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  1. Weird. The women's list looks like a mix of my mother and my little niece's favorites while the men's looks like my grandfather and father's favorites... I'd be real curious to know age ranges with this list.
  2. Some news just came out today that DSotR asked Bret to be on the show, but I guess he didn't get back to them. And then after the episode aired, Bret tweeted about how he didn't like it (shocking that Bret didn't like something, I know). It's just kind of a shit show when it comes to Owen, and I'm at least appreciative that Martha got to say the things she did. But still, ignoring how she hated wrestling before Owen died is a bit of a swerve, and her and the kids kinda ignoring/denying that Owen had really great friends who are wrestlers was pretty lame. Jarrett, Deborah, AND EDGE - who just commented that he and Jarrett and Gangrel (of all people) were the only ones at the hospital after the fall - would have been great additions to this. But there were a lot of episodes this season (and even last season) that had some holes in it, so Owen's wasn't especially out of place.
  3. Watching Double or Nothing right now... It's such a spot-fest show with its wins/losses being very reminiscent of TNA burying their home grown talent for Vince's leftovers =/ AEW really needs a solid booker that isn't just going to be a yes-man for lame ideas
  4. We're talking about the new translations (dub and sub) done to the 1995 series in 2019 because of how Japan got embarrassed about the new 2010 movies being laughed at (3.0+1 specifically)
  5. Yea, I'm not meaning to crap on the new translations all that much. But the ADV versions are much better, imo, and I think they actually give broader meanings and reasons to the ideas in the franchise than this new one does =)
  6. Yea, I was looking for the link to the original behind the scenes forum post that I linked to in that thread. It pretty much explains why there's a lot more backlash to the new translation on top of people not preferring the new to the old already =) https://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?threadid=3853977&userid=0&perpage=40&pagenumber=683#post496129527
  7. There were a lot of little things. One could debate how the new voice actors, while all sounding fine, don't sound as iconic as the original VA's in their roles. Tiffany Grant, specifically, was already fluent in speaking German, and she had Asuka speak a bit more in that language in certain scenes that also sounded better/correct than the new actress does (and even the original Jp voice actress). Then the new translations, which are more accurate to the original Japanese script, sound much stiffer because a lot less of it was localized for English speakers - example, if there was a youthful character in school saying, "What's up?," then he/she was re-translated into saying, "How are you feeling today?" I think there was also the Child/Children change, where Japan called Shinji the 'Third Children' while ADV changed it to 'Third Child' - again, the new translation is more faithful, but sounds awkward. And there's definitely that last line changing an entire concept that fans have accepted over the years about Shinji and Kaworu's relationship. The new dub isn't bad, but it's nowhere near as "vibrant" as the original dub, imo. Lines were added in during some scenes in the ADV version that weren't in the Japanese version, but it made the cast of characters feel more robust (Asuka once walked into a room angrily and threw her bag on the ground, and ADV added in Shinji and Rei faintly arguing with each other in another room. While those lines are not in the original Jp track, it still added character depth to a scene that was deemed dry.) And purists can argue "original intent" when talking about these scenes, but at the time the license holder of the franchise told ADV to go ahead and do what would sound natural in English, giving them cart-blanche to make these additions. And honestly, I think a lot of fans are just as mad at the current franchise holders for the 0.0 movies and being embarrassed about the 3.33 translation they saw in Texas and how that domino'd to them demanding new translations being made for all Eva works - past or present.
