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Generation Z likes retail shopping more than Millennials and Gen Xers

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This according to a new survey.



Perhaps surprising to some, despite being digital natives, members of Gen Z reported they are still reliant on brick-and-mortar retailers. Although they were raised with technology, Gen Zers still value the brick-and-mortar experience for all phases of the shopper journey—more so than Millennials and Gen Xers.


Asked to respond to the proposition, “Shopping in-store allows me to disconnect from social media and the digital world,” Gen Z led all other generational respondents in answering, “almost always true” or “usually true” with a 58% agreement rate.


Asked where they liked to shop (for all categories) on different legs of their consumer journeys, 73% said they used in-store for discovering products; 65% liked in-store for trial; and a staggering 81% like to purchase in-store. As to what they are looking for once they arrive in-store: 83% of GenZ respondents indicated support tools (maps, kiosks, etc.) were extremely or moderately important; 79% think security considerations such as the presence of guards are important; 86% of respondents are looking for “Exclusives and promotions including free samples, giveaways and contests”; and almost three out of four (74%) Gen Z shoppers told A.T. Kearney a “well curated store experience focused on a limited number of products” was extremely or moderately important to them.


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1 hour ago, Mr.Vic20 said:

Retail shopping is popular with Gen Z, this I can anecdotally confirm via my teenage daughter and her friends. Seems there is a social component in meeting up, and the retail part is merely incidental. 

Yeah, we were part of the first generation of Mall Rats growing up. I remember going to the mall on weekends just to hang out and not really buy anything. We had several really popular malls in Jersey that were hang outside for teenagers,  the most popular being Newport Mall in Jersey City because it was the easiest to get to because of the Path train :lol:

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