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If you won the lottery and died the next day (after making out a will), where would the money go?


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I don't know why I was thinking about this.


I don't have any kids and most of my extended family that I ever gave a shit about are dead. Of my 4 siblings, 3 of them absolutely would not need the money, they're doing just fine. My little brother isn't financially independent yet but his grandparents are full-on Connecticut blue bloods. He'll never be homeless in his life. They have "fuck you" money.  My older brother doesn't have "fuck you" money, but he got a job that pays him six figures a couple years ago and he likes to rub it in my face and remind me how much of a piece of shit I am, he ain't getting shit.


As for my sisters, the oldest one also doesn't need it. They do just fine. Both her and her husband have grad degrees from Harvard and MIT, respectively, and both have worked for massive companies. Any time either one of them talks to me about their problems I just think "first world problems" over and over in my head. They're great parents, though. And good people in general. But they don't need an influx of cash.


The only person in my family that I could imagine giving this hypothetical money to would be my younger-older sister (older than me, younger than the other one). And maybe my cousin David. Both of those people are some of the most down to earth people I know that don't try to lord anything over other people or make life a game. Life is good sometimes, life sucks sometimes, you just kinda have to roll with it. And we roll with it.


I honestly think most of it would go to charity. The only people in my family who need the money are also the only people who wouldn't want all of it. They would want enough to pay off their mortgage or their car or whatever, or (in my sister's case) pay off her kids' tuition, but like... they wouldn't  buy a larger house (if they own one already)

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Depending on how much I won. I have family I would give money too, and past co-workers that could use the money for medical reasons. My niece has a friend who has been battling cancer since she was 6 or 7 and are only 10 now. Parents work well to keep her healthy but can only afford a basement apartment. So I would leave money out for them to get a house. Plus I wanna donate money to pay for the wifi service at the hospital my father passed away at. He had been in other hospitals but wifi was free, but not at my city’s hospital, where you gotta pay for it. Plus I know several folks here that could use a hand as well. Which I plan to do if I make it rich and survive longer than a day. 

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My wife knows what matters to me, but she’s also terrible handling finances, so I actually have a good friend of mine that is a CPA who has been tasked with assisting her in handling money in the case of me kicking the bucket prematurely. He also has plans for how to structure finances for our children were we to both die.

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