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  1. As someone that's always leaned a bit towards Xbox (though PS4 Pro is the only console I've owned for a few years now), I just don't see the point in buying one if I can play their games on PC (which I think is awesome).
  2. The one critique I have of UBI right now is that their games are a bit... samey. AC/FC/Division all seem to be built around stronghold capture with lots of POI's to hit. Great open worlds but they are starting to feel like cookie cutters with a different coat of paint. That said, what they've been putting out the last few years have been technically solid and well built. Now I'd just like to see them start branching a bit, maybe adding some narrative. Hopefully Beyond Good and Evil 2 starts something on that front.
  3. The difference with Division was that the publisher shoved the game out the door before Massive was ready. That's fairly well documented. Looking at things we've heard from various sources it sounds like Anthem's problems are rooted from studio disfunction. I hope they turn Anthem around like the Division did, but I'm wouldn't predict it at this point.
  4. Thanks guys. I'll check these out and see if something clicks.
  5. So I'm going on a trip with some long flights. Looking for some good games to play on the flight that are more engaging than solitaire or word puzzles. Since I'll be flying I have no idea if the airline will offer wifi at a reasonable rate or if it's fast/reliable enough to do any kind of online gaming so offline would be preferred. I'd imagine something turn based or slower paced would be good. Probably an RPG or strategy game. Thanks in advance.
  6. I really like the large clip LMGs. Sometimes in a 4-man I'll carry 2. With Specialization perks and 100 round clips I'm practically and endless bullet hose. I carry Marksman primarily solo so I can grenade/headshot kill mechanical types sending drones and car bombs at me. So far my favorite gun has been a 600RPM / 100 magazine with a perk that caused hits to have a chance to refill the mag.
  7. Thanks for this. I've been full demolitionist since specializations. While solo I usually run LMG/Marksman. LMG being something with a 100 round clip and Marksman being something high enough damage to 1 headshot kill things without armor. With a friend or small group I'll drop the Marksman and switch to an SMG. Definitely didn't know about GS being affected by what I'm carrying, not just what is equipped. Since I've mostly been focused on just getting my gearscore up I haven't really been picky about specific gear perks/talents so far. I figured I'd start getting more picky once I got near/to the cap. Skills-wise I've been using the flame turret (mostly for CC reasons). I've mostly stuck with the healing hive but I should probably try out revive.
  8. Am I the only one that's kinda meh on Viking AC? After GoW I don't see how it could really stand up to that in terms of combat/quality while kind of being a similar setting.
  9. Just hit t4 yesterday. Crafted/looted some stuff and I'm right around 420 GS now. I've done some CP2 without too much issue. Are CP3 solo-able at this point or should I wait until I'm a bit higher? Also what's the best way to gear up at this point since I don't see any invaded missions?
  10. IMHO, Gamestop is going to be the next Blockbuster Video. It's going to take longer but the pattern will be similar. Areas with good broadband coverage are going to see more & more digital distribution (I haven't purchased a physical game in several years). Combine that with Amazon's shipping, Stadia, etc... and things are going to shift further away from anyone wanting to go to a store to buy games.
  11. The interesting thing for me is whether this game is able to turn around like the Division did. The games came out in a similar state... Very good core gameplay, cool world, great graphics, but buggy and with a rough end game. In Divisions case, if felt like the release product was more the case of a publisher pushing the game out the door before it was ready in addition to some beginner mistakes in regards to MMOish games than just a bad development effort. Anthem's struggles seem to be more of a developer in disarray. Lots of engine and design disfunction, which I think giving Bioware's history are a little big harder to forgive. They've released some absolutely amazing games, they've released a somewhat successful MMO (SWTOR), and they've done lots of open worlds, rpgs, and shooters. So now things are going to be dependent less on the competence of the developers technical ability and more on whether or not they can be a functional development studio again.
  12. I'm really enjoying LMG with the demolitionist specialization. Love the big guns with the 100 round clips/belts. Plus it gets more accurate (to a point) the longer you're holding down the trigger. Combine that with the fact that it quickly puts a suppression effect on mobs and it adds decent crowd control.
  13. I hope this doesn't sound too condescending... but this is just the basic open world PVE loop for the game, however with side missions / bounties / main missions / Darkzone / Exploring there's a lot more to it. Kinda like Event's in Destiny... they'll surely add more and the first few times they'll be fun but after that they'll get repetitive. Such is the MMO/MMO-lite genre.
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