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California kills little girls goat for big fair

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42 minutes ago, Ghost_MH said:

It's hard enough to get police to go track a stolen car down and these cops sent an entire squad 500 miles to confiscate a goat?

Well yeah, if it means something's gonna die they're all over it.

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I can't shake the feeling that the fair officials are a bunch of officious pricks unused to holding positions of authority, the types for whom any taste of power goes immediately to their heads.


Based on what the article reported, multiple efforts were made by the mother to handle the matter amicably, in a reasonable timeframe, with a reasonable request to accommodate any cost burdens caused by her daughter's action, and that those efforts ran up against bureacratic shitheads whose ignorance and lack of basic empathy prompted them to react in about the worst way possible.


So fucking stupid and unnecessary.  

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4-H, FFA, and “fair culture” is full of really weird people that wish for a time long ago. Punishing a kid in this way seems to track with my experience interacting with these types.

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