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What's Left in Early 2020


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6 hours ago, GameDadGrant said:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons:sun: (It absolutely counts)


Also maybe....?


Persona 5: Scramble

The Outer Worlds

No More Heroes 3

(not sure when that last one  is releasing tbh. But I think I heard it was “early 2020.” For whatever that is worth.)


Don’t forget Tokyo Mirage Session FE Encore tomorrow!

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15 hours ago, Biggie said:

Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE Encore is pure Japanese goodness!  You are going to love it @GameDadGrant @ManUtdRedDevils

Yeah I played a small bit of it back on Wii U. Seemed decent, but I so very rarely play console games, so it kinda fell off my radar. 

14 hours ago, IdeaOfEvil said:

The Panzer Dragoon Nintendo Switch remake was supposed to come out in Q4 2019... But there's been no updates, not even to the release date marked on Nintendo's page. Sooo... Panzer Dragoon remake?



Yeah, the (re)development of the game was pretty rocky according to some reports. So it’s likely the game is going to require more time in the proverbial oven. 

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