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  1. Well... I'm playing RE2 now. I like it, but this inventory system is annoying. I completely forgot about this aspect of the games. Would be much better if things weren't destroyed if you wanted to drop something and make room.
  2. That's fine... I'm just saying that people waiting to play it this way aren't going to think much of the game for those reasons.
  3. I don't think that this would be a good game. It works in VR because it was made for it, but if someone turned it into a standard FPS game I'd say most people would find it far too easy. Part of the challenge in it is actually having to aim your weapon and reload it in real time. This means to fire in any way accurately, you have to be standing still. In a standard FPS, even with large cross-hair bloom this would be a piece of cake.
  4. Easy sure, but like I said... it just wouldn't feel right and with as good as everything feels in this game I can see why it's not in the game. I say that because there wouldn't be a sense of contact or connecting when you hit something. That's why Beat Saber/Light Sabers work so well in VR.
  5. I think Melee in general is one of those physics problems that still need figured out. This is true for almost every melee based game I've played (Thrill of the fight, Gorn, Karnage, Blade and Sorcery)... really the only one that's felt right so far is Beat Saber because it wisely uses Light Sabers. Things that have weight and a physicality to them are hard to do in VR right now. Haptics only does so much. The other thing I'll say is this... the Environments in HLA are so good I find myself moving around my room way more than normal so I could imagine it wouldn't be long before we start busting up our controllers trying to crowbar headcrabs.
  6. Just wanted to say thanks again for all of your suggestions. I think this will get me going for a while. At the moment I've got three things going... about 1/2 through my replay of God of War. Just picked up Guacamelee, and will probably blow through Half Life Alyx in the next day or so (it's so good). Next I'm gonna look at RE7 and remake of RE2 (any recommended order?), then the Gravity Rush games. Wishlisted for tracking based on your suggestions: Sekiro Vanquish Wolcen (I've been watching this for a while... heard it's buggy so I'll snag it when it's all patched up). Ashen (Epic spring sale starts next week). @Nokt Great list... I've played & finished a lot of those... but will look into those that I haven't. @DPCyric - CCG is a genre I've tried but just can't get into. Same with 4x games (which is a genre I really want to like, but just never seem to have fun with). Also... I completely misspoke about Outer Wilds. Misread that for Outer Worlds. I very much liked Outer Wilds.
  7. Put some more time into this thing now... As far as making it intuitive, man they they make every correct decision in terms of the way you interact with the world. It's by far the most natural feeling game I've played in VR. It's basically equivalent to Beat Saber in terms of being spot on and feeling right, but a far more complex game.
  8. I've completed every AC game so far. I enjoyed them even though they get a little too far into the UBI loop for me. I'll definitely give Sekiro a look.
  9. I have it through Xbox Game Pass PC... I got about 3/4ths through it and got bored (I had to push myself to even make it that far). I know some people loved it... some not. I was definitely in on the discussion about the game.
  10. Yes... one of my all time favorites. Played it both regular and in VR.
  11. Gonna add em to my list. Their on sale now so I may as well grab em.
  12. I played the original back on my PC back in 1996. After playing Code Veronica on Dreamcast the series just seemed to keep getting weirder.
  13. Hey, I'm not perfect. The graphics and story from the trailer definitely have a Japanese vibe.
  14. Prey - Played/Finished it. Shadow of War - Played/Finished. Doom Eternal - Tried it (loved Doom 2016), but all of the glory kill camera losses made me dizzy so I refunded it. Guacamelee - Just bought and downloaded for Steam. $1 on G2A. Gravity Rush - I'll check it out. - Edit - Gonna try it out as soon as I finish my replay of GOW Resident Evil - I'll give them a look again. I kinda wrote them off due to them being weird Japanese titles.
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