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  1. So, my main mission isn't the "you detect a signal from a ruin on another planet" mission that's been active the whole time I was on the first planet?
  2. I held off on playing No Man's Sky when it first came out because I don't trust hype, and then because it turned out I was right to not trust hype. Anyway, fast forward two years to now, and the game has received some really good reviews from players. So, I bought it and started playing. It's a really interesting game. It plays like a survival game in the beginning, and then you build up the stuff you need to fly your ship into space and then you, well, go into space. First, the universe is huge. I've seen two planets so far. And a space station that I found last night. I imagine there's a whole lot more that I haven't seen so far. So yeah, the universe is freaking huge. And there are things to do. People give me quests, and I do them. Usually, it's tag something or kill something, or go somewhere and do something, but it's a lot more interesting than some games that have way more fedex missions than they should. The graphics are excellent. The different ways to travel are interesting, ranging from running across the terrain to really fun dune buggy vehicles that jump all over the terrain like dune buggies do. There is a sense of mystery within the game, too, meaning it's a story driven thing that you start on a path towards solving. You have to learn the languages of the people you meet (which takes a lot of time as you learn it word by word), and some alien encounters can be a bit baffling (but not in a bad way). My only complaints so far involve how complex the handling of a ship is, the lack of a directional system (it has an interstellar map for areas close to you but I have yet to be able to figure out how to match it with what I'm doing in space at that moment), there's no planetary map, and I suspect this last one is just a problem I'm having that probably has a solution, but travel between solar systems (when you can finally do it) took me 25 minutes of holding the target in site and pressing pulse engine the entire time. I have to believe there's a better system in place I can't find. Also, the mapped buttons (and the options menu that shows it) doesn't tell you how to open your inventory. Took me 2 hours to discover it was the TAB key. Even went on every web site I could find, searching for an answer, and all I found were people asking questions of "where is the inventory key"on the PC" version" and almost every answer was an Xbox explanation or a PS4 explanation. But for a seasoned lego spaceman, I think I might find many hours of pleasure, and frustration, with this game.
  3. It's my bad. I'm playing No Man's Sky, and I really haven't got the hang of things. I keep pressing my radio transmit button instead of pulse engine. I don't go anywhere but for some reason everyone becomes immediately aware of it.
  4. Wait? It's going to lead to the girl from Mad Men wearing a weird outfit with a dog funnel?
  5. I know it's easy to joke about, but I seriously believe it could lead to some pretty horrible shit, if it's not challenged. Which it won't be until it leads to some horrible shit.
  6. If there's a bias, the other side can protest to the judge, and in some cases (not often), the judge will disqualify the juror. They usually have two alternate jurors that have been there for the case that immediately can take that spot.
  7. My point is that people make mistakes in their lives. This is a country where we allow ex-felons to be elected for office and constantly give really bad people a second, third and fourth chance. Why is Twitter suddenly the end all of someone's career and life? Again, if it's consistent behavior, I'm fine with backlash. But right now we have Internet trolls combing through EVERYTHING someone they disagree with has said on Twitter since its inception. To me, that's going a bit too far to seek "justice".
  8. You know, the more I think about this story, the more upset I become. For years, I was a counterintelligence agent working for our country, and I eagerly awaited the beautiful Russian spy to seduce me. And she never did. Instead, all I got to deal with were old, Russian dudes and random, unattractive people. I seriously got cheated, and I want a redo.
  9. Seriously, companies need to treat Twitter as "untouchable" because people say really, really stupid shit on Twitter. That sort of stuff shouldn't come back to haunt people, no matter how stupid and shitty it is. People go through periods of saying really stupid stuff because of the circumstances that were happening at that particular time. If I'm going through a horrible break up with a girl, chances are I might turn pretty negative towards women in general (I don't usually, but I can see it happening with someone who might). Twitter is one of those "this is how I'm feeling right this moment" platforms. Hell, I've made blog posts in the past that I probably don't stand behind today. We're hitting a very dangerous period in time where everything anyone says ever is now being treated as ammo to destroy someone's life. If you're consistent in hate speech, then yes, that's an issue. If you said one stupid thing once ten years ago, backlash is going to destroy a lot of every day people.
  10. Yeah, I'm so used to a KB/M. I was looking to see if there was one made for the Xbox One, but mostly what I found was stuff that allowed you to type in chat, and for those that appeared to be what I was looking for seemed to have really bad reviews from users, indicating that they don't work very well.
  11. Then it's too late. You die. I prefer the Monty Python method of dealing with adversaries (they used to publish a book of humor that had ads in it, and one of them was a "did someone kick dirt in your face" response of): There's no way to know if someone is going to be a threat to you, so you are totally within your rights to immediately kill anyone you come across because the situation might escalate faster than you can handle.
  12. One thing I'm noticing is how difficult it is to get used to the controller. I know some of you have been using them for some time and are quite comfortable with them, and I assume after some time I'll get used to it as well, but wow, it's really frustrating. The other day, I was trying out Destiny 2, and only going through the tutorial part of it, but man I was supposed to shoot some guy, and I kept trying to center him and couldn't get the target on him, shooting the side wall instead. He probably just stood there and laughed at me the entire time.
  13. It could have also been done quietly as well. Not everything requires a marching band and a parade.
  14. I assume the game pass stuff is only good for the time that it's offered on game pass (meaning, you don't get to keep those games forever)? I installed the system yesterday, and now I'm going through and buying games (and it looks like the Xbox game sale just started today, so no complaints here). Some of the suggestions mentioned I picked up, but I also picked up Destiny 2 because I've always wanted to get into it. I was kind of on the fence for Elite Dangerous, and I still haven't made a decision on that one. I love the fact this sale started the day after I set up my console.
  15. I feel kind of bad for the guy who brought this lawsuit because his reasons are valid (even if his legal complaint might not be). Unlike the complainers who are upset about the costs of the game, or the ones who complain because it's taking so long, the developer literally changed course in development and is no longer creating the type of game he originally sold to the public. The plaintiff was expecting a game that he'd be able to play, but because of his ailment, he literally can't compete in that new type of game. For PR reasons, they should have just worked with him, but they took the asshole approach instead. And yeah, they're legally allowed to do that, but it's caused people, like me, to think there's no way in the world I'd give money to an entity like this. The plaintiff didn't sue the company because of the amount of money. I get the impression that he's not suffering a financial burden but sued more out of principle than anything else. But I still feel bad for him, which is never a justification a court has ever used for deciding in one's favor.