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  1. I guess I'm hoping against hope that the Panzer Dragoon is gonna be released for sale, let alone at all this year? =(
  2. I think it's Brian Alvarez or Jim Cornette that's saying AEW needs to drop the women's division for now until they get their men's roster in order. I definitely cringe whenever a women's match comes on because they're so boring and so meaningless. So either drop it for now, or get Fit Finley and/or Dutch Mantel to take it over from Kenny Omega's booking, cuz didn't the former handle TNA's women's division at the height of their awesomeness? AEW's got a lot of work ahead of them, and it'd be better to drop a division for now rather than burying it into the ground and trying to rebuild it later.
  3. I wasn't a fan of Jonah and the new polished seasons. Hopefully with whatever live tour they're planning on they bring back more raw looking visuals and possibly Joel as the main riffer again in some new episode format
  4. I thought the last one was the closest they've gotten to a good old traditional Star Trek movie/experience so far - so it was fine imo. I still like the idea that Starfleet pushed out farther into space quicker with this timeline, so maybe it'd be neat to see this next one having Kirk's crew go up against the Borg, or maybe even meet a Q out there ... Or recast Brent Spiner and do a Lore movie
  5. Lol. It was supposed to arrive tonight, late, but it got delayed again... If I didn't know any better, I'd swear some of the trolls I deal with on D1P somehow ran the FedEX truck off the road to make sure I couldn't play this
  6. My pre-order from Target.com was shipped out on the 10th and still hasn't arrived =/ By the time I get to play this, the sequel will probably have already come out...
  7. Episode 2 was much better than episode 1. The music still feels generic, but that was about the only issue I had. This baby thing definitely has my interest, especially with this episode showing a bit more about it =)
  8. Warnings are fine and fair, so this doesn't mean much. It's when companies deliberately scrub away things from past works that there's real trouble. How long ago was it when some book publishers were announcing they were going to remove the n-word from Huckleberry Finn books, and where did that lead? People were all shouting about the massive disrespect to the real people who lived that life and suffered with that terminology, let alone altering a classic work created by Mark Twain...
  9. I Googled that name, and the dude that showed up made me think you were talking about that first blue bounty alien, lol
  10. You should all be ashamed that you're not worshiping the ground Wernor walks on, lol. I really hope his character is expanded and gets a lot more tv time throughout this season =)
  11. It's kinda... weird. The main char doesn't come off as the overblown badass that the Star Wars marks want Boba Fett to be, and there isn't much "gadgetry" he uses to do stuff with. He's just kinda "there," and he's not really a standout. Some of the action scenes they get him to do look clumsy, and he's missing the kind of "silent mystique" that the lone, brooding anti-heroes usually possess in other franchises. The side characters are all pretty cool (my biggest hyped actor for this show was fantastic in his scene), but the world seems off... There isn't any familiar sounding Star Wars music, there are a few screen wipes and edits that look a bit mistimed, and the cg doesn't blend all that great. Granted, I get this is a tv show and you should curb your expectations, so I'm not complaining. It's just that overall it feels familiar while at the same time it feels like a knock-off of Star Wars. There are plenty of recognizable sounds and designs of things we've seen before, but then there are equal amounts of unrecognizable ones as well. Still, it's got the basic tv trappings of over-explained exposition and music cues that stick out like a sore thumb, no matter the franchise and/or subject matter. But it has a lot of places to go, narratively speaking, and the ending definitely hit me from out of nowhere and has me looking forward to next week. B grade.
  12. The biggest problem with tonight's ppv is that it didn't feel any different than any of the past few weeks of the regular Dynamite shows. And I'd hate to give Jim Cornette any praise with how much he shits on AEW, but he's right in all of his rhetoric that nothing is being built to be special in this company. None of the title matches mattered because no one built up any heat over them, and none of the regular matches felt like they meant anything because no one is saying (being allowed to say) that they're fighting for anything - revenge, pride, a chance for a title shot, etc. Which leads to the biggest complaint Corny has that I agree with which is that no one is given any promo time in the shows other than Cody and Jericho, and the entire roster is suffering for it. At best AEW is having Excalibur and JR fill in the narrative for every match and why we should care, and even JR in his prime would admit that a wrestler needs to be able to speak for themselves at times. Shawn Spears won to a dead crowd, who should have been boo'ing him. The women's title match was boring, and the audience was only semi-interested in spurts. The tag title match ended in dead silence. The Young Bucks brought in the RnR Express in an odd mess of an ending. Cody and Jericho had actual hype from a proper build up to their match. Omega and Mox had hype because of the dream match concept combined with it being hardcore/unsanctioned. But where do you go from here? Nothing is laid out with any meaning, and if the Dynamite shows are going to be the exact same quality as the ppv's, then why bother ordering them? I just think that since all of the matches on the regular tv show are too high of quality, there was nothing left for anyone to do on this ppv. I hate to say it, but Dynamite needs shorter matches, SOME promo time dedicated to their wrestlers, and have matches that don't shoot a wrestler's wad before he/she gets to a ppv where there's nothing left to do that's new.
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