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Welcome To Marwen trailer

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23 hours ago, ort said:

I find this trailer insufferable.


It just looks so, uh, saccharine? Cloying? Excessively hip and quirky/quaint? I don't know the right words, but it looks like it's trying way too hard.


Well, it's written and directed by Robert Zemeckis, so it actually should be really good, the guy has directed:


-I Wanna Hold Your Hand

-Used Cars

-Romancing the Stone

-Back to the Future trilogy

-Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

-Death Becomes Her

-Forrest Gump


-What Lies Beneath

-Cast Away

-Polar Express


-A Christmas Carol


-The Walk



So depending on how you feel about all of those movies, you'll probably know how to feel about this one, more or less. He does have a few not so great movies in there but mostly very good movies in there. 

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I don't know, the entire premise kind of skeeves me out.  Dude copes with the bad things that have happened to him by creating a world of art around him.  Ok, seems fine.  Dude inserts himself into the little fantasy world full of dolls he's created.  Getting a little weird now, but still alright.  Dude fills his fantasy world with all the hot women in his life who constantly support him and think he's the greatest.  That's... really kind of creepy.  

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7 hours ago, Mercury33 said:

Yeah the trailer for the documentary looks amazing. The movie looks like it’s trying to gloss over all the horribleness and weirdness in his life and give it a Hollywood gloss. 

I tracked it down on Kanopy, a site I only heard of recently. It lets you watch movies (mostly indies, docs, and older classics) for free with a library card. 


Anyway, I recommend it. While I was watching, I kept thinking "I actually want to see Steve Carell star in a movie about this guy, but a quiet, weird character study, not this CGI romp"

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13 hours ago, Greatoneshere said:

Apparently the film is terrible and easily the worst of Zemeckis' career. Damn. So there you go - everything you see that's cloying and terrible in the trailer is in the actual film as well, apparently. 


A shame - Zemeckis is usually pretty reliable. 


For once your list of stats fails. :p


This movie didn't look too great from the trailers but the cast made it look promising.

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9 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:

For once your list of stats fails. :p


This movie didn't look too great from the trailers but the cast made it look promising.


True, but even critics are surprised and saying it's his worst ever. It's hard to predict that kind of artistic failure. 


9 hours ago, Reputator said:

I was definitely hopeful for this one but that's a shame. I've kind of gotten the sense though that Zemeckis has slowly lost his touch.


Really? His last three movies were Flight, The Walk, and Allied, which I thought were all really good, and certainly better than his immediately previous to that foray into CG motion-capture films with The Polar Express, Beowulf (which I kind of love, personally), and A Christmas Carol. 

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