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Nintendo Direct E3 6/15/2021 9am (PST)


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50 minutes ago, Brick said:

Software only, so either they're revealing the Switch Pro earlier, or there never was a Switch Pro and we've been bamboozled yet again. 

It’ll definitely be the switch pro reveal. 

There’s too much corroborating reporting at this time. 

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7 hours ago, crispy4000 said:

I don’t trust BotW2 to come out this year even if they do announce it.  3D Zeldas are always delayed.


Nintendo has had 4 years to make BOTW 2 with utilizing the same engine as the first. It's highly likely it releases this holiday along with the Switch Pro.


You guys just watch and see!

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Can't imagine that we see new hardware.  The supply shortage that's still happening coupled with the the fact that the Switch still sells ridiculous numbers means that there is very little incentive for Nintendo to try and push something new out in such limited quantities.  I would be surprised if it happened this year at all.  People underestimate how significantly the pandemic has curbed manufacturing and development.  That said, there does seem to be a lot of smoke, so maybe I'm way off.


Maybe we'll see Star Fox Grand Prix.

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