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Surprise, it's a new Nintendo Direct...


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I want expecting the free Ring Fit Adventure DLC. The rhythm game looked great.


The Panzer Dragoon Remake dropping today is a surprise, as is the demo for Bravely Default 2. I like that they're going the Octopath Traveler route and are willing to take some player feedback into account.

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36 minutes ago, Remarkableriots said:

Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition is that just the 1st game?

Yep. I'm rather happy about the port as I didn't play the original on Wii or 3DS. Though I hated 2, so maybe I won't even like it. 

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BioShock huh. I really wonder how well it plays.


Start - Xenoblade: Chronicles Definitive Edition

4:30 - Bioshock Collection

5:00 - Borderlands Collection

5:30 - XCom 2 Collection

6:15 - Marvel Ultimate Alliance Expansion Pass

7:30 - Shinskei Deep Sea - Out TODAY

8:30 - FREE Animal Crossing update later in April

9:50 - Good Job! (Game) - Out TODAY

10:55 - Catherine: Full Body - July 7

11:45 - Ring Fit Adventure Free Update - Rhythm game mode - Out now - Songs are Nintendo songs

13:20 - Kings Bounty II - 2020 release

14:15 - Smash Bros new character. Someone from ARMS coming June

14:50 - Free ARMS trial to those with Switch online membership. 3/26 - 4/6. Full game is free

15:25 - Bravely Default 2

19:45 - Board Game Collection, haha. Cards, checkers, pool, bowling, fishing, and such. 51 Games. June 5th

21:35 - Ninjala. May 27th, Free to play. Reminds me of splatoon with close combat

22:50 - Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy: Out Today and Episode I racer "coming soon"

23:15 - PANZER DRAGOON REMAKE OUT TODAY!!! Timed Switch exclusive

23:40 - Random assortment of games like Burnout, Saint's Row, etc

25:20 - Pokémon Expansion details [9:21 AM]

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20 hours ago, ManUtdRedDevils said:

Maybe it connects 1 & 2. 

2 connected to 1 a lot more than 1 connected to 2, so it makes sense.


Just to mention it, 2 had some of the best post-launch (free and paid) DLC support of any single player JRPG I can think of.  I need to go back at some point.

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I picked up good job yesterday. While I love the concept and what the game is doing I'm also a bit disappointed in some aspects (like on the first floor if you spill water the guy will mop it, nothing even remotely like that happens anywhere else, which makes it disappointing nobody cares what you do). I think my biggest gripe is really the only thing the game cares is you solve the issue as quickly as possible. The damage scores or broken item scores mean dick. Hell to an extent even your final score means dick in the game. I wish the game gave more criteria to completing the levels. =/ Other then that the destructive open nature is satisfying during levels. So it leads to many ways you can solve the level. One extra node, I did have a few bugs that put me in a stuck state where I have to restart the level. This happen a lot on a few specific levels. In one case I got force sat on a row of chairs and the game would not let me get off or I had a guy on a chair get stuck in a part I could not remove him from. =(

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