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  1. Sure. Actual emotional reaction is kind of hard to pull off. I already said all of its flaws are real. But they don't matter because they're crushed under the sheer weight of fun and heart. I guess we could celebrate the 173rd Scorcese movie about a sociopath but...nah. I like this better at this point in my life.
  2. Look at user scores vs. critics on RT. TLJ was heralded by critics and, by this metric (which isn't perfect, but I think tells us more than CinemaScore - I mean, what is the actual difference between and A- and a B+...) ROS is far more popular among moviegoers.
  3. PT is antiseptic, cold, and distant. ROS's main "flaw" is that it arguably leans too much into heart, warmth, and optimism. Which has always been the main reason Star Wars works, when it works - even in ESB. And it works here. I mean, I think Return of the Jedi is almost indisputably a bad movie. And yet, when it stops trying it sell me toys, the heart of the characters makes it a pleasant experience. ROS is not a bad movie at all, but succeeds for the same reason ROTJ is remembered fondly. It's just NICE to be around these characters' energy and pluckiness. It's like the Cheers of movies. ROS has already started to trend ahead of TLJ in box office. I'll bet it ends up ahead on strong word of mouth.
  4. All the critics complaints are correct, and wholly irrelevant. It doubles down on good feelings, optimism, and nostalgia, and the whole last hour had me grinning ear to ear. I loved it. That is all. That's the post. Back to my hole I go.
  5. AAA = bloom lighting, lens flares, and wet rocks.
  6. This is the most boring way to present this. Cancel E3.
  7. Nothing this E3 so far indicates that this conference needs to be a thing.
  8. Every time I feel bad about US politics, I look across the pond, at my mother's homeland, and feel warm and fuzzy inside. "America!: Still Better Than Britain"
  9. This comes to mind, honestly: https://local.theonion.com/liberal-relieved-he-never-has-to-introspect-again-after-1834720785
  10. HOT TAKE: I see why I ought to care, but I just don't.
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