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Y: The Last Man (FX/Hulu - 13 September 2021) - Season 1 Official Trailer

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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to Y: The Last Man (FX/Hulu - 13 September 2021) - Season 1 Official Trailer
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Watched the first 3 episodes. More thoughts when I’m not sleepy. Initial impressions are that it’s been modernized in ways that feel right in general (even if the President sympathizing with a group storming the White House lands a lot worse now then when I assume that was written / shot) which is good, but it also feels oddly safe and predictable as well so far. Not as in it’s just an adaptation of the comic, just that anyone even passingly familiar with apocalyptic fiction will see every single beat of the first few episodes coming miles away. It’ll be interesting to see if and how that changes. 

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Watched the first couple of episodes. It feels like a show that didn’t get quite the budget needed to show the scale of societal detestation. Maybe a victim of Covid protocols? No idea when the shot the first season, but everything feels very small.


The performances were good at least. Not going to be high on my priority list, I don’t believe.

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