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Mickey Mouse to acquire $1.5 billion stake in Tim Epic

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Disney is investing $1.5 billion for an equity stake in Epic Games.




Disney is investing $1.5 billion for a stake in Epic Games, CEO Bob Iger said Wednesday, in its biggest bet yet on the gaming space.


The media giant will work with the Fortnite studio to create new games and an entertainment universe where consumers can “play, watch, shop and engage with content, characters and stories from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, Avatar and more,” Disney said in a press release.


“Our exciting new relationship with Epic Games will bring together Disney’s beloved brands and franchises with the hugely popular Fortnite in a transformational new games and entertainment universe,” said Iger in a statement.


Disney did not say what the valuation of Epic, a private company, would be after the Disney funding.



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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to Mickey Mouse to acquire $1.5 billion stake in Tim Epic
7 hours ago, skillzdadirecta said:

The mouse is jumping into games eh? Maybe THEY can put out a console to compete with Sony and Nintendo when Xbox leaves the market :p


It was rumored some time last year they wanted to acquire a publisher though it made not too much sense. Investing in epic and having them make disney games is probably better... I guess... 🤷‍♂️

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4 hours ago, GameDadGrant said:

Mickey and Goofy in Fortnite, then? Ha! Let’s go.


No Donald, though. That duck has enough PTSD.

T H I S  M I G H T  B E  A  G O O D  S P O T  T O  F I N D  S O M E  I N G R E D I E N T S

  • Haha 2
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I think it's worth remembering the two $1B investments Epic got from Sony and KIRKBI (Lego) in 2022 and resulted in Lego Fortnite. Disney's stated ambitions and their IP portfolio make this feel more important.


It'll be interesting to see what game experiences actually come from this. Disney IP has already saturated Fortnite, and Lego's investment resulted in a minecraft mode, so it feels like it could be anything.


I remain dubious as to continuing to use the term "metaverse." Having a bunch of games share an engine/launcher/social graph is not quite the same as what I think of as a metaverse, but that battle is probably long lost.

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