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do you guys do drugs


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10 minutes ago, Jason said:


I wish I wasn't terrible at finding drugs.

You just have to go to parties.


I mean, not right now. Don't go to parties right now. But in normal times, assuming they ever happen again. If you work with a bunch of squares, hang out in a dive bar long enough and someone will invite you to a party, and if you get invited to a party from someone you met at a dive bar, someone will have drugs. Boom, new friend.

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I have a few beers a week, usually some whisky on the weekend here and there and while I haven't bought weed or anything else for myself in years, I don't say no if offered at friends' houses or in party situations given I don't have to drive home. So yeah, nothing crazy. I used to be a huge pothead and partier but grew out of it naturally gladly. 

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