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  1. Just get a anker battery pack. I'm not sure the elite strap with the battery is worth it. I don't even need to tighten the headset it's so well balanced.
  2. The Quest 2 has already outsold the Rift and Quest 1 combined, so making this game a Quest 2 exclusive isnt a big deal for the masses. I have the elite strap and VR cover facial replacement and still found the headset to be uncomfortable until I balanced it out with a battery pack on the back.
  3. Seemed to fix the issue dropping my stream from 1080p to 720. Hopefully these graphics cards will come around soon.
  4. I do it all on one PC. I kind of figured out what I would have to do to limit the bottleneck. On a 2 PC setup I would need to connect both PC's directly to the router instead of a switch, but would need to get a capture card (assuming my router can handle multiple gigs at once). If I go with the 2.5g switch, I would need to purchase an additional wireless router to not cap out the one line going out from my switch to my router.
  5. What's up all! I've been streaming pretty regularly for a few weeks now and its been fun, but I've been seeing the need to upgrade. My PC has a Ryzen 2600 16GB RAM and a RX580. Pretty modest and probably isnt the greatest streaming machine especially with VR, which is all I stream. Now here's the kicker, I stream these games to my headset via Virtual Desktop so it needs to encode that signal and the stream at the same time over the same network cable. While streaming I dont get many hiccups at all, besides some compression issues on my end and on the stream. Once this GPU pandemic ends I plan
  6. I love how I'm the most normal person here, but I'm totally insane.
  7. Stickey


    Which might be after the filing deadline.
  8. Population one really helped the struggle for a few months.
  9. They shouldve had some kind of cool update to go along with the price hike. Saying you've been working hard on the same UI since last Gen doesn't win anyone over.
  10. You ARE fucking an American, bitch.
  11. What are you purchasing that will cause your rich status to change?
  12. I dont know if this will help or not, but adjusting the FFR in sidequest settings to off reduces edge blurring. You might want to try the half step setting for the IDP adjustment.
  13. Pavlov got its first major update in over a year. https://uploadvr.com/pavlov-wwii-update/
  14. Ive been using the Anker cable with the monoprice or cable creations active extension (I'd go with monoprice). If you have a good router (preferably wifi 6) and plan to play close to it, virtual desktop is another great option, but I've had better luck with visuals and controller latency corded. I did play on a older router that isn't reliable, but it did work good for me, just not as well as corded.
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