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  1. A bunch of weeks ago someone from AEW's top brass said something like "Just because you're coming form the WWE doesn't mean we'll have any interest." So I wonder just who AEW would want versus who they would pass up
  2. I'll reply, but usually I kill threads, lol. Surprised there's no Eric Prydz - Call On Me or Alex Gaudino - Destination Unknown posts yet
  3. I don't get why people are creating arguments over this game. I see posters saying "I would rather this" and "I would rather that", and it's just turning into arguments over why various opinions are shit instead of them being alternatives to what another person would prefer =/ There's no healthy debate here, and it's all just anger and pointing fingers at people for sucking - as if having an opinion sucks. Is this all D1P is now? I can't say I want something without having to defend it like I'm incorrectly solving a math problem? I want to mod Tifa and I want Japanese voices. If others don't, fine. Why is that wrong?
  4. The Riot games redesign didn't pervert Tifa, though? Whatever, this isn't my hill to die on. I just want a mod-able pc port eventually
  5. I mean, that's your opinion. And it's all good. But there are fans of this 22 year old game who legitimately wanted to see these characters in a high res remake who are now seeing their video game dream girl get changed from promiscuous to simple. And again, the fine line is that the changes are so subtle that why change anything at all? Your Barret comparison doesn't show him with skinnier arms, that are all mostly covered, with a smaller body frame like Tifa got, so I'm not seeing him as being a problem like Tifa is. But again, I'm not looking to condemn or defend designs one way or another. The current Tifa design bugs me, and I'll simply wait for a pc mod to come out that will change her to looking more like her original FF7 design. If she's all good to you, then great! No harm, no foul imo. And claiming that Blair's "fanart" is pure jackoff material is a great disservice to just how good that design render is (it's not just a picture, it's an actual 3d model that she made).
  6. I've never really been a fan of Japanese to English voice acting. Whatever union those guys all belong to have a distinct sound to me that all sound horrible - as opposed to US produced VA's (you're Billy West's, Seth McFarlane's, Cam Clarke's, etc). And watching the Japanese language trailer already sounds 1000x better than the English one: Jp version: And pretty much the differences in Tiffa's design that Bacon described are a let down. He didn't mention how they also de-thicc'd her (Is that a word, even? lol) and how they gave her a larger skirt. Flame baiters want to troll any criticisms by spinning any reasonable opinions into "Her boobs are flat and I can't beat off to her now! / teh game suxxors!" But honestly from a design critique she shouldn't have had any changes since other characters didn't receive any (so far). She's meant to be this bad-ass, overly sexualized character who has a heart of gold. And with current pc climates she sticks out as a sore thumb now because she's the only character that did get changed with these subtle, non-stimulating visuals. I mean, they're so minor that they're not really noticeable. But they're so minor that they shouldn't have been made at all because it makes them that much more noticeable, imo. And what's probably worse was that Square kept her redesign under wraps for so long when we got such an awesome redesign from an artist from Riot Games last year that made expectations from fans that much higher. The redesign wasn't anything official, but it trounces the SquareEnix model when both are compared: Blair Armitage
  7. I'm not digging the English voices or Tiffa's redesign. I'll wait for a PC release where I can get mods to fix stuff
  8. The delicate snowflake in me hates this, but also the big kid in me hates this as well... Disney can only ruin the perfect videogame story by bringing it to the big screen. They gotta get away from previous franchise notions and stories for a change and try making an original tale that won't step on anyone's toes. Here's a novel idea - make something that's not "A Long Time Ago..." but only "In a Galaxy Far, Far Away..."
  9. I get the feeling that Vince thinks Raw is fixed with Seth having the title, so Lesnar is gonna cash in on Kofi and "fix" Smackdown now =/
  10. I liked the endings, but I didn't like how they got there. And John's was a bit too ambiguous. What was keeping him at the Wall, and then did he just up and off with the Northerners and decided to leave the Wall entirely? There were things that could have been done to give reasons to everyone's endings, but none were given that were satisfactory.
  11. Maybe it's because of how Titans is treating their superheros, but this looks so watered down for a comic book show... Or maybe it's the snowflake in me that's still hating women?
  12. As long as Frodo wakes up and realizes this has all been a dream before he puts the ring back on - sure, why not?
  13. Don't know Pattinson as an actor, but his look kinda falls more in line with Terry McGinnis imo... Maybe they should get Michael Keaton in the mix and turn this into a Batman Beyond story =)
  14. It's certainly what other people are having a hard time grasping with because of GOT
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