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  1. I had voted for Super Soldiers but I was overruled by the Supreme Commander.
  2. I think you're missing the reason behind my criticism. It's not that there is a lack of choice, but in that they give you choices that are completely irrelevant. And even that is somewhat fine, except my complaint is that they give you a choice, you take it, and then they cycle back around and force you to then take the choice you didn't want to take (because the game won't get you out of the dialogue options UNTIL YOU DO). So, why not just force the required dialogue option from the start, so I don't feel like I had a choice that was then swiped away from me to choose something I WOULD NEVER
  3. Okay, I bought it and started it. So far (about ten minutes in), the graphics are really awesome. My only concern so far (and I'll probably play later tonight...just don't have time yet) is that some of the early dialog options really seem limited, like it gives you a choice of things to say, you say the cool one, and then it turns back around and still forces you to choose the dialogue option that you didn't want in the first place. Kind of hoping this doesn't become a regular thing, because that just indicates bad writing and scripting, and I really, really, want to enjoy this game.
  4. Okay, question: I keep reading that this is mainly playable on current systems, and especially on good PC systems. Well, my computer, which was top of the line last year, is running a combination of an Nvidia 2080 with a gtx 1080 together, so my question is "is this decent enough" to play the game decently, or am I going to end up having to upgrade to the 3080 line (think that's the current one). With this combination card system, I've been uncertain when I'll have to upgrade, or even to what when I do.
  5. I tend to stick with one game for long periods of time. Like, right now, I've been replaying Skyrim, trying to find a lot of the places I never found before. I've put in about 300 hours on it so far. But my overall most played game (at least according to Steam) is Star Trek Online, which I stopped playing at 4,426 hours. Yeah, I know some people have absurd amounts of time in games, but that is my overall largest played game. WoW might be a second, but I don't know how many hours that is as I haven't signed into that for a couple of years now.
  6. Most of you know I'm a writer and have been most of my adult life. Anyway, in a few days (November 1st) begins NaNoWriMo, which is a competition that happens every year where people who have always wanted to (or have done so numerous times) attempt to write an entire novel in a month. They actually have a lot of information on how to get involved at nanowrimo.org. Basically, the goal is 50,000 words (a small novel), and people tend to share their works in progress with everyone as they go along, and there are discussion groups for all sorts of different areas all focused on reaching the goal.
  7. So, I got a few hours in on Death Stranding. I love the graphics and the really quiet feel of the game. REALLY don't like the invisible attackers (not my sort of thing). I hate scenes where something jumps out at you. But I really like the delivery aspect of the game and the long walks across the wilderness. It's like American Truck Simulator without the trucks (I suck at handling trucks in a computer game and really wish I could find ATS using just a car as the interface...I'd never stop playing that game). I'm currently in the incinerator right now, debating whether or not to con
  8. I'm only right past the first cave, and getting concerned that it's going to involve lots of invisible enemies, something that sort of freaks me out when playing a game. It's definitely starting out pretty weird. If a two-headed, giant rabbit would have shown up right after I left the cave and offered me grape nuts cereal, I wouldn't have been all that surprised.
  9. I'm thinking of picking up Death Stranding, just cause I've run out of things I want to play, and my computer is just staring at me, feeling betrayed by my lack of attention. My problem is I'm such an eclectic game player that for some reason, I tend to like things a lot of other people can't stand and don't like things that are extremely popular; I've never really understood why.
  10. It's EXTREMELY average. Part of me still sees this as the boy who cried wolf scenario, in that I have a hard time believing Trump actually caught the virus. I was looking at the news cycle for Friday, and there's enough data that was going to be playing pretty hard against Trump, including the horrible display at the debate. that it would not surprise me if this was orchestrated as his October surprise, so that he's out of commission (but probably will start tweeting in a day or so), they'll be calling for Biden to suspend his campaign, and then two weeks later, he'll claim he was
  11. So, I have that one student who finished one test out of five and didn't turn in the required essay who just asked me: "What can I do to pass this class?" I was in the middle of posting grades when she wrote. I want to respond with "Do you have a DeLorean and a flux capacitor?"
  12. I did my first political stream on Twitch today, and at one point some guy argued with me, saying he disagreed with my take on Joe Biden. I responded that I never mentioned Joe Biden or was discussing him. He said he still disagreed with me on Joe Biden. I think I was actually talking about the spread of Coronavirus in Florida at the time. So yeah, I totally get why he disagreed with my take on Joe Biden.
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