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  1. http://news.bloomberglaw.com//public/favicon.ico Pittsburgh Judge Halts Further Election Certification Steps (1) NEWS.BLOOMBERGLAW.COM A Pennsylvania judge issued an order temporarily preventing the state from taking additional steps to certify its election results until she holds a hearing on Friday...
  2. Part of the issue is that political Meritocracy and liberal democracy can be hard to resolve with one another, since the latter is predicated on the assumption of an individual’s right to completely ignore the outcomes of the former if that’s what they want to do. Once you no longer have the right to vote for the unqualified, meritless huckster running for office, you’re no longer really living in a liberal democracy. China is a good example of this. It’s about as close to a pure political meritocracy as you will find in any large country—but it only gets there by virtually elimi
  3. On a side note, while there is a bit of schadenfreude, I also think there is something slightly tragic in the way the MAGA folk were/are being conned. I recently looked at the FEC disbursements for Trump's reelection fund, and checked all the times the latter gave money to Trump businesses or properties. It's mind-boggling. A good portion of that fund is financed via small donor contributions--like, average Janes and Joes. Basically what you have is people--many of them poor, pissed off blue-collar people--who have donated money to Trump's campaign, part of which he h
  4. This will certainly go down as one the most ignominious ends to a presidency in modern American history. Even Nixon preserved some dignity by quietly stepping down--Trump's postelection tantrum is a far more pathetic presidential coda. I think he'll also be the first president since Harrison in 1888 to never win the popular vote, right? I.e., there hasn't been a president the public has supported less in 132 years. Quite the dubious distinction. But, to be fair, I'm sure most of my posts ITT are going to age just as poorly as his legacy.
  5. US election: Michigan Republicans seek to delay vote certification WWW.GOOGLE.COM The Republican Party requests a two-week adjournment in Michigan, citing unsubstantiated fraud claims.
  6. The Democrats are split, too, though. The Democratic Socialist wing can’t stand the centrist wing. It’s ‘the squad’ vs the offspring of the DLC. Basically Congress is one big cesspool of partisan Balkanization.
  7. Is there a consensus as to why, at the height of their power, they abandoned a strategy that won them Congress, a ton of local legislatures and governorships in traditionally Republican strongholds, and ultimately the presidency?
  8. What the hell ever happened to that? It’s been downhill in terms of success at the local level ever since 2010, and in terms of being competitive in ‘red’ states.
  9. Weren’t Dominion machines used in a whole bunch of states, including the ones they’re complaining about, in 2016? That’s one of the most glaring holes in the argument for fraud, if so. It just doesn’t make sense that they’d just forget to rig the election then and then rig it with 12D chess in 2020. Not that Trump and his legal team *really* care whether it makes sense or not, obviously...but still...
  10. So...has a judge compelled the two dissenters to certify the results and we’re still waiting for them to acquiesce or have they already caved and voted to certify? Too many twists. The whole plot has jumped the shark into David Lynch territory.
  11. Next up, Arizona: http://thehill.com//apple-touch-icon.png Arizona GOP seeks to temporarily bar Maricopa Co. from certifying THEHILL.COM Arizona's state Republican Party have filed a lawsuit asking a judge to stop officials in Maricopa County, the most populous area of the state, from certifying the... I hope the judge labels it frivolous and gives the attorneys a black eye. (career-wise, not literally)
  12. Yeah my mind’s running in an endless circuit between “...Nah, they wouldn’t...” and ”...But would they?”
  13. Like someone said earlier, this is approaching Late Republic territory.
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