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  1. I just can't imagine playing this. I blow a gasket when I have to change the land terrain in Sim City.
  2. You know, having played a lot of Fallout, I now think I know when the planet decided to create mini-nukes. We just saw our first use of it.
  3. So, I've finally gotten to a point where I can stream regularly, and honestly, that learning curve in the beginning was a little annoying. But seems to be working now. Started out by just steaming a game I was playing (Shroud of the Avatar) and then I've slowly been working on the dedicated stream that I intend to be doing.
  4. This is basically Trump's attempt to get the media to pay attention to something other than the fact that his response to two mass murders was horribly inaccurate. That is all it is. Otherwise, it would have been handled at another more appropriate time.
  5. I recently started streaming on Twitch. This isn't an advertisement for my stream. It's a question about something that's driving me crazy. I use streamlabs (think that's the name), and I went through the process step by step (following a really useful twitch tutorial), but for some reason, I can't stream without first receiving an error (that has almost no information of use) and then I have to press "go live anyway" and then I can go live. I just can't seem to update anything because everything gives me an error. And I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. If anyone does streaming and has an extra moment, I don't know if it's possible to see it from the surface, but my account is sarbonn, and it's just really frustrating. It's not like I'm trying to be Ninja. It's a stupid little stream where I learn a new skill and kind of go through the process of doing it on the stream. Mainly doing this to study a new area of communication that my discipline tends to avoid until it's already outdated.
  6. I was listening to it on NPR this morning during the morning commute and totally enjoyed the opening statements from both the Dems and Repubs. Would listen again.
  7. Trump is a champion of ONLY himself and those who champion him. There are really no exceptions, except for Ivanka, and that just goes into weird territory.
  8. The only way to enforce it is for those offended to go to Twitter because Trump has zero intention to honor ANYTHING said by a court. He's already said a few times already how the Supreme Court is "wrong" so he doesn't plan to follow their directives (like their ruling on the census, for one of several).
  9. The worst part for this guy is that it involves sex,, which means any attempt to get people to not pay attention to it is completely out the window. This will be top news for quite some time no matter how his team attempts to spin it.
  10. The best thing for Democrats right now is if Amash runs for president as an independent. The worst thing for Amash's entire argument is for him to run for president because then it means the Democrats don't have to do a single thing to not be forced to appeal to anyone but their party leadership because Amash will split the Republican vote for them.
  11. What I don't get is their complete misunderstanding of what female empowerment is. They literally define female empowerment as how much it affects the customer (I.e., the men) when female empowerment SHOULD be about how much the women feel empowered without ever once taking into consideration anyone BUT the woman in question. It's like saying a woman doesn't have an orgasm unless the man was first pleasured, which, I guess, is how many of them think regardless. As for the situation, I'd probably never shop there because I would imagine the prices would be jacked up just so guys could see beautiful women in swimsuits serving coffee (my assumption), and I'd probably only be wanting the coffee and am adult enough to not care that women are in swimsuits instead of other types of clothing. I'd probably end up being a part of "the market dictates the results" customer base because I'd avoid the establishment. But that's kind of how the market should work in the first place. But if the city feels that women are threatening men's dicks by floating this establishment (yeah, I see what I accidentally did there), then so be it.
  12. Yeah, but it's no different in circumstances where some guy steals a pen from a bank, ,runs before a cop shows up, the cop pulls his gun and accidentally shoots another cop. The guy who stole the pen will most likely be charged with murder. Our justice system is so, um, justice-like.
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