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  1. I'm all about watching someone on Twitch playing this on day one, lol The gameplay looks pretty boring, imo. Once again, but not exclusively to Disney, this is a lightsaber game where you're holding a glow stick and clubbing people over the head with it. You might get some pc-friendly "glow burns" on a humanoid, but of course it's only going to be the robots and alien monsters where you'll see the appropriate violence. The first Force Unleashed had this problem, but they listened to feedback and fixed it in a non-gory way for FU2. This game clearly decided to not even be aware of the FU franchise and follow the same guidelines that fans demanded at the time... Then it also looks like there are way too many rail events. There are a lot of clips of the main character climbing and running along large structures (dilapidated bridges, walking ATAT walkers, wall jumping/strafing for long stretches, etc). So it doesn't look like there's going to be much variation with the game aside from "get from point a to point b, have door close behind you and have to fight annoying mini boss, continue to point c, fight main level boss." Eh... But it's the combat that looks boring. This is an f'n lightaber and force user, but he struggles with one to three Storm Troopers at a time? Each one needing to be 1-on-1 focused on? Yikes. It doesn't look like there's much int he way of environment damage, so areas look large and empty imo. Sure there are environment triggers to use (hit something to make it blow up and kill enemies, etc), but I doubt if you fought someone near a command console that it could be battle damaged by fighting near it. This game has all the tell tale signs that it might be revolutionary for Disney and their video game makers (being a 3rd person, non micro-transactioned, linear game), but it's a few steps back evolutionary-wise for the fans and Star Wars games as a whole imo. At best it's a so-so platformer, which would be fine if the story was going to be out of this world amazing. But I can almost feel it in my soul that nothing told in this game is going to get anyone excited. We'll see....
  2. This theater in particular starts some shows as early as 8am and ends as late as 1am at times. It's not a huge difference, but they coulda squeezed 6-7 showings in a day if they wanted to. And especially considering the one screen they're putting this on only seats maybe 100 people, they should have done more showings. And actually, looking at Fandango now it looks like they just opened up a second screen, so it's getting a good 9 showings a day atm...
  3. Great main event match tonight. I read that people were upset with the Hager ending, but it perfectly let Darby get away with all the damage he did to Jericho and not have to lose because "he just wasn't good enough" after all his tremendous offense. I really hope that whatever secondary title they eventually create will be built around him in some way. The women's match was sloppy and not good, and we got one too many tag matches on tonight's card imo. Moxley and Omega should have stayed away from each other just so the hype for their ppv match could have built up more, but it wasn't terrible. The ending to it was great between Mox and PAC, but why squeeze them into a feud before Kenny and Mox get to wrestle their first match? Oh, and Page needs a new theme song, cuz his current one is awful lol.
  4. You're reading too deep into my comment. Of course I've got my expectations in check. But Kenny going from being the #1 wrestler in NJPW on a monthly/bi-weekly basis for so long, and then he kinda disappears while AEW is getting set up, and then he wrestles kinda independent guys in AEW and not the top Japan guys, it's just ... meh. And his matches were spread out for the months before the main Dynamite show started airing, so of course he's kinda cooled off in my mind. And him fighting Joey, while a good match, just didn't have that hype that Kenny would have gotten even in the G1 tag tournaments a year ago. I'm not shitting on him at all. But he's just treading water atm...
  5. Not a bad match, but Kenny hasn't done anything in AEW and the hype didn't get to me all that much. Actually, is this his first singles win with the company? His theme song sounded odd when they played it after he won - it has such a spread out intro before it picks up. Maybe his outtro win theme should chop off that first 15 seconds and get right to the drums
  6. I think I've only ever seen her in Mad Max, which was so minor that I have no idea if she'll be any good as Catwoman or not. I did read that she beat out Ana de Armas, so a lot of fans are crying over their preferred favorite eye candy not getting this role. But de Armas was awesome in Blade Runner, so Zoe at least has to meet that level of acting ability if she wants to impress, imo
  7. Yea, only 1 theater in all of the SF/Bay Area is playing this, and there's only about 4-5 showings throughout the day... It's weird because it's playing in one of the major theaters in the city, but it's only getting one screen.
  8. He's not so up and coming if you've been a fan of VVitch for all these years I'm trying to convince my friend and his wife to go see this with me, and if they don't want to then I might skip this in theaters. I really want to see it, but I'm getting too lazy to go out on my own these days, lol
  9. Even if the academy added in young people to vote, there's still that obtuse idea of there being the mythical 9 Jews that run Hollywood that still needs to nominate the movie so it can be voted on at all. And I honestly think this flik is getting bundled in with the current flux of film makers and reviewers who are bashing comic book movies because they're tired of them all, which is why this could get looked over for what it represents and not for what it actually is. I hope I'm wrong, but 99.99% of the time the Oscars always miss out on celebrating what's right in front of them, and then they try to make it up years later by giving a not so great film the wins and nods because they missed out the first time... I'd love to see Phoenix win and then that way all future movies with the Joker character in it would become highly contested Oscar bait for any actor looking for an award, lol.
  10. Is there any possible way Hollywood will acknowledge Phoenix at the Oscars? It feels like the old guard/establishment is just bundling this film as a deplorable "comic book movie" , and at best this will get the usual noms for "Best Hair styling" "Best musical score" "Best use of a camera in daylight" =/
  11. Hmm, I guess since I saw him wrestling on Smackdown two weeks in a row now I just kinda lumped him in with that brand. But still, he isn't drafted yet, and with how Vince has only kept his title rotating between Lesnar, Roman, and Rollins for near 3 years now it still is a pretty safe bet to think Vince isn't going to change all that much going forward...
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