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  1. So I was a little disappointed in the reviews bravely default 2 got so I didn't pick it up right away holy hell these reviewers just suck at video games. At least half the reviews I read said it was super grindy with massive difficulty spikes but I'm just not finding that to be the case at all. I'm 33 hours in and have done literally zero grinding, in fact I avoid a ton of encounters. The game is incredibly punishing if you don't strategize, if you get greedy and brave too much on a boss you're going to die but it is never unfair, it simply rewards patience and planning which is EX
  2. It is extremely similar to botw, its not even debatable. It's not an outright rip off like some have claimed though, i really really enjoyed it.
  3. I know a lot of us migrated from ign way back when but seeing how the entire site is basically just one giant Amazon advertisement these days I assume most stopped going there long ago. I find myself watching a lot of gaming related youtube content but a many channels tend to run with rumors for clicks and/or inject a heavy dose of their personal biases.
  4. I'm about to finish up horizon zero dawn, great game but also feels like a huge missed opportunity. All the weapons are a bit too similar or too clunky it takesa lot of the wind out of sails of destroying some of the towering behemoths. A few small refinements to the combat and character progression and this could've been a truly genre defining game rather than just another very good open-world game. Next up will be persona 5 royal or Nier Automata.
  5. I haven't been to a barber since covid lockdown, I went from typical suitbro cut to filthy hippy and I'm loving it. Never had long hair before, manbuns unite!
  6. I got in on AMC today when it dropped to 7.50 I bought 50 shares. If I make a couple grand that'd be amazing, but I'm really just here to be a part of history.
  7. I was a bit overleveled but i absolutely massacred flame lurker, I kept hearing how difficult he was but I got him first try, there were definitely much tougher bosses imho
  8. I stopped but will get back into it soon; not sure if anyone else does this but sometimes when I really love a game will stop playing at the very very end and not beat it for several weeks not really sure why I hink maybe i just dont want it to be over? I'm not teally into pvp but would be up for it with some fellow trash-tier players
  9. I put "dud" in quotes because I was quoting you, that's what you called it, I wasn't in disagreement. The reason I specifically pointed it out is because you're failing to realize that they're making similar mistakes as to what they were making during the wii success. They are focusing on indie titles and 1st party titles, they're losing 3rd party support despite tremendous sales. Nintendo has blown their load, they have Metroid coming maybe possibly in 2021? Then maybe another Zelda in 2022? They've exhausted all of their major first party titles and are in for a massive lull wit
  10. Literally everything you said is completely wrong. The Wii U failed because they abandoned their core audience with the Wii and catered to casuals, and then launched a console with no good software assuming it would sell like the wii because they were cocky assholes, which they still are despite failing numerous times.
  11. Does this include Xbox Live and game pass? Doubtful. Listen: for all the people that are butthurt because I'm attacking their beloved Nintendo I PROMISE YOU I have more hours played on my switch than you do, I have close to 4,000 hours played on my switch, I wasn't kidding when I said I love the thing but I'm fed up with Nintendo. Nintendo is like your racist grandpa, you deal with it/'make excuses "he grew up in a different era" "ah he's old he's going to die soon anyways" until you bring your girlfriend (who happens to be a different ethnicity than you) home for Than
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