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  1. Just got back... And it's good - not great. There were plenty of good moments and call backs to the 10 year franchise as a whole that will really please the fans who have invested into it all. But the story was simple and straight to the point. Nothing special happened, and minus 2 little threads that can continue other character franchise, this was literally the ending of what we have been building up to - and that's it. There were pluses and minuses, but it's all spoilerific to really talk about now. I will say that nothing here was as grand or as emotional as Infinity Wars was, and some plot conveniences of "who does what" in this movie were pretty shrug worthy. The best parts are definitely in the middle while the worst are towards the end. The intro? Eh... there could have been more world building, but the Russo's didn't give it and the audience didn't necessarily miss it. Still, overall what we got was fine. Hype will absolutely dominate people's perception of this movie right now. But the real review of it will come in the coming years when people are allowed to see it up against the other movies we've already seen. Certainly while watching this tonight I knew I was paying attention to this movie more because of how Infinity War left us wanting and not because of what this movie was giving me. And I knew that seeing Endgame for the first time wouldn't allow me to review it fairly, but when all was said and done I left the theater feeling good. B/B+ effort for this movie, which ends an outstanding 10 year franchise If anyone cares, I'll throw some spoiler thoughts below:
  2. That dire wolf appearing randomly and disappearing without much notice pissed me off...
  3. Narrative-wise it would be great if Starkiller ended up being the main antagonist. Gameplay-wise it would be great if this were a stealth game instead of a typical beat-em-up. At the very least EA needs to finally make sure that a lightsaber actually cuts body parts off instead of it just being a glow stick that clubs people over the head =/
  4. This might be a retcon for Starkiller's Force Unleashed story... Same era, similar story idea of a lone survivor, etc. That, or maybe this is a new character story that will have Starkiller appear in it somehow to make him Disney canon finally?
  5. In Theaters/If my friends will go with me: Avengers: Endgame John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum Dark Phoenix Once Upon a Time in Hollywood IT: Chapter 2 Rambo: Last Blood Joker Jumanji 3 At Home/Probably at Home: Brightburn Godzilla: King of the Monsters Hellboy Spider-Man: Far from Home New Mutants The Addams Family Depends on reviews: Zombieland 2: Double Tap Terminator: Dark Fate Doctor Sleep Masters of the Universe I'll read its spoilers, and then maybe: Men in Black International Toy Story 4 Star Wars: Episode IX
  6. via Darkhorizons TheWrap gave it a good review akin to it being a cheap horror flik, so I'm interested in seeing it
  7. It's too ... "kiddie" John Astin changed the franchise for the better when he and Carolyn Jones made Gomez and Morticia overtly sexual, and then Raul Julia and Angelica Huston fine tuned that narrative in the movies. This new animation just looks like it has no teeth - makes me think it's a family friendlier Hotel Transylvania movie *shrugs*
  8. Disney spent a lot of time, money and effort burying the XMen for the sake of the Avengers that there's no way they're just gonna reverse course right away, lol
  9. A friend just showed me an article that people are selling their Endgame opening tickets, and some dude in Jersey bought one for $15k... I might have to sell mine if I can get that kinda cash, lol
  10. https://www.gerweck.net/2019/04/08/wrestlemania-main-event-finish-rumored-to-be-botched/
  11. News going around is that the finish entirely was botched and that Charlotte was supposed to submit to Becky. Word is the ref didn't delay the count between 2 and 3, and Rhonda didn't kick out in time to save the mistake. The way it ended was better, imo. Humanizes Rhonda, gives her an out since her shoulders weren't down, and Charlotte and Becky can continue with the whole "you didn't beat me" rhetoric.
  12. Whelp.. Other than Kofi/Bryan, Kurt/Corben, and the main event, pretty lackluster. Everyone else got their participation award, and now we're back to the slog of Raw and Smackdown until hopefully AEW lights a fire under Vince's ass in October.
  13. Once the Titty Master leaves, she'll be gone as well =)
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