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How often do you do a load of dishes?


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39 minutes ago, SuperSpreader said:

Do you order in usually? 



No. We hand wash cooking utensils and pots and pans after cooking since we own less of them than normal dishes.  We only put cups, plates, bowls, and eating utensils in the dishwasher.

33 minutes ago, Ominous said:

Madness. The coffee cups alone would fill a dishwasher faster than that. Working from home has increased the amount of dishes I need to do for sure. 

We don’t drink coffee. It is mainly water that we drink out of water bottles so we don’t have to refill often. We hand wash those at night. 

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7 hours ago, Joe said:

We got a new Bosch in 2019. Lifechanging.


You get one of the ultra quiet ones?  We bought one at our old home and when we moved into our current house it was one of the first things we purchased. I don't know how anyone can deal with a load ass dishwasher if it is in any proximity to where you would try and read / watch tv / hold a normal conversation. 

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