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  1. I played it up to a point. Did the tutorial/intro stuff. After that could never get matchmaking to connect. Not sure how much we can say with the NDA.
  2. Excellent article. I still use Steam and it's my prefered platform to download/manage games but I don't think much of them as a company anymore. They've had incredibly poor support for a long time. To hear that developers have the same problems is not a surprise.
  3. Dexterryu

    Sony Days Gone - new gameplay footage from TGS

    Good decision, IMHO. The latest gameplay looks better than the last one but it needs to have some sort of stamina meeter so you can't just infinitely jog faster than the swarming zombies and kite them around/escape.
  4. I like both as long as they aren't trying too hard. Witcher 3 and ME Trilogy nail it. Most Blizzard games do too. A good example of trying too hard was AC: Origins. There was a questline where an NPC had a kid that Bayak connected with... but that connection was shown for like 30 seconds. Then the next seen the local bad guy who I hadn't met yet somehow drowns the kid. All off screen. It's supposed to be sad/dark but the game didn't do much to build a connection with the characters for me to care. Conversely... look at the character development in a similar amount of time in Bloody Baron in TW3. They establish the characters, give you their background and motivations. You're much more connected to them so when stuff happens you're invested. Light/Humor is the same for me. Though I imagine this has more to do with taste. It's Seinfeld (which I like) vs Will Farrel slap-stick (which I usually just roll my eyes at).
  5. This actually highlights some of my issues (minor) with the game. Though with you actually having been there I'd love to know your feelings on this. The game makes Greece seem more mountainous than it is... these pictures make it seem more hilly/than mountain. It's one of those things that drive me a little nuts in open world games (something that Witcher 3 and RDR did really well) and that's not adding unnecessary mountains/climbing. It's almost like silently padding the length of the game forcing you to either ride around/climb over a bunch of stuff.
  6. Dexterryu

    Sony Days Gone - new gameplay footage from TGS

    I have it on my list of games to follow/buy, but the latest gameplay didn't impress me much. The Zombie horde doesn't seem to be too intimidating. That said, the last time they showed it (E3 2017?) it looked really good... almost like Horizon Zero Dawn(from a gameplay perspective) in a zombie apocalypse. So it's gone from a "must buy" to "I want to read reviews first".
  7. I'm fairly far into it... I'm pretty luke warm on my thoughts so far. Feels like it has some pacing issues... I'm finding the towns with NPCs to be fairly boring. They probably should have made side quests doable while on the way to/in line with the main quest rather than on their own since they are basically just boring fetch/kill quests. There are parts that are fairly forced... like certain points where Lara loses her guns but isn't able to pick up the guns from fallen enemies so you're forced to force kill shotgun guys with a knife. The combat sections in the first two games felt like I had more options and more sandbox where this one they introduce a mechanic, have an in game tutorial where you use it in that section and then mostly don't use it again because of another mechanic they want you to use.
  8. All digital for me now, especially now that Amazon Prime offers no benefit. 1) I hate the clutter of physical disks/cases 2) I hate having to switch disks to switch games. 3) Their is ALWAYS a discount to be found. 4) I never have to worry about scratches\losing my games. 5) I own the rights to them regardless of new PC/Console.
  9. Usually 1 SP game at a time and then I have common MP games that I'll jump into with friends here and there (Overwatch, PUBG, Fortnite, Destiny 2)
  10. Most COD single player games are short and fairly decent.
  11. They can't review anything without injecting some liberal political slanted commentary anyway. I'm OK with whatever political opinions but it seems like they often go out of their way to find something to be offended about in any game.
  12. Dexterryu

    Sony Marvel’s Spider-Man | PS4 OT

    The game looks great but without anywhere to get a pre-order discounts I'll just wait for the inevitable holiday sale. Not really missing out on anything by doing that with a single player only game.
  13. Movement just seems slow... So does combat. I'm not really impressed at this point.
  14. I'm not sure how I feel about this... If it's a good story all the way through with interesting characters like Witcher 3 then awesome. If it's just more and more unrelated missions, items to collect, etc... to pad out the length then I'm not excited at all to hear this.
  15. Dexterryu

    PC Are isometric cRPGS' resurgence already dying?

    Thanks for the heads up. I'll look into it knowing that.