  8. The new Netflix dubs and translations change some key ideas and really bring the series down. If you have the ability, track down the original ADV tracks and watch it again with those =)
  9. Sure, Vince is bad. But there are certain things said that are kinda irresponsible. Saying that going on with the show was some horrendous decision he made was unfair. Plenty of people have said that no one could have made the right call at that moment at that time, and it was up to Vince to make it. I'm not defending Vince and anything he did/does with his wrestlers. But this episode definitely takes its liberties painting him to be some villainous tyrant without giving him an inch for being between a rock and a hard place. And those screen shots of Dunne are a little out of context. Watch the episode and realize all the calamity that was going on and kinda what everyone was trying to do on the fly. JR was just remembering being at the desk and how no one knew what was going on while he needed to keep the commentary going. (Also, Dunne is a piece of shit)
  10. I just finished the Owen Hart 'Dark Side...' episode, and it was.... okay. It definitely deserved the two-part episode respect that Benoit received, and (speaking on the whole of this season) there were a lot of omissions, a lot of villain posturing, and a lot of skipped over info that kinda skews this unfairly. It's definitely great to see the home videos of Owen, some of the little details from Martha about how she got the news of his death, how the funeral went down, and the evidence of his fall that she was gathering together (seeing her hold the actual clip was really powerful). But it unfairly paints a picture of Big Bad Vince being cold and uncaring throughout it all. I get this is Martha's story to tell, but not even having Bret there to talk, or Jarrett, or an actual wrestler that Dark Side hadn't used in other episodes this season already was really odd. And then the narrative was going a little too deep into the 'Owen was the greatest wrestler at the time' outline without talking about the backstage politics of the day. Owen wasn't only buried because of lousy creative, he was also buried because the largest star on the roster - Austin - didn't want to work with him ever again. So not bringing that up was unfair, imo. And then knowing from the... A&E(?) Owen biography from 2000 (where they used footage that was recorded during Bret's Wrestling with Shadows' doc) that showed how Martha was always against Owen being a wrestler, even from before they were married, was a shame. Bret had said (then) that Martha just never liked the business and wouldn't encourage Owen in a positive way with anything having to do with it - even back when Owen worked for his dad in Calgary Stampede. So yea, this was okay, and it's main point of existence should be solely to see where Martha and her kids ended up. And I do appreciate that she won't ever let Owen be in the HoF, but maybe the documentor's could have brought up how Owen being in the HoF would be great for his friends who are still involved with wrestling, or even bringing up a notion to her that maybe Owen can go in once Vince is out of the picture? I still think Mark Henry's Owen moment at the HoF was about wanting to see his friend being celebrated by the world more than it was a business tactic, and maybe if Martha could see that there are friends and fans out there who do respect the HoF that then she could allow them to celebrate Owen for the important figure he was in a business that they/we all enjoy.
  11. It's probably the whole back surgery injury she sustained, but I truly believe it's the shitty coffee house music that constantly plays which is making her leave the show.
  12. My friend has lupus. It's an immune-deficiancy disorder where you're white blood cells over act and attack your person. Imagine being sick, and your body naturally heals itself. Lupus tries to heal your body when there are no problems with it, and it actively destroys the things that keep you healthy. So it can cause rashes, or elevate your body temperatures, or cause you to have water retention, or joint pain, or a sensitivity to light, or any number of things that your body might only have been a little bit susceptible to when you were healthy. The double-edge sword to it is that the medication you take for treatment is an anti-psychotic which has a side affect that helps calm your white blood cells down. So if you're a sane person, taking the anti-psychotic will make you insane. My friend wouldn't sleep for days at a time, and he would repaint his bathroom and entire kitchen without really knowing why. He would eat 3 entire dinner plates at a single Denny's visit. He would go outside in the sun and be frozen in pain even if the weather was cool and calm. He became suicidal. It was just a living hell for him. If this woman had lupus and was taking medication for it, she legit just could have been insane at that point.
  13. Now that the Lancet has declared Trump to be one of the biggest medical dangers in the world, some blue-state hospitals are doom-prepping for what his administration might have up their sleeves come November. One high probable scenario being discussed is that Trump will need a victory declaration heading into his re-election campaign for the end of the year (akin to the positive propaganda of W. Bush's 'Mission Accomplished' visual in 2003), and a very real fear is that he will come out in August and declare he found a cure and the virus is over. But since no such cure will exist, not even by a long shot at that time, he will more than likely tell his followers (voters and state bodies) that it's the blue states that are holding the cure back (hoarding for themselves even), which might physically turn red states against blue states. Hospitals are in very, very early stages of preparing for possible mail tampering and group protests showing up to their front doors. The summer spike of infections and the election s**t-show is gonna be a doozy...
  14. Very cool. That character and crew were the only interesting thing I saw in Discovery s2
  15. Wasn't Swamp Thing filmed in Louisiana? Since those states are anti-Covid believers, perhaps this is the right show to resurrect since the state will allow filming to happen there.
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