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  1. Decided to do Ubisoft Connect + to play this game at little risk, plus get the DLC for Odyssey that I never played (and also Immortals next month). I'm very glad I did. The game feels much tighter and self restrained, especially for an UBI game, in terms of not just giving the player a bunch of mostly inconsequential crap to do. Compared to Odyssey, I also like the characters much more so far too. They seem to actually have relationships with each other and less like various generic caricatures. This is especially true of Eivor, who seems to have a realistic dispositio
  2. Thank you. This is very very helpful. Sidequests contained to the immediate area are really good to hear. That was the other thing I hated about Odyssey is that they tended to send you all over the map to track something down... even with the fast travel system it was annoying. Definitely going to get this one now.
  3. Questions about this game, if anyone has the time and is inclined... I'm debating on getting this game now or waiting a bit until it goes on sale. I'm a long time AC player... and I want to ask how much is it like Odyssey and in which ways? I have a love/hate with that game. I really liked the characters, world, and combat but I really disliked the quest system and how it seemed to punish you for wanting to progress in the main story in favor of the myriad of mostly shitty side quests with it's level/level scaling system. In many ways both issues seemed built around padding the gam
  4. I have a feeling they are going to trickle in over the next month up to the holiday so if you're quick you might be able to snag one.
  5. Tried the same at walmart... got both a digital and disc in my cart and got to checkout before getting the out of stock. I'll say this... their API sucks if it's not able to lock a stock item for transaction. Serves them right for not using AWS
  6. Only one for sure is Cyberpunk on PC. I will sign up for Ubisoft + at some point after I finish that for Valhalla and Immortals. Outside of that, I have an active Xbox Game pass for PC and will definitely play through Medium when it releases.
  7. I think this is just a general issue with the concepts of levels in a game. I personally feel like it's a bit of an outdated way to give a sense of progression. I like the idea of opening up abilities, but not just adding health/strength. Especially so if enemies level with you... in that case what's the point... you get tougher and so to they. I suppose that's also the case with enemies being tougher by zones. In a lot of ways I liked the way that most metroidvania games handle it. You complete certain events and gain some new tool or ability. That feels much more natural to me th
  8. Got my Shield on Saturday and gamed practically all weekend on it. It really is impressive. In fact it's so impressive I'm now considering buying a bluetooth mouse & keyboard so I can play FPS/TPS games with them as I HATE playing those types of games with a controller. Does anyone have any suggestions for keyboards that don't require a USB dongle to connect via bluetooth (since the tube doesn't have USB)? Lots of mice like that but I haven't seen any keyboards.
  9. Definitely going to go shield. Seems like it's a guarantee that it has everything I want with the least amount of hassle. Question is whether to get it now or wait and see if there is a black friday deal.
  10. Thanks guys... I actually have some old steam links and like them but they only do 1080P correct? That's why I was looking for something 4k HDR capable. I've been researching on the side a bit... still debating between 4K shield, 4k Fire + Ethernet adapter + Moonlight.
  11. https://www.amazon.com/NVIDIA-Streaming-Performance-Assistant-945-13430-2500-000/dp/B07YP94PBJ/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=shield+4k&qid=1604061853&sr=8-2 Is this not a stick? If not then my question then becomes is this the best choice? Money isn't really a major concern but $30 for a 4k Fire stick vs $150 is kinda hard to ignore?
  12. Hello... hoping to get some advice here. Since COVID my job has become work from home permanently. Since I work in front of a computer all day my normal gaming go-to has switched from my PC to my PS4 as I just want to sit on my couch and game vs spend more time in my home office. That said, there are some great games on PC that I'd love to play on my new LG CX 77. Since Steam link isn't an available App on LG I'm looking for a device that will offer good game streaming from my gaming PC. I've been looking at the Nvidia Shield 4k and it looks great, but it also looks like it's
  13. To be fair, Ghost of Tsushima is very good. It's just not a generational game like Witcher 3 is.
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