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Blumhouse To Reboot John Carpenter's Classic The Thing

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This follows the discovery of a full length version of the Novel that inspired the original film.



Universal and Blumhouse are bound for the icy plains of Antarctica, after it was confirmed today that a new version of The Thing has entered the formative stages of development.

And best of all? It’ll adapt a full-length version of Frozen Hell by John Campbell, whose novella Who Goes There? served as the foundations for both John Carpenter’s The Thing and The Thing from Another World from 1951.

News broke over on Facebook this past weekend, when producer Alan Donnes (h/t Bloody Disgusting) announced plans for a full-blown remake using never-before-seen chapters from Frozen Hell – chapters that were lost to the annals of time for decades. So it’s not too much of a stretch to say that this long-rumored project has a shot of becoming the most authentic adaptation of Campbell’s horror classic yet.


I actually didn't mind the 2010 prequel and I LOVE Blumhouse, but Carpenter's film is one of my all time favorites. I LOVE that movie.

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1 hour ago, SFLUFAN said:

I'd like a remake of The Thing videogame from 2002, please.

The only thing, pun intended, I can get behind in this thread. 


The prequel was mediocre and forgettable at best and nobody's getting close to the levels of atmosphere Carpenter managed to conjure up. 

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I'll always find it funny that The Thing prequel somehow had worse special effects than the original that came out 30 years earlier. For the lore, I enjoyed it mostly.


The ending didn't make sense to me though.



IIRC, MEW's character winds up in a snowcat near alien ship. Not sure how Mac, Norris, and Copper (I think) would have missed her flying over the site.


Also, this remake should not be allowed.

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What's sad is that The Thing prequel used mostly beautifully sculptured practical monster effects but some higher up decided it was best to trace CGI all over them. 


This remake has promise. It's going to detail the events of the prequel, the Carpenter film and events after it. Frozen Hell book is being crowd funded; I'd like to read that. Who Goes There? Is such a creepy story.

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