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  1. It all went downhill when Col. Sanders showed up to talk about jr. college math equations in the second one. Hopefully this new one stays away from the rave lsd rave dances and lame mech fights.
  2. Sony badly wants that Spiderman/Venom crossover movie, and I bet they think they're in a strong enough place to be able to pull off a good movie... If anything, Disney can bury the Spider-verse instead of the X-Universe for a change finally.
  3. This has a feeling of the Wachowskis doing a Speed Racer movie all over again. In demand directors, choosing a pretty obscure property to make into a blockbuster movie...
  4. Dubs or subs home-boy. They're both being fucked over right now =/
  5. I still collect discs like baseball cards, so I'd be bummed out if whatever eventual US bluray release didn't include the original sub/dub (which it won't)... I'd even go out of my way to find someone who would be willing to burn the original translations with a synced up bluray video just so I could have it on disc (like how I did with the Harmy Star Wars edits).
  6. It's not Netflix that would hold back bluray releases in the US. It's definitely Studia Khara, possibly King Records, and a little bit of Anno mixed in.
  7. There's always been problems with Japan's business side in getting bluray's to the US, but now with this whole Netflix translation debacle it's gonna be even longer =/
  8. I sold my larger Platinum dvd set a few months ago for $300... Now I'm angry that Japan is condemning those original subtitles and dub, and whatever eventual US bluray release won't have those older sources included any more =(
  9. What's been confirmed for the show so far? I think there's going to be a finals match for the tag titles with whatever tournament that's going on atm. And something makes me think I heard there's going to be a woman's title match as well... And will the world champion be crowned by then?
  10. half of these aren't debuting for another 18 months, right?
  11. K.... all I'm saying is that the BW character can exist in modern times and it doesn't have to be a prequel movie.
  12. "Evil Gamora" came back in Endgame, and it didn't cause much of a stir. I don't see why BW couldn't
  13. Kind of a shame if it is. It robs her of the character development she obtained, and then it also doesn't give an answer to if Gamora is alive after the bad guy snap or not since this could be a good way to show that the dead didn't need to stay dead after Endgame.
  14. You're a minority in Texas. I'm sure you can't imagine what it's like to be a straight white guy in San Francisco
  15. The tv show announcements are more exiting than the movies, imo. I'm hoping that Thor4 doesn't "block" Hemmsworth's possible inclusion in the next Guardians movie. And I hope the Black Widow movie doesn't separate her character from the rest of the MCU - like it's an alternate reality or a prequel before "superheroes" arrived. But you know, the inner circle jerkers here will twist this post into me hating women somehow
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