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  1. Stickey

    Sup AMA

  2. It's pretty much the same thing. Are you suggesting that when you buy the retail disc you DO get to keep your saves? Probably not!
  3. When Microsoft announce something similar the pitchforks were out. Now that Nintendo does it, it's a resounding "aww man".
  4. Stickey

    Do you smoke/grow Marijuana

  5. Stickey

    Do you drink plain milk?

  6. Stickey

    More smoke!

    Now that my weekend is over the smoke is gone!
  7. Stickey

    More smoke!

    Round 2! Seems like it only comes on my days off
  8. Stickey

    Millennials Are Killing Sex and Drugs!

    I think of millennial's as the first group of people that didnt have to remember phone numbers or depend on a phone book.
  9. Stickey

    More smoke!

    Man summers used to be really cool here. Now it's always smokey! https://www.airnow.gov/index.cfm?action=airnow.local_city&mapcenter=0&cityid=261
  10. Didnt know a BF game was coming out this year.
  11. Stickey

    Television Better Call Saul is BACK!

    More Saul Goodman! Im pretty sure BB is a better show if you actually sold drugs before.