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  1. The Moment for me was the other day when someone said “It’s been a year since the virus got here ” and I was like whaaaaat!!1!1??!
  2. Once VR headsets become popular enough everything will move to online pickup and people will log in to the online vr metaverse to get their ‘front-end’ social experience, whether it’s ‘retail browsing’ or ‘restaurant service’.
  3. In addition to the other recommendations ITT, You all should listen to the NYT podcast ‘Rabbit Hole’; it’s all explained there. And then read ‘Who Owns the Future’ by Jaron Lanier for a more ‘bird’s eye’ view.
  4. China Executes Former Head of Asset Management Firm in Bribery Case We should employ this standard of punishing fraud universally, amirite @Commissar SFLUFAN?
  5. Yah. Professional traders: Internet shitposters: ...and it’s the *traders* who go bankrupt. The EMH is officially the first popular economic theory to be destroyed by reddit. L-O-L.
  6. A young coworker of mine today was saying he’s planning on committing 4k of his meager savings to buy ten shares of Gamestock when it hits $350 territory and was kind of dumbstruck when I told him he could lose over half of what he invests if the stock goes back to what it was worth Tuesday morning. Made me go “Yeah this might really obliterate some newcomers on the way down...” But is it worth it to see some hedge funds get their comeuppance on the way up? There’s the multi-billion dollar question...
  7. Sounds like some right-wing instigator who invents conspiracies for the QAnon imbeciles smoked a whole bunch of weed, watched the first Silence of the Lambs again, and had an idea...
  8. McConnell’s a charlatan of course, but didn’t getting rid of the filibuster on judicial nominees enable Trump to appoint more judges than any previous president, and then, when the Republicans did it for SC picks, help them stack the SC after blocking Obama’s pick? I dunno, I feel like this kind of thing always ends up biting us in the ass in ways we can’t predict. And with a conservative SC like we have now, the laws passed when the Dems are in power are more likely to be neutered or struck down than the laws passed when the GOP is in power. So it could end up being an unforesee
  9. He might be talking about this... ...but this is not remotely on the same level as this: Stating an election has been interfered with by a foreign power, and stating an election has been stolen from you by your domestic political rival, are two very different things. And there is actual evidence there was Russian interference in the election that withstood a special counsel’s scrutiny. While Trump was making claims without any evidence whatsoever. Certainly none that ever stood up in court. Surely you can see the difference, @Bataar?
  10. If any of you run into someone spewing the whole ‘all of Trump’s fraud cases were dismissed on procedural grounds, no one ever looked at the evidence!’, here’s a decent article (from a reputable Australian news outlet, thence not a ‘liberal media mouthpiece’) looking at all the cases in merely the last six weeks before the inauguration where judges looked at the evidence and rejected the lawsuits on the merits. From what I can tell, only about twenty-some of Trump’s 65+ cases were dismissed on procedural grounds without the judge looking at the evidence. The rest were either rejected on the
  11. I wouldn’t blame any political leader for sustaining job losses during a pandemic shutdown, but he totally could have done a better job of limiting the damage if he’d have taken it more seriously and prepped better. But that would have required staying off Twitter and not being a narcissistic blowhard and...well there’s nothing more to say after that.
  12. Glad he’s president given the alternative, but this is a bad idea. Unless the economy and wage growth is for some reason totally gangbusters amazing, Hand it off to someone younger on the Democratic bench. Doesn’t even have to be Kamala.
  13. So Jesus‘s mistake was telling the Romans he had a mandate?
  14. Not exactly sure I feel great about where the country’s at—riots at the capitol, y’know—but I’m sure as shit glad Trump is now a (twice-impeached, twice-popular-vote-losing) former president. And I do feel better about the vitality of America’s institutions. We just had a sitting president pull out all the stops to try and usurp the rule of law and overturn a legitimate election result, and the restraining hand of our institutions (courts, law enforcement, even political opponents in Congress) successfully dealt with the issue. Not saying they don’t have issues that need fixing,
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