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  1. - I think you saw some of that divisiveness bubble up in the box office until Solo hit theaters. People didn't know they would have issues with VIII until after they paid their money. I think the 3 legged stool of not lower box office from Solo was fan response from Episode VIII, timing (too soon since last star wars movie, to close to other geek movies), and not sure how 'origin' stories will play when beloved characters are recast. In my opinion, Disney should stick with 1 star wars movie a year every December. Own the holiday time, make it a traditional thing family do every year, go see the new star wars film. Let Disney Marvel own the spring/summer. Let Star Wars be a special event. Have a main trilogy every other year, stand-alone film every other year. After the Rey trilogy is done, do one of these new trilogies for 6 years, and then come back to the main timeline again. Need to give people time to breathe, also need time to really develop the films and strategy... need films to coordinate.
  2. Agreed... since it won't happen, I also selfishly want all of Marvel to unite.... also Comcast is horrible, so lesser of two evils and all.
  3. ... How would Roseanne have no financial involvement? I would assume she would still get something as a creator of the original show with these characters.