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  1. I hope this doesn't sound too condescending... but this is just the basic open world PVE loop for the game, however with side missions / bounties / main missions / Darkzone / Exploring there's a lot more to it. Kinda like Event's in Destiny... they'll surely add more and the first few times they'll be fun but after that they'll get repetitive. Such is the MMO/MMO-lite genre.
  2. Honestly, I think this is just a general UBI issue across the board... outside of a few exceptions (main characters), the character faces in almost all of their games are just a little off. Doesn't matter if it's GR, R6, Division, AC. To me they just stand out more in games with cut scenes and character interaction because you're looking fairly close at them.
  3. Great for taking your Jackbox party packs to parties.
  4. It's a great single player game. Story really grows on you as the game goes on.
  5. "a narrative- and character-focused State Of Decay with a Far Cry level of freedom in approaching scenarios." This sounds really good to me. Like most of the previewers I had more or less written this one off, but the fact that almost all of the previews seemed to be saying the same good things means either the game is actually good (and better than we were all expecting) or the marketing team did an excellent job convincing them.
  6. I've had this pre-ordered for a while. Glad to hear you guys are liking it and it's similar to Division, which I really enjoyed.
  7. To continue to clarify... the actual gameplay I have very little issue with. It's the story/character interactions that I'm mostly disappointed with. As I explained... it feels like the publisher and developers had different ideas and tried to compromise. My opinion is that the game suffers because of it. My opinion is that if the game were more narrative driven and had the character interactions & choice that Bioware has been great at in the past that the action would feel more meaningful. I work in IT/Software development myself and if I'm seeing things correctly it's exactly the sort of thing that happens when a team has a product owner that's forcing decisions on the dev team. It's functional, but not what it could be.
  8. I'm hopeful they can turn things around and give the game some character & heart. If EA supports the game like Ubisoft did with Division then players will stick with it/come back. Division launched in really bad shape technically, exploit/cheat-wise, and content-wise. 4-6 Weeks in the community shrank rapidly but after 1.8 was released many came back and still play. I hope Anthem does the same.
  9. It's probably both. I played probably about 12-15 hours over the weekend (up to level 17 I think). I made my post more as a bit of a commentary to what IMHO, EA has done to Bioware. Through DA:I -> ME:A -> Anthem it's been a downhill trend that's drifted away from characters and story and more about checkbox/time-sink games designed to entice micro transactions.
  10. I'll chime in here... I've been a Bioware fan dating back to the 90's with Baldur's gate. I REALLY wanted to like Anthem. I really want to like Anthem. The combat and flying around is fun... but the rest is not so much. When I look at DA:I, ME:A, and now Anthem I see the studio pulling further away from what made their past games great. I'm talking about the heart of the game. The characters and the way you can connect/interact with them. The way character interactions gives you choices that impacted the story of the game. The characters and interactions right now are a couple of binary choices that break up long winded monologues. The side characters hardly ever interact with each other and always seem to be standing in the same spot (nothing like the Normandy where walking through the ship you'd see various characters around having conversation about stuff that happened). I'd also argue the forced multiplayer component almost strips away the possibility for companion characters (and the usually fun intra-party banter) makes the missions/combat to feel more generic because it's just about the actions and less about the why. Matchmaking puts us with random people who mostly don't talk and typically want to race through missions and not explore. The story and missions feel like they were written to have characters along with you. In fact, the tutorial and first mission feel pretty darn good because they're basically single player. In light of these things, early "review in progress" comments that I've seen feel very accurate. This game feels like it was heavily influenced by executives picking from a list of cool ideas.
  11. Subscribed to the $15/month of EA Access so I could play this game without paying the full price. Kinda glad I did that so far. I've played a bunch so far today and I am trying really hard to like it. So far it's just not clicking with me and and I can't figure out why. Not getting into the characters, the combo system is fun but the gunplay & combat outside of that is sorta meh. So far I've unlocked ranger & storm so maybe I just haven't found a Javelin that fits me yet.
  12. While Origins wasn't as good as City, it was still a very good and fun game. I liked the counter-counter mechanic too. So definitely looking forward to this.
  13. How are the PC Mouse controls for flying? When I played before they were way too touchy even at 0% sensitivity (like a 3" 360 on 400dpi). It was really hard to control.
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