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  1. Among other questionable simplifying assumptions. IMO the most egregious is that it basically completely ignores the effects of market power. (more on it here)
  2. It's grimly amusing as to how far he's degenerated into hackishness after having once being seen as somewhat relevant amongst members of his profession. Like, he was always a *little* hackish, but I feel like since the hyperinflation predictions of the 2010s he's turned into a total clown. Like something about Obama made him senile. He certainly hasn't published anything being seriously discussed in academic circles lately, even by conservative economists. Maybe the cushy consulting gigs made him lazy, I dunno. Shame--it would be nice to have conservative
  3. Durrrr it was about states rights not slavery srsly durrrr
  4. Capable of political neutrality. Dump it all into shares or bonds and you're essentially entering into politics via high finance. Dump it into land and you'll end up dealing with the politics of land-owners vs land-users, and possibly geopolitics. At least if you dump it into silver and platinum you could just lock it away somewhere with minimal political effects. If the world operated on a gold standard then gold would be the exception, since you'd be buying a chunk of the global money supply, and thus a chunk of global political power, but those days are long gone--at least un
  5. What exactly does a 'good billionaire' look like? I'm not sure they exist--not because all billionaires are bad people with bad intentions, or because being wealthy makes you evil, but because it seems to me that when you get to the billion dollar level you're basically a godzilla-type being: even if godzilla tries to do something good, like bend over and pick up a piece of trash on the street, he'll end up leveling buildings and crushing pedestrians solely due to his massiveness. Even if becoming a billionaire didn't turn you into a narcissistic egomaniac, and you had nothing but
  6. Nah, he’ll pick Woody Harrelson for his VP and run against some dude with scars on his face who lives on a farm with vaguely Lovecraftian overtones. (if you haven’t seen True Detective season 1 you haven’t seen the best of McConaughey)
  7. The Republican-led Maricopa County Board of Supervisors condemned the state Senate's GOP-led audit of the county's 2020 election results as a "sham" in a letter Monday. In a letter to GOP senators announcing that the board will cease all cooperation with the GOP state senators' efforts, the board accused state senators of allowing Arizona to become a "laughingstock" as they pursued discredited, false claims of election fraud perpetrated by former President Trump. Are they beyond manufacturing evidence now though? They don’t seem capable at this point of accepting reali
  8. This has been the problem for quite some time now. It’s not that Israel is wrong to defend themselves in these kinds of situations, it’s that when they *do*, the destructive scale of their retaliation is all out of proportion with the destructive scale of the initial Palestinian instigation. But it’s also stupid to say that makes it okay for Palestinian islamists to launch rockets into Israeli neighborhoods—shitty little rockets though they may be.
  9. Glad he seems to be going with the ‘kitchen sink’ strategy, given it’s likely he won’t have a Congressional majority for very long no matter what he does.
  10. Maybe he can lose the popular vote three times in a row and set a nigh impossible-to-match record for the remainder of the Republic’s existence?
  11. The oversupply of housing is not the real problem; it’s the debt bubble that has developed alongside it. If it pops violently into a downward debt deflationary spiral a la US 2008 or Japan in the 1990s, China could be in for some real pain There is one *very very* big wild card, however, which is the fact that a massive amount of that debt is on the books of state-owned banks, i.e. essentially public. That might mean that China can simply forgive it without wiping out private banks and private creditors—and the latter is what more or less fuels great depressions. If it t
  12. Minnesota police openly attacking, arresting journalists during protests Wtf are they thinking? Not even people generally sympathetic to the police can reasonably support this. At least with the protesters you can try to latch onto the whole “some of them got out of control” line. Sympathizers can be led to believe that there are some bad actors lurking in a crowd of protesters. (whether it’s true or not) No one’s going to buy “some Minneapolis Star Tribune reporters got violent”. If I were a police captain/commissioner actually trying to get this shit under control I’d be fur
  13. “Anglo-Saxon political traditions” Think that includes being conquered by the Vikings and Normans? Both of the latter’s descendants are currently supportive of nationalized healthcare...
  14. Step 1--draw loose border around an anarchic desert, call it a 'country' Step 2--invade said country, say you're doing it to bring 'peace' to it and to drag it kicking and screaming into the 21st century Step 3--fail massively in your 'civilizing mission' for 20 years Step 4--promise to leave for about 10 of said 20 years, fail massively at actually fulfilling that promise, too Step 5--Look for silver lining in the whole affair, fail massively once more Step 6--declare success, learn nothing Foolproof plan I tell you, foll
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