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UK government minister on UK/EU Brexit deal: the government was “fucked, in every hole”

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1 hour ago, erehwon said:

It has taken them this long and they really haven't figured out a good plan for separating from the EU.  Do they have the option of just giving up on the idea of leaving?

They do, just hold another referendum: dooms day vs prosperity 


But stiff upper lip and all that....

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Did anyone catch the handful of positive Brexit news stories yesterday? May's team and the EU had finally agreed on a preliminary deal for Brexit.


Yeah, that's not going so well with people on both sides hating that it goes too far or not far enough(shocker).


My favorite line. Those Brits can make anything sound classy.....




One U.K. government minister told The Daily Beast that the government was “fucked, in every hole” and admitted this could be the endgame for May, saying there were three possible routes: May resigns as prime minister, she fights a leadership challenge in her party, or she calls an election.


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On 10/30/2018 at 10:35 AM, Greatoneshere said:


Well, I wish they would get their shit together. Any hope for that?


If the Labour Party had an actual leader then yes, they would. But Corbyn is toxic so the British people have no viable options for government at the moment. Bernie bros keep Corbyn in charge of the party, but him being in charge prevents the party from winning government.

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