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  1. Dexterryu

    PC Are isometric cRPGS' resurgence already dying?

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll look into it knowing that.
  2. Dexterryu

    PC Are isometric cRPGS' resurgence already dying?

    As someone that played several of the games in the OP but only one sequel (Divinity 2). The reason being is that while I enjoy the worlds, exploration, and gameplay of PoE and Shadowrun, I hate the mostly text based dialogue and story and tend to get tired/bored because of it. IMHO, just because the format and gameplay are a little more retro/throwback it doesn't mean you have to exclude modern conveniences like voice acting.
  3. Dexterryu

    General Gaming How is Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice?

    One of my favorite games of last year. Highly recommend playing it and sticking with it. The puzzles were tough early on, but your brain sort of gets better at seeing their seeing/solving them. I personally enjoyed the combat... it isn't complex but it's very responsive. The way you can sort of perma-die if you get killed enough means that it is a little on the easy side though. The story gets better as it goes on and as others have said definitely play it with a good set of headphones.
  4. I have played on Vive and Vive Pro quite a bit (a good friend of mine has one of each). Haven't played the Oculus yet. My impressions of VR is that the most important thing to have to make them work is an empty room. I've had an absolute blast playing games on the Vive headsets. The motion control is damn near perfect. The games that I've played that are the most fun though are games like Audioshield and Beat Saber. There are few good games that follow a more traditional campaign like Arizona Sunshine\SuperHot that offer a more complete experience but most of the good games do one or two things and do them really well (Audioshield/Beat Saber being good examples). I'd personally buy a Vive Pro if I were to get one right now... and I would purchase today if I had the right space in my house. That said, if you can wait there should be some really good stuff coming in 2019. The Pimax 8k has some promise and I believe that design will be the future (200 degree FoV) that other headsets emulate.