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A Third of Cable Subscribers May Cancel if NFL Season is Postponed

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8 minutes ago, Kal-El814 said:



After cutting the cord I was still kind of glad that suckers were still sticking with cable because it provided a lot of content for streaming services to then get a hold of and allow for binging on their platforming at a substantially reduced price. But at this point, I think both the companies and people have been clued into this and the streaming services have moved over to providing a big part of their own content, and the market is flooding with them, so I think any ancillary benefits of propping up cable with people too clueless to realize how good the alternatives is mostly gone. Cable is basically digital Blockbuster at this point. Let it die.

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When this started going down and all sports were cancelled I found it slightly humorous they were showing old clips on sportscenter of "on this day # years ago this happened" type of highlights.

Even the Streak for the Cash picks are now mostly TV shows (I saw a counter-strike pick in there a week ago)


Here are some of tomorrow's picks



The Price Is Right: Will a contestant WIN a CAR in today's episode?

Flashpoint Season 1 (Final): Who will WIN this matchup? (This is counter-strike)

Table Tennis Men's Liga Pro: Who will WIN this matchup? (I guess Russia is still playing sports)

Lottery Special: Will ANY of these NUMBERS (4, 14, 21, 22, 23, 24, 27, 34, 44, 54) be DRAWN in Mega Millions tonight?

Chinese Professional Baseball League: Who will WIN this matchup?


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I only have a streaming cable service (FuboTV) to watch Rockets and Astros games, so that got cut once it was clear no NBA/MLB for the foreseeable future.

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