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  1. They should have seen this coming a mile away. Now, while I can't say anything will actually come of this, something eventually will because the industry had so many chances to clean up this garbage but kept responding with libertarian promises of "the market will fix itself" and the market didn't. Where the industry used to have a lot of gamers standing behind it, microtransactions basically started to reveal that the game industry is more focused on finding new ways to monetize than it is in innovating new, fun ways to play their games. There was only so much before they'd start to lose the core players as a good defense mechanism. And while there's no guarantee that this measure will start to clean up the problem (it probably won't even pass), if it doesn't, each new approach is only going to get more draconian so that it does more harm than good (the whole "the government is the last entity we need to clean up anything").
  2. I drink WAY too much diet Dr Pepper, and I know it. At times, I cut it out, and others, I think I'm keeping the whole Dr Pepper industry in business. But I have an employee who works for me who eats a regular canister of Pringles and an extremely large Monster energy drink every morning. But it is helping my diet because every time I see him consuming that at 8:00 am, I throw up.
  3. Tried a bunch of times. Finally just gave up. It's something broken on their end with billing, and each time they say it should be no problem, and then I get a generic response of "Can we help you with anything else" with the problem not addressed.
  4. They combined them a while back when it comes to charging for them. On the surface, it doesn't look that way, but when I was trying to get my TOR account fixed, the only way to do it was to go through EA's Origin, which is where the whole thing was forked. The customer service people keep apologizing but say there's nothing they can do because Origin actually controls the financial side of TOR. The TOR people were really as helpful as they could be, but the Origin side of the house just couldn't fix anything but it was literally the only place where anything was authorized to be fixed.
  5. I can't buy anything on EA because they screwed up my account back when I was playing Star Wars The Old Republic. When I stopped playing, someone broke into the EA servers, compromised a bunch of accounts, and no matter what I do, i can't get them to fix my account. I've been trying for years, and while I can access my account to play what I already own, unless I buy something through a game card, I can't add anything to my account. I've pretty much vowed to never buy anything from EA again.
  6. I didn't say it was correct. I was just saying what someone told me, with that person thinking it held any logic whatsoever.
  7. Well, if diabetics don't eat anything at all, their blood sugar doesn't go up. Yeah, someone actually told me that not too long ago.
  8. Yeah, that was my thought. Both for the original post AND for the whole car battery thing.
  9. I bought it when it first came out and didn't really like the combat. Reinstalling it on Steam and may try it again. I really need something to play.
  10. Been trying to play the Division 2, but man that game is horribly keyboard mapped. "Jump over the barrier!" Um, my fingers aren't even closely designed to stretch that far or anywhere near naturally like that. Yeah, I can remap, but wow, it's like every keyboard option is horribly AND randomly designed.
  11. I mostly play pc games, although I do have an Xbox One S (which I never play anything because I've just never got used to the controller...yeah, I know lots of people like it. Just never got used to it). I've been playing Star Trek Online, Eve Online, and I tried Elite: Dangerous, but just never got that far into it. Basically, I have a brand new computer with everything top of the line and really want to start exploring some top of the line graphics games that people really enjoy and recommend.
  12. To be honest, I'm more interested in her overly privileged daughter who sees this whole affair as an affront to her "career" as an influencer. Before this, I knew nothing about any of them, but some horrible part of me just wants to watch that girl crash and burn so freaking badly.
  13. I could have sworn I saw their ship take off right after their big good bye scene. Georgiou's final words to Pike were probably straight out awesome because up until this point, I kind of assumed everyone knew she was from the Mirror Universe, and his "what mirror universe" kind of brought it home to me. The last half of this seasons has been, in my opinion, the type of Trek that makes me a Trekkie in so many ways. For most of this show, I've been ambivalent about most of the crew (or so I thought I was), but when they were all kind of saying their good byes one by one, I realized how much I actually appreciated quite a few members of this crew. Part of me wonders if this is going to be a Voyager type of show going forward next season, where instead of the Delta Quadrant they'd be trapped hundreds/thousands of years in the future. It wouldn't surprise me because the show has always felt like it was slightly out of time/dimension no matter where it was. They've done a good job of resetting Discovery back into the regular universe so much that I'm hoping for one more type of time travel episode where they return to a period of time before CBS decided to put the show behind its stupid pay app. Knowing the way this show has been going so far (with pitfalls that seem opposite of what you expect), part of me suspects that they'll time travel backwards instead of forwards as planned, somehow removing Discovery from the time line completely.
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