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  1. Just some advice to whomever cares to read this and listen - don't be a part of the first wave of immunity shots. There are about 4 different tests being conducted in the world atm, and each one is a different serum. We don't know which one will be the best treatment, how if you take a lesser-benefitting treatment then try taking a better treatment afterwards will react with one another, and how the physical roll-outs of each treatment will go (hospitals? pharmacies? drive-thrus? etc). You gotta remember, every immunization has a percentage chance of causing another problem. And if
  2. FiveThrityEight has always been solid with their outlooks in polling, and has consistently predicted correctly who the winners have been for the last two decades.
  3. Trump isn't doing anything in office as the POTUS right now (yah know, like a president normally does), so it's not like he's at all going to be too busy to try and harass and sue individual states in the hopes that it will delay the results of the presidency. He'll deny the legitimacy of vote tallies, and he's going to try and steal the election. And Dems are so toothless that they're gonna let him do this crap, so don't think that any actual tally on voting day is going to be the final say on how the GOP are going to try and keep power. Republicans are true villains and scum to t
  4. Biden will win the votes, but Trump will remain president for the next 4 years. I just got this feeling...
  5. If anyone thinks that higher up Dems aren't happy about this decision, then you're out of your mind.
  6. I've been a healer through all mmo's of the past 20 years, so I don't feel comfortable playing any other type of class. And that's definitely on me doing multiple characters. But it's how I feel most comfortable learning them, by starting at lvl1, so it's my cross to bare, lol Tell me that after I find all the stupid aether currents from Heavensward+, lol
  7. "All the quests"... that's what I mean. Doing every single exclamation point on your map, in every single region should take about a year. There's story, there's side, there's leve, there's guild, there's special events... everything. And that's not including doing every class quest, leveling every class to maximum, etc. Right now I'm at 78 with SCH, I have another char that's mixed DRG / SMR / MCH (average around lvl 65-70), and a third char that's like lvl 30 BRD and ARW (arrow?). And I'm only doing separate chars with different classes just because I'm getting bored having to le
  8. What I said was that SWtOr spoiled me because they put all their content in one area while FF14 has you running around 40% of the time to do all of theirs, and that's what's frustrating. When you add up all the quests (main and side) in FF14, it should take about 6-12 months to finish it all. But because there's the lvl-to-70 buff, you're always gonna be 10 lvls ahead of where you should be, and that's only when you're doing the main story quests and none of the side. The content then gets boring because there's no challenge when doing the quests. I do the dailies and none of the side quests j
  9. I've been playing FF14 for almost a month now, and it's a decent mmo with some cool mechanics. But like all long standing mmo's, it's at a point where there's so much content that a lot of the various applications are too tiring to want to try and pick up. Crafting is so far along that it's almost too complicated to figure out. Leveling (even with the 70 boost) makes the game feel unbalanced (you're always 10 lvls above your actual main story quest, and that's even if you skip all the side quests so you don't level as fast). But there's sooooo many branching story lines that even trying keepin
  10. That's a bit of an oxymoron. People don't like the movie because they recognize he doesn't understand Star Wars and/or its lore.
  11. WB/DC are masters of postulating that Superman is the greatest hero of all time, yet he gets no actual attention because "He's not Batman" .... Games, movies, comics, toys/collectibles. As a Superman fan it's fucking annoying =/
  12. The way they shot the girl fight was disappointing. Up until now, every fight has been pretty good. But this was just a shakey cam mess. Was one of the actresses just not capable of doing convincing fighting or something? The asian chick (I forget her character name) has been fine in her fights, and so has Maeve. Starlight looked kinda uninspired here, but she wasn't horrible in any previous action scenes she's done. So was it Stormfront who was the lame duck? Not a bad season considering The Boys is a good show overall. But yea, this season seamed a bit too "set-up-y" .... I just
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