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  1. What are you purchasing that will cause your rich status to change?
  2. I dont know if this will help or not, but adjusting the FFR in sidequest settings to off reduces edge blurring. You might want to try the half step setting for the IDP adjustment.
  3. Pavlov got its first major update in over a year. https://uploadvr.com/pavlov-wwii-update/
  4. Ive been using the Anker cable with the monoprice or cable creations active extension (I'd go with monoprice). If you have a good router (preferably wifi 6) and plan to play close to it, virtual desktop is another great option, but I've had better luck with visuals and controller latency corded. I did play on a older router that isn't reliable, but it did work good for me, just not as well as corded.
  5. Cast iron is the best for meats.
  6. I dont think it was ever suggested it was wireless, I've always recommended it as a best second option. Wireless index is going to take forever and be pricey.
  7. It's great for the first few weeks. Then it shows all of its flaws.
  8. In no order, or 10 lol. Star Talk SAM THE COOKING GUY skippy62able The Hill Soundman Car Audio Freakin Reviews Astrobackyard Joe Scott
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