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  1. That was kind of my thought when I wrote what I did. I liked Hawkeye in the comics but it really feels like the writers for the MCU watched some Green Arrow and figured that was more of what they wanted from Hawkeye when there was a whole history of the actual character in the comics from before.
  2. What I find funny about this whole situation is that they're looking for someone who is Alex Trebek at his peak yet it took many years for Alex Trebek to become the Alex Trebek everyone grew comfortable watching.
  3. My problem with Hawkeye was always that he just appeared to be the Green Arrow without an alcohol problem or color scheme. The ONLY interesting aspect they added to him throughout the entire franchise (and he's been there since at least Thor) is that he secretly had a family. That's it. He's THAT interesting. The only reason they spend any time on his character at all is because the actor is actually an actual Hollywood property. In Disney's eyes, they hired an Al Pacino (not saying he's as good an actor, but just that he was becoming as well known as) for their Marvel universe and then really didn't have much of a part to offer him, considering the fact that Squirrel Girl was probably already cast.
  4. If we truly wanted to save money, all we'd have to do is find the latest Bond villain and see where he's hiding his secret sub fleet and then just take it over. The savings would be enormous..
  5. Aside from those of us nerds on gaming boards like this, most people aren't going to pay attention to any launch that doesn't involve a show-boating billionaire that we all know from oversaturation of the airwaves of their other exploits. Most people who paid attention to Bezos's launch and Musk's space adventures do so mainly because that billionaire is already known to them as a public spectacle. An unknown billionaire generally goes unnoticed by the population at large, and I assume that the only attention the latest one received was because of passengers who happened to be somewhat interesting.
  6. The truly sad thing is that because the Supreme Court has historically been at the forefront of public opinion (especially whenever it has been needed to make significant, ground breaking reform) and we're right in the middle of a seriously partisan-charged atmosphere for the entire nation, their above board reputation has been needed more than ever. Instead, they went for a conservative vs. liberal approach to policy making and then tried to pretend it had nothing to do with it as the republic is beginning to burn. This genie may not be able to be put back into the bottle, and it may just be the first of several signs that we're heading for a complete collapse, or at least a split right down the middle with no ability to come back together again. The worst part is that the American public is so ill informed over anything involving national affairs that when the collapse does happen, half the people won't even know it happened until they start to notice the uniforms change color on the new gestapo, and the rest will just complain and say "but I voted for the other guy."
  7. My other real problem is just in finding a new console because scalpers are making that seem almost impossible these days, and I have zero desire to pay them for their crappy business practices just so they can gouge the rest of the population. However, if anyone knows a legit way that works in getting a console, include that info cause I just haven't cracked that code yet.
  8. I don't really trust the technology on that yet as I bought a couple of keyboard/mouse products that were supposed to work with the Xbox One, and what I kept running into was very limited support in most of the games with those devices. I'm still kind of fuming over a somewhat expensive Razer interface system I bought, but so few games even tried to support. When I bought it, I thought all of my prayers had been answered (proving I pray for some pretty stupid things).
  9. I'm not a heavy console gamer, although I have probably bought every major console that has ever been released (yeah, that sounds bizarre even as I type it). I have an Xbox One and a Nintendo Switch right now, but my Xbox is starting show signs of age as the dvd player starts to skip every now and then. It's not a big deal as I really only use it for watching movies and tv shows these days, but at one point it was a pretty expensive system, and I do have the full package gaming suite that I could be using, but rarely ever do. I've been wanting to get into console gaming forever, and really the only problem I've ever had is that I hate the controllers (which is why I always end up going back to my PC for gaming). But there are so many choice titles out there that are mostly console based, and it always bugs me that I never get the opportunity to play them. I was going to buy both of the new consoles that were released, but so far they're elusive, and I don't honestly think I'm ever going to be able to buy one. Which kind of brings me back to thinking about getting one or the other of whatever the last generation was (which would be either a similar device to what I already have or one of the Playstation 4s. And honestly, the real reason to replace them is just to add a new bluray player, although it would probably be just as easy to buy just a bluray player and not even get a gaming system. But I do want to give myself that opportunity to play console games, if I can, and I'm just not sure what direction to take because I'm not really tied all that much to any specific console ecostructure, although I already do pay MIcrosoft for the gaming pass. Thoughts?
  10. I spent a winter in VA once undergoing training in the Army, and it was the worst experience of my life (temperature wise). We lived in a barracks that had absolutely no heat whatsoever, and every morning taking a shower in the freezing cold was a freaking nightmare. It was so bad that decades later, I still remember how bad it was. And then there was the crime (on post) where there is a constant alert warning women to NEVER walk through the woods to the PX (the only way you could get to the PX on post) because there were active rapists patrolling the woods. What a great winter.
  11. I imagine we're going to see more and more of that as news agencies basically fired their news staff and contract out to the lowest bidder (or encourage volunteer reporting). We started to see this happening during the very first Gulf War and as graphics for games become more and more realistic, we're definitely going to see news agencies including a lot of that footage, even if they're completely unaware they're doing it. I've actually seen Fallout 4 footage shots appear in regular news stories that really can't seem to tell the difference and kind of get away with it until some gamer chimes in. A huge part of this problem is Adobe and Google footage that is easy to search and just as easily capable of being mixed with real world footage.
  12. They marketed the phrase "Assistant Lead Tester's Cut" and came to the conclusion that it wouldn't drive any sales, other than Ralph from Accounting but Ralph buys pretty much anything.
  13. I honestly don't think I could ever handle another run through Skyrim.
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