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  1. AAA = bloom lighting, lens flares, and wet rocks.
  2. This is the most boring way to present this. Cancel E3.
  3. Nothing this E3 so far indicates that this conference needs to be a thing.
  4. When a movie star cameo is the best part, you dun fucked up.
  5. Every time I feel bad about US politics, I look across the pond, at my mother's homeland, and feel warm and fuzzy inside. "America!: Still Better Than Britain"
  6. This comes to mind, honestly: https://local.theonion.com/liberal-relieved-he-never-has-to-introspect-again-after-1834720785
  7. HOT TAKE: I see why I ought to care, but I just don't.
  8. I teach in this district. Not sure what's worse: that today might be really hard for my students - or that it likely won't be.
  9. The irony of a Biden candidacy is rather delicious. Here we have a man who appears to be positioning himself as an antidote to Trumpism, but in so doing, has essentially turned his politics into a more palatable brand of it. He's not attempting to jettison us into the future, but instead return to a past (2015?) when everything was totally fine. It wasn't fine, or at least fine enough. Yeah, better than the 1950s version of the U.S. Trump invents, but 2021 shouldn't be as good as 2015, but much better. This is why I don't see him as competitive for the nomination after a few months. He just doesn't articulate any of kind of future-looking vision.
  10. One more thing about him: I never doubted he was in it to further what he believed to be our interests. I don't believe that about Sanders, for instance. Harris, Biden, especially Warren, yes. But Sanders engages in the same kind of grievance-driven "I win!" politics that characterizes Trumpism. That's why Buttigieg is so refreshing right now - I have zero doubt as to his sincerity.
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