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  1. IdeaOfEvil

    Emoji request

    The bowing could go (it's hard to see with a dark background theme anyways), but the Fedor shrug is a bit big while the purple shrug is a but small to use in the body of a post imo. And the horse and vortex icons aren't represented yet, so even just adding those two wouldn't be redundant
  2. I'm real curious as to what someone thinks 80's garbage is that people are ignoring (or maybe falsely praising as good) today Is Crue garbage? Either back then, or today, or both?
  3. IdeaOfEvil

    Emoji request

    I've always wanted to see these images be readily available to use here: Those dreams died long ago =( lol
  4. I grew up with the Crue, so this very welcomed! And I can only imagine what psycho #metoo member would have done to a theater if this were to have gone mainstream with the stories of what they all did with women, lol If that statue of the sailor kissing the nurse during WW2 got off with that simple graffiti offense, I imagine theater patrons might have gotten a print out flier with the hashtag stapled to their heads haha
  5. IdeaOfEvil

    Emoji request

    Is this an official request thread we should post in, or should we create all new ones for emoji's we'd like to see uploaded to D1P?
  6. IdeaOfEvil

    Movies Captain Marvel Official Trailer

    Interesting that IGN pulled from this list (and posted up last night) many of the ones that are nothing but hype-terms from people who sound like they're in their mid-20's to mid-30's who have no vocabulary and just want to be noticed in life =/ "It's a blast!" "It's awesome!" "It's nostalgic!" But at least Darkhorizons posted up the more in depth and clearer reviews where a fairer assessment says it's slow to start and that halfway through the movie it turns into the fun popcorn flik that they all wanted to see. And some even go on to call out specific roles (mainly the main baddie) as being the best part of the cast, which gives me more of an idea of the type of movie I'm in for than the blanket statements the other tweets were giving... "Just enough 90's nostalgia without over doing it!"
  7. IdeaOfEvil

    Wrestling Elimination Chamber 2019

    Well that was an odd ending... Is Kofi retiring or something? At the very least, fans should be chanting 'AEW!' when something lame happens just to get under Vince and Steph's skin lol
  8. IdeaOfEvil

    Wrestling Elimination Chamber 2019

    Vince is too stupid to put the belt on Kofi
  9. IdeaOfEvil

    Wrestling Elimination Chamber 2019

    Wow, I had no idea this was on today, lol
  10. Nah, I never went back to Enterprise. I did watch the series finale to Voyager (which was a big fuckin mess, imo), and I was suffering through so much Star Trek fatigue when Enterprise was on that I never bothered going back to it after....what? episode 4? Especially as I was a TOS fan and I was so sick of Berman and Braga smothering their "TNG is better" crap all over the franchise. It made it worse for me that Enterprise was a prequel that had the same TNG grey uniform colors, the ship had the same saucer shape as TNG, and it had that lame casual crew build of angry people in skin tight outfits (or at least I think so...) from TNG/DS9/Voy instead of being more military. But again, I'm a TOS fan, so those things would only bother such a person, lol I heard in season 3 of Enterprise writers who were Star Trek know-it-alls were hired to bring the show in line with the TOS, but by then it was too late? Or even the show was cancelled that season? I don't know, it just seemed like too much effort for me to put in to a show that wouldn't matter in the long run anyways...
  11. IdeaOfEvil

    Movies The Next Terminator Movie's Title is...

    Each movie after T2 presented great ideas, but they just never knew how to focus on them correctly... T3 - We can't kill John Connor, so lets go and kill his generals that no one gives a fuck about T4 - We're in the future, but the ray guns and Skynet and the big machines don't exist yet. Humans are trying to fight them off with whatever technology they have left. Connor isn't just the leader of the world (yet), and he's actually a terminator himself because he died and no one really knew who he was anyways (if the studio wouldn't have altered the ending just because it leaked to fans early) T5 - Connor becomes an evil terminator (I only ever saw this once, so I don't remember much about it). If Cameron takes these ideas and plugs them in to his "T3", I'd be happy.
  12. I'm already kinda tired of Jericho, and seeing him against Kenny again is my least anticipated match so far. I would much rather see Kenny take on Pac.
  13. IdeaOfEvil

    Movies Captain Marvel Official Trailer

    It really is. Just like when those people who disagreed with me open posted about how I needed to kill myself by hanging, and that all my friends should be shot dead because we have like-minded views on a movie we find terrible. But oh no, the trolls of this board are all fine with hanging comments, yet the line gets crossed when I post an amusing KKK jab... It's so childish on these forums all I can do is laugh hard when the trolls do their trolliest, lol I'm sorry man, if you know me then I apologize for not knowing you. Yea, we've all migrated from the great IGN boards, and I was definitely in the anime forums since the beginning, and I was there before the boards even existed in '96, and that probably shows my age. But whoever you think I am, you're wrong. I've never complained about a movie based soley on gender. Done. There's nothing more that I can say about this weird accusation. Maybe you're thinking of someone else from the IGN boards since I didn't carry over the same username from there? I dunno, but it's really creepy to see someone say this about me when I don't post much here, when I don't post what you're saying I'm posting, and how I really never go on tirades. At most I should only be known here for doing screen grabs threads and year ending "Rate the movies you saw" threads... *shrugs* But now, if you want to go into some deep meaning "existential crisis" about me posting a harmless photo that's already been circulated around the interwebs for awhile now, then that's all you *shrugs* It's a funny picture that has caused an odd reaction here when the only reaction (two reactions) should have been "haha" or "boo", and then posters moving along. Now we've got people talking about actor worth, other movies, "MO's", and whatever. And I'm not gonna apologize for not facing each issue one by one in a post, because you've said it yourself - "I don't care about The Last Jedi (sub in: weak D1P call-outs) enough to argue or change your mind on it, but this problem goes way beyond that film or Star Wars or the MCU (or D1P's absurd trolling)." Hell, the only reason I'm replying to you and your post is because at least you're being civil with your words (wrong, but civil, lol). The death threats, the physical harm to my and my friends being (etc) that I've received in the past from the trolls here? Yea, they don't deserve or warrant my explanations, and they'll never get any. But you're cool... and I love johnny, sooo, congrats on receiving this reply? lol
  14. IdeaOfEvil

    Movies Captain Marvel Official Trailer

    I love you johnny.