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  1. We've been witness to so much already. This situation is spiraling faster and faster. I don't expect much word about Africa, South Asia, or Southeast Asia and the Pacific on the grapevine. Our nutrition depends on our labour. I cannot imagine this much of a miscalculation.
  2. WAS high. On review my original post is pretty selfish. Not following with the econ angle. As a foodservice worker in year three of covid I've seen the entire model come undone in a way I didn't think was possible in such short time. From supply chains to labour issues, it's a problem that people don't seem to apply enough nuance to. It's not about being without candy bars, but the top to bottom industrialized model isn't a matter of isolated islands. The only thing I see following all these changes is a global shitstorm that no one seems to be vocal enough about. Much like the covid contrarians are expecting some thanos snap event, there's an expectation of a 'revelation' but we're already in the climate change phase. And I'm increasingly baffled by the lack of urgency among the greater political spectrum.
  3. If an extinction event isn't enough to thwart doubters, how about the fact of 'borrowed' labour. Some seem to prescribe capitalism as an analogue to the competitive spirit, but it's too facile facing reality. The global south is an assembly line for the western middle class dream. It hasn't been interrupted for as long as it started. The labour that makes the candy bar machine exists is an existential dread across many in the world. But this isn't enough to sway some minds. The upcoming ecological turning point will paint many to death. And as careless it may be, the pennies of labour that the expendable bodies harboured disappears as well.
  4. Sounds about like two burrito combos from a rideshare app.
  5. 1. Go to party. 2. Exchange furtive glances with cutie. 3. Oh god they're approaching, RUN! 4. Go home and cry.
  6. Distract their elders with drone bingo while flooding meth into the streets. They know what to do.
  7. Religion could be a thing if it each were a discipline in liberal arts, like break the wall around spirituality and seek the components. We're talking about millenniums worth of haul with due diligence. Arts, crafts, sciences, dictums, the whole shebang. Best part is that unlike a lot of 'holistic' sciences there's no conclusion to speak of.
  8. Looks like the wayward spirit is fine with physical contact. Just lie back and *ghost bowjob*
  9. We fucked nature for so long it's finding solutions for us. In other news bugs to come out as big winners of the climate emergency.
  10. Smartest pop all year. Aesop's Fables to crack beats.
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