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  1. As long as Joe doesn't end up with those clowns at AEW, this could be good for him. Let him go Impact, or even better, New Japan. His matches with Shinsuke in NXT really showed how great his style would mix with those kind of wrestlers IF he wants to wrestle anymore. Otherwise, let him do commentary for ROH, even though they're probably the best commentating team right now. He'd still make a good third wheel.
  2. Piper/BNB at WM6 and Vince/Cena/Booker "Wassup my n*gga" have been confirmed as removed already. Next big news is that they hit a road bump with Big Bossman matches and what they want to do about his confederate flag patch. Blur it, completely remove all of his matches for right now, or edit matches down so that his right arm never shows on camera (somehow)...
  3. So long everything mid-South wrestling. Plus, this is a rush job to get everything edited before this years Wrestlemania, so there will probably be more edits done due to the hasty nature of Peacock wanting to benefit from cross promotion. And let's not even talk about how this is only a US thing while every other country won't have to go through them and won't have content censored.
  4. Think of all the last "big name hires" that Tony Khan has given us - Matt Hardy, Sting, Big Show; and even his celebrity ones including Shaq - and then convince anyone that someone like Christian wouldn't be on his radar.
  5. All I said was that we got to see droids get cut but not the humans/humanoids, and it stuck out. I'm not looking for gore or excess violence here. But even the Jedi Outcast game animated bright orange saber slashes across the Storm Troopers chests when they got cut, and we didn't see anything happen to the soldiers at all. The blatant avoidance of reasonable Star Wars violence stuck out like a sore thumb.... You and johnny and Remarkable are just gonna have to accept that your blind love for Disney / blind hate for any reasonable criticisms against Star Wars are all your own issues
  6. Did you get the Disney logo tattooed on just the shaft or the whole head of your cock?
  7. If Ahsoka wasn't in this, then the episode was merely a decent one. It was a weird waste of Michael Beihn, and it was kind of an off-founded story of there being some small town in the middle of nowhere that's being oppressed by "the Empire" for what reason? But anyways... Because Ahsoka was there, it got a "hype-bump" that wasn't terrible. My only real quibble is that the lightsabers looked weird. Something was just off with how the blades were animated, how they did the whole "safe-Disney / no violence" fighting (droids can get cut, but not people), and how Dawson did
  8. Just some advice to whomever cares to read this and listen - don't be a part of the first wave of immunity shots. There are about 4 different tests being conducted in the world atm, and each one is a different serum. We don't know which one will be the best treatment, how if you take a lesser-benefitting treatment then try taking a better treatment afterwards will react with one another, and how the physical roll-outs of each treatment will go (hospitals? pharmacies? drive-thrus? etc). You gotta remember, every immunization has a percentage chance of causing another problem. And if
  9. FiveThrityEight has always been solid with their outlooks in polling, and has consistently predicted correctly who the winners have been for the last two decades.
  10. Trump isn't doing anything in office as the POTUS right now (yah know, like a president normally does), so it's not like he's at all going to be too busy to try and harass and sue individual states in the hopes that it will delay the results of the presidency. He'll deny the legitimacy of vote tallies, and he's going to try and steal the election. And Dems are so toothless that they're gonna let him do this crap, so don't think that any actual tally on voting day is going to be the final say on how the GOP are going to try and keep power. Republicans are true villains and scum to t
  11. If anyone thinks that higher up Dems aren't happy about this decision, then you're out of your mind.
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