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  1. Oh, come on. I can't stand the guy, but if I was President, I'd spend half the day in pajamas, too, knowing that NO ONE could tell me I couldn't, except perhaps my wife, Shania Twain.
  2. I suspect it was all part of Bolton's New World Order plan. Once he was removed from office, his minions would begin the "plan".
  3. I'm part of a program that is supposed to lead directly to forgiveness after ten years. I'm expecting absolutely nothing from our government. They'll go back on their word and then have a bunch of people armed with think tanks blame me for taking so much debt and wasting my life working in crappy education when I should have been out doing something productive, like making lots of money.
  4. A few decades ago, San Francisco was definitely on its way to becoming a non-vehicle city, and it was doing it so well. Right around the Frank Jordan era of governace, they totally screwed that up, and slowly you had to rely on vehicles more and more. At the same time, they totally screwed up MUNI to where it was no longer feasible to use it as dedicated transportation unless you were poor or just lucky enough to live in an area that was only on routes, and if you were someone living in the East Bay (or now in the south bay), they made it completely ridiculous to use BART by raising the price for BART to astronomical levels, so that you'd find it so much more convenient (and inexpensive) to just drive. That's why we're failing in so many cities. Even the progressive cities allow themselves one mayoral period of stupidity and then every mayor after that just build on it, even if they're progressives themselves (thanks Willie Brown).
  5. In my opinion, part of the problem is that lack of education of general drivers about school buses. Sure, it's on the test they take (if that question gets used), but I remember reading about the majority of people who take the written test, and so many people are so extremely close to failing that test that I'm pretty sure they're just taking the test without reading the book, and if they weren't taught about school buses when first learning to drive, they probably never learned it and don't care enough to educate themselves.
  6. There are so many crazy people in this country that you're basically throwing dice every time you deal with another person after an accident. A real part of the problem is that when an accident happens, adrenaline is flowing, so otherwise normal people suddenly become fight-or-flight enhanced, which can lead to all sorts of unexpected conclusions. Fortunately, other than a few near misses over the years, I've not been in an accident where I was driving, I understand that circumstances could change, so I'm always worried I'm going to have an altercation with some crazed moron who most likely caused the accident in the first place.
  7. I'm predicting either Biden/Harris or Biden/Beto for the Dem side. I'm not saying I want any of those, but it's what I'm predicting. And I've only been wrong once. And that was just when I predicted Shania Twain wanted to go out with me. Ended up with Taylor Swift instead.
  8. I said it was a belief, not a reality. But you see, believing you are a good person can often frame how you actually do things in your normal day. And that can't be all bad.
  9. At the rate we're going, we're going to get Biden or Harris, both of whom would do absolutely nothing different than has been the status quo (before Trump), but not really enough to make any serious difference. Warren or Sanders could possibly shake a lot of things up, but Americans aren't smart enough to elect actual progressives and are scared of socialist demons that don't really exist.
  10. I get an inner sense that we're not going to fix it because we're approaching a sense that most of our leaders are becoming unfeeling cogs that really don't care, unless it furthers a personal, political agenda. We've moved so far away from the original belief that Americans were the sort of people who would sacrifice themselves to make sure people weren't suffering anywhere. Now, we're no different than any other awful country out there that is only out for its own posterity. So, when people start to make the whole "but Americans are good people" sort of rhetoric, I shake my head and long for a day when America Was Great, not the imaginative era of Make America Great Again, which means taking America to a place that looks a lot like 1933 Europe.
  11. I just can't imagine playing this. I blow a gasket when I have to change the land terrain in Sim City.
  12. You know, having played a lot of Fallout, I now think I know when the planet decided to create mini-nukes. We just saw our first use of it.
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