment and people I trust) and had them take a look at it (yesterday). The first thing he noticed was the smell of liquid immediately; my ability to smell anything is kind of messed up after years in the service...kind of both a good thing and a bad thing, but a whole other story. He thinks something ruptured (like the pump), but he's taking a look at it now. Waiting to hear from him. The one good thing I know is that they're not going to charge me an insane amount. My bigger concern is if he tells me that it would be too much for them to fix it, so he would recommend me sending it back. Then I'm back to that original problem of having to send it back and wait weeks for it to get back. The problem I've discovered with Cyberpower PC is that they have a history of kicking the can down the road with computer systems, in which they don't do a really good job repairing anything.
  2. If I don't get my wall, I'm taking the whole damn country down with me.
  3. Turns out, I was able to solve the problem of power by resetting the motherboard. Unfortunately, the computer has a new problem since getting power. The liquid cooling doesn't seem to be activating, which means it immediately overheats. I've tried everything I can think of to fix it, but unless there's a broken pump, I'm at a complete loss. I also have zero experience with liquid cooling and am really kicking myself for throwing in the extra money for liquid cooling when I should have just stuck with air cooling as it's so much easier, more reliable and would not be leaving me in a world of anger right now. Thinking I'm going to have to somehow box this thing up (UPS practically destroyed the box, so I have to find a box for this monstrosity soon) and send it back to only have them have to send it back to me again.
  4. I actually did. I paid quite a bit to get a bunch of upgrades to quality equipment. Part of me suspects that my real problem is that I really went with high tech, as I looked into the system and noticed it had all sorts of tubes and stuff that caused me to think, wow, this isn't the type of computer we used to make. To make it worse, I couldn't diagnose a way to fix the problem, which is absurd in my opinion.
  5. This cuts right at the core of Trump because you know he's looking forward to an opportunity to address the nation and have the whole focus directly on him. She just took that away from him because he needs her permission in order to address Congress. It's the one institution of government he doesn't actually control.
  6. So, finally got the computer last night. Doesn't work at all. The power button does nothing. Plugging it in shows there is electricity flowing into it (the insides light up a bit), but nothing starts. No motors turn, no fans start, nothing. Part of me thinks it might just be the start button itself, but all attempts to figure out what's wrong with that have proved useless as the system appears to be designed to cover up practically everything, so I can barely see anything significant to the problem on the insides. The worst part is that I have to send it back to them, and when UPS delivered it, the box was wet from the rain and a whole side of it basically was too wet to salvage (meaning I don't have the box to be able to send back, and it's such an absurd size (30x30x15) that I may not be able to find a box to replace it. I'm so frustrated right now. The biggest problem is that I added so much extra stuff into the system that when I looked at the insides, it's not like anything I've seen before on a system's insides. Had tubes and all sorts of other components that just made me feel like I was a teenager with his first computer. Woe is I.
  7. The funny thing is: I was thinking of doing something similar a few weeks back, but then realized it would take too much work to continue trying to think that way, so I just decided to watch a bunch of ASMR videos instead. I'm not surprised people actually think that way. That's why the retard got elected in the first place. Conspiracy theories are running rampant right now, and they're only getting worse. I just heard someone SERIOUSLY trying to convince this girl that 911 was an inside job, orchestrated by the hidden Jewish controllers. The guy was freaking serious, and I was half tempted to step in before I realized how arguing with stupid is one of the more worthless things you can do in any moment of your life.
  8. You know, it's not Shania Law, but it's close enough. I'll take what I can these days.
  9. So, I ended up buying it. Got it at CyberpowerPC (place I bought my last one). It's a nice system, but I won't see it for a while due to how long their turn around always ends up being.
  10. Actually, add the blonde doofus girl who gets quoted all the time for just being stupid, racist and stupid.
  11. I wouldn't have a problem with a company advertising on Fox News, but I'd have serious problems with any company advertising on this guy's program or Sean Hannity's program. Both are adventures in cesspoolism.
  12. Yeah, I can definitely see that. So much time goes into creating a game that I'd be shocked if someone developed something political, knowing that.
  13. I follow a bunch of computer game reviewers on Youtube, which as you may all know is it's own circle of hell once you've experienced it in all of its glory. But one thing I've started to notice is that a lot of conservative game reviewers claim that there's a certain bias to reviews that is basically pro-liberal (or the infamous term of SJW). One of the reviewers I really like is one of those, and he's been going through a huge battle with those on the opposite side of the political spectrum as he argues that they shouldn't be arguing against him because he's just reviewing about games without bias and...well, you get the idea that it leads into a whole backlash sort of things that goes kind of nuts. Personally, I like the reviewer, but I'm not sure I buy his argument that game reviews are all SJW types of reviews. Am I just not seeing this? Okay, sound ground rules, at least: Let's avoid arguing about the political bent of reviews (which goes down a cesspool of ridiculousness), but I'm curious if people here are actually finding reviews to be more political than just straight out reviews. I haven't really seen this, unless perhaps this is something that's mainly reflective in Youtube reviewers (and I've not seen this because I'm just not subscribing to those types of reviewers). I get most of my reviews from published sites (or magazines), so I kind of wonder if there's a political bent that only happens in interactive media. I do see a lot of that in the comments sections, but I've come to realize that you get a lot of junk in that kind of stuff, so I generally don't read too much of that. Your thoughts? (Keep in mind, I thought about putting this in the CEB part of the boards, but that area is mainly about actual politics and this actually involves gaming.)
  14. Yes, we are now required to use Stick Figures. Sorry, it's the law.
  15. Thanks. Any preference from one to the other? The one thing I thought of adding (to both) is at least 32 RAM at 3200 instead of 3000. Think most of the rest I thought was pretty decent. I tried configuring one with them earlier but kept getting crappy systems at way overpriced amounts; both of those look a lot nicer, although I'm torn between both configurations.