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Real ID deadline pushed back again. Previously was Oct 1, 2021 and is now May 3, 2023.

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I got my real ID Texas DL last year on literally the first day they started sending the new design. I went to the airport the same day it came in and got held up at TSA for 30 minutes because they had never seen the new one :lol:

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1 hour ago, Firewithin said:

aint nobody wanting to go to the dmv for this.  i have a passport and will gladly take that instead of having to deal with dmv


I'm not dragging my passport around while traveling if I don't have to, that's a good way to lose your passport.


1 hour ago, johnny said:

yeah fuck having to go to dmv for it. that’s the only reason i haven’t done it lol. 


My previous license expired August 2020 and originally I'd planned on getting the RealID at the renewal since the timing lined up nicely with the old October 2020 deadline anyhow. Then decided to just renew online so I didn't have to go into a DMV and then double-pay on a RealID if I needed to. But an insert in the envelope my registration renewal notice made it sound like you can switch to a RealID without having to pay a second time if you're switching to a RealID out of sync with your renewal.


58 minutes ago, TheLeon said:

I renewed my DL last fall, and got the Real ID. I was expecting it to be a hassle, like I didn’t bring enough documents or something, but I was in and out in like 5 minutes. 


wut how did you get a RealID without going to the DMV the first time

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4 minutes ago, CastlevaniaNut18 said:

I got mine in 2017 when I was due for a renewal anyway. Wasn't a big deal at all.


The issue in California is you can do a non-RealID renewal online and just get it in the mail, but you have to go to the DMV for your initial RealID.

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I think it worked out for me that I was at the point in the cycle where I had to physically go in for the eye check and new photo. I think it’s every third license renewal in Texas?.

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6 minutes ago, CastlevaniaNut18 said:

Just go to the DMV and take a book while you wait. It's only a one time thing.




The official website promised an hour wait at the Santa Monica DMV.


But that estimate doesn't include the line out the door to get the ticket to start the official wait. The wait before the wait, if you will. And that wait was 48 minutes.



By the time my number was called, the official wait was 2 hours and 20 minutes. Add the wait before the wait, and our grand total was 3 hours and 8 minutes.


That is almost an hour longer than Santa Monica's reported average wait time for the month of August.


During those three hours, I met Gabriel Anderson, who was there to take her written driving test. She was in the same boat.


The "wait before the wait" is the time standing in line



The DMV claims it's reduced the average time you'll spend in line by a half hour. That wasn't exactly how it panned out for us.


That's from 2018 but yeah there's a reason a lot of people still don't have a RealID. And then in 2020 I didn't want to go in during the pandemic, doubly so because I'd have had to take my mask off for a new picture.

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I got my last ID literally like 2 months before oregon started using real IDs. I ain't in that much of a hurry to go back again.


And that comes after I lost an ID like a few weeks before mine was about to expire, so I went and got a replacement figuring I'd have a new expiration date. I did not. I had to go back like 2 weeks later and get another one.


In arizona their IDs are good for like 50 years or some shit. That seems crazy to me. You can get an ID at 16 and it's still valid when you're 66. That just kind of defeats the point of having an ID.

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