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  1. Stickey

    PC Who has the worst GPU on the forum?

    Still rockin the GTX580!
  2. Stickey

    I am a sociopath. I don't feel empathy.

    But he was filling your void!
  3. I consider stepping outside and going to work an achievement! A lot more opportunities for better achievements outside of the house.
  4. Stickey

    Do you sit or stand to wipe?

    This depends on the place and the toilet. If its a public bathroom, I try to keep my ass off of the seat as much as possible and keep my hand from going into the bowl, so I do the squat stand. At home my ass stays on the toilet.
  5. Stickey

    PC Crackdown 3: PC system requirements

    This game is going to get Alan Wake'd.
  6. Depends on what the probe actually is. Anything reaching us, would most likely be made from an extinct race.
  7. It's a spaceship! But our concept picture of it is a rock! But it was INTENTIONALLY sent here! To Earth! By aliens! Were SOOOOO special! I hope everyone understands space time and the actual size of space.
  8. Stickey

    Microsoft X018: The Official Thread

    The Crackdown 3 announcement will be it's canceled!
  9. Stickey

    Post ITT if cannabis is legal in your country

    All GSC's did for me is make me insanely hungry. I was really excited to try it, but I could not stop eating.
  10. Stickey

    I vomited seven times today

    Who's the daddy?
  11. Stickey

    I vomited seven times today

  12. Lol I thought the website got hacked again. "OMG Windows 10 is gonna get ya, click this link (www.thankyouforyourinfo.Imeanclicking.com) for more info!"