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  1. Meanwhile random Republicans in the state are busy doing their own ‘audits’ and releasing reports claiming 170,000 fraudulent votes were cast in the election because (five people canvased, three said they voted but canvasser couldn’t find a record of it after spending a day looking)x(population of Maricopa)=170k or more ‘ghost votes’ It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that tons of people would tell you whatever you want to hear to get you off their porch.
  2. Well, there’s the 25th Amendment if the prez is truly nuts, but you’re assuming we still have the political capacity to not abuse these checks and balances, when… We don’t.
  3. One day the Wikipedia article for ‘Lost Cause’ will say “This article refers to the Pro-Confederate negationist ideology. For claims that Donald Trump won the 2020 US presidential election please see our disambiguation page.”
  4. Guys, you’re supposed to wait until *after* the election to claim you were robbed and a coup is necessary to— Oh wait this is Latin America. Nevermind folks; proceed!
  5. Maybe “if you lose, it’s fraud” is becoming the new normal in politics?
  6. Honestly I think the respondents to a poll like this in 2021 are probably just treating it more like a generic partisan approval survey, rather than a true evaluation of a possible Trump candidacy. And the job market worries me more than Afghanistan. Still…*the horror* I also wouldn’t rule out Republicans rallying around a Trump-esque fascist who is actually smart by 2024, and then giving Trump the whole “I never supported that guy!” treatment they gave George W.
  7. You know Trump’s gonna run, too. He’s too narcissistic not to. And now he’s got voter suppression on his side. 2024 polls mean nothing right now, of course, just felt like giving you a shot of abject terror. But I do think polls like this suggest the Dems could be in for a drubbing in the midterms. Republicans are going to be amped, the job market is not recovering as we’d hoped, and every marginal Democratic voter will probably be ‘meh’ on the enthusiasm scale without some major positive development.
  8. Don't think much can be done at this point aside from working on vaccination. A lot of this growth deceleration is due to COVID-related supply bottlenecks that there's no real policy fix for. That includes the supply of low-skilled labor. An optimistic interpretation, though, is that part of this can be seen as some of the necessary pain that must be endured to shift from an economy where labor power is actually, like, a thing that exists, after labor being essentially powerless since the Volcker recession in the late 70s. Businesses have to adjust their wage and cost structures after 30+ years of getting workers on the cheap.
  9. Fukuyama’s still legit. He’s admitted to being wrong on what he’s been wrong about, and has given his critics’ arguments their due. He’s guilty of being over optimistic and his work (especially ‘The End of History’) is still distorted to suit the worst excesses of neoliberals, but I can respect him. The others on that list, though…*sigh*
  10. Trump would have done the same as Biden, only he would have done it while shooting out abrasive tweets about “needing to get out of sh*thole countries”, and the right-wing—minus Lynne Cheney and the National Review crowd—would be cheering our speedy exit and his ‘straight talk.’ Honestly I had hoped the anti-military interventionist shift on the right (anti-Trump neocon holdouts aside) during the Trump years signaled a larger, authentic, long-term ideological change, but it’s clear now as I watch the broader reaction to the troop pullout that it was just taken up as part of Trump boosterism —the alt-right went along with it because, well, they’ll go along with anything just to watch Trump ‘own the libs’…even adopt the libs’ positions.
  11. “Wait the final’s today?! Mooom, I’m not feeling so good, might have to stay home from school!”
  12. Underrated but greasy Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis points out that Star Trek-based version of US foreign policy that would be 10,000x better than our current paradigm and 10,000,000x better than the one that got us into Afghanistan.
  13. Biden’s whole ‘Al Qaeda is not active in Afghanistan’ statement is not going over well. But once a gaffe machine, always a gaffe machine.
  14. The military contractors that cashed in on this with the help of their buddies in the Bush clan and elsewhere in the government are looking around and going “Wait, what? Why would you ever want this to end?! Go back dammit! $$$!” In case anyone is unclear on this point, btw:
  15. Even after six years to see what it had gotten itself into, two-thirds of the country still thought it was a good idea. The elites certainly aren’t blameless, but what gave them the power to keep this all going is the intellectual laziness of the median American. (which is more or less what I think of as the ‘you’ discussed in the article, though the author might mean something different) There was also, from the get go, a vocal antiwar movement this time around—it wasn’t like the median American was living in a heavily militarized Nazi or fascist-esque society where no alternative was openly presented. The average American knew there was a choice—the way public opposition helped end the war in Vietnam is now a well-known historical narrative. And they went ahead and chose poorly for 20 years anyway. Id like to think they learned their lesson, but who are we kidding, they’re probably going to elect some version of Tom Cotton president in a few years and get right back to cheering the next campaign to bomb some brown people, as Carlin put it. FWIW, very few if any of the people on this board probably fit the mold of this ‘median American’ of which I speak. Y’all are not the ‘you’.
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