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  1. My company delayed our 1-2 days a week in office from original 7/1, to 8/1, to 9/7, to now likely not until 1/1 (i.e. could be even longer) and will now require vaccinations in order to be on-site. CEO mentioned federal response and other companies for reasoning. Glad they're doing it, but one negative is that it could actually encourage people to not vaccinate so they can continue working from home.
  2. I am actually surprised they Booed their Orange God. I always subscribed to the policies and the words didn't matter, republican orthodox be damned, all that mattered was Trump and owning liberals.
  3. Seemed weird, but the wife and I actually cancelled Netflix and renewed HBO max for another year. Just weren't watching Netflix as much. We have Amazon Prime and Hulu from other subscriptions, no cable, also Disney+. Seems like a rotation of streaming from here on. Disney+, though limited content keeps me engaged as there's been almost weekly Star Wars or Marvel content. Only so much content one can watch, seems like if you wait long enough shows rotate around the different vendors too.
  4. It's been awhile since I've seen it, but I don't think she had sex with a body that her grandparents took over their minds. She only lured in the original body/mind, and then once they got taken over, she moved on to the next dude. It's been awhile though, so I could have that wrong.
  5. Watched last night. It's a fun popcorn action movie, nothing more. Don't expect much and it's a fun ride. If you like Chris Pratt you'll enjoy I think. Not nearly as smart as Looper or Edge of Tomorrow. Other than the basic concept of being sent to the future, there is really no ah-ha or brain teaser. It's a very straightforward plot.
  6. Unless there's big rebate dollars on it (Likely will be), I think most health plans will not have this on their formulary. Even with big rebates, Fully Insured plans aren't going to want to pay for it to get some back in rebates, and large enough self-insured payers are going to want this off of their coverage. It'll likely just be small plan sponsors who get forced to cover it as someone. For most, good and bad, only rich people who can pay out of pocket will get it, or not rich people will go bankrupt paying out of pocket because they're understandably desperate. Pretty crappy of FDA to pass the buck to insurance companies to not needlessly cover and pay for a drug that has not been shown to have positive outcomes.
  7. Wasn't much interested in it, watched ep 1, got kind of hooked into it. Enjoying the world building. Worth a try if you're looking for something new and interesting. Only thing I will say is it my hit a little too close to home with the whole virus piece of it. I'm also a fairly new Dad so the first episode hit me hard too.
  8. Free country, private company can do what they want, why don't they Chuds love this? Wish my company would do this, or at the least make it required for returning back to office.
  9. Dude's got a punch, good for him. Sadly he's probably going to get fired.
  10. I liked Dexter a lot, but certainly went down hill. I rode it the whole way, didn't find the ending that bad, but certainly wasn't great. I'll check out the new season... kind of want to rewatch the old show, but that's quite the commitment.
  11. I may be the only one here,... I was kind of meh to the idea of The Eternals, similar to Guardians before I saw it.... but after the trailer for The Eternals, I'm sold. To me I just care about more "normal" super heroes, that's what I grew up watching/reading, and "god-level" super heroes didn't interest me. After watching the trailer, seems to be hitting similar MCU notes for me, I'll watch. Started reading up on The Eternals and the history.
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