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  1. Kotor 1 had a fantastic story with great world building elements. Kotor 2 expanded on the universe of Star Wars with great rules and concepts that everyone lived by. But Disney has pretty much rolled back everything Kotor and other Star Wars EU stuff has done and established... So a remake means we get a Kotor game that undoes what made those first two games legendary? But then a "sequel of sorts" means Kotor 3 will just change what's been successfully set up in the name of "new cannon" scripts? Sounds like a lose-lose scenario =/
  2. Apparently somebody does since they think she offers adult content that us man-babies can't appreciate Hard to tell. But with her track record....
  3. Or you can just read the article and not be a jackass defender of hers? Because you know, she was delighted with TLJ and look where that got us...
  4. It's only a matter of time before Kathleen Kennedy is gonna want a picture of her own face on the $100 Disneyland dollar bills, AND STILL posters around these boards will defend her
  5. Harper in Jericho's Inner Circle would be fun. But where would he fit? Jake Haggar is already the big man/enforcer of the group, soooo.... ?
  6. The Panzer Dragoon Nintendo Switch remake was supposed to come out in Q4 2019... But there's been no updates, not even to the release date marked on Nintendo's page. Sooo... Panzer Dragoon remake?
  7. This seems to be the only general wrestling thread around here anymore, lol So... does anyone know what Friday means? https://twitter.com/PhilMyChambers/status/1218282185804959745
  8. Wasn't it leaked that Trevorrow and Kennedy first came at odds with each other over Luke being killed off? It makes me wonder how much of this script was worked on after he found out about Luke and before he was just let go by the mouse?
  9. Feels like Joker is there just to get ratings, while every other movie nominated will probably get the wins, lol
  10. "I need plasma!" is about all I know of him from the show...
  11. *shrugs* Looks very pedestrian for a Hollywood blockbuster. But then most movies from that circle are...
  12. So odd... I was just watching a bunch of reaction videos to YYZ this morning =/ Another legend of our lifetime gone. Getting old sux =(
  13. Hopefully Nandor calls Luke Skywalker through the ether to come to our galaxy for some reason, lol
  14. The SC38 video is good, but still misses some beats that ANH set up. The saber fighting is too fast, and it leaves Vader's comments about Obi-Wan being weak and an old man kinda hollow.
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