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  1. Stickey

    I’m too young to remember 9/11

    But they dont match.
  2. So was I the only one that was looking at his neck thinking it was some flabby ass cheeks or ball sack?
  3. Stickey

    Someone is going to murder me

    It's your fault.
  4. Stickey

    You will never see an alien.

    Im looking real hard, just like the scientist. And I guess my REAL argument is we will never see an alien visit us.
  5. Stickey

    TSA does not give a fuuuuuck right now

    TSA Pre-Check
  6. Stickey

    Do you sit or stand to wipe?

    Ordered a bidet. Sitting will be mandatory at my home.
  7. Maybe it's just the way the picture was taken, but do you use your penis to navigate the menu?
  8. In all honesty, mine was warranted due to aliens being the start of the parody and the needed title capitalization to seal the deal.
  9. Stickey

    Rate your Christmas Day /10

    10/10, got to see my family. Not everyone gets to do that.
  10. Stickey

    PSA #4: Horses are Horses

    In the situation you put me in? Sure!
  11. Stickey

    PSA #4: Horses are Horses

    Thats a hell of a fantasy to think of! I would think of it as rape and start karate chop/kick my way out of it. HIIIIIYYEEAAAAAH!
  12. Stickey

    PSA #5: aliens are Aliens

    And you will never see one, like ever! We are so much of nothing in the grand scheme of the universe. Maybe if you're alive long enough to live to 200 or so, you might have a shot. People born 50 years from now will see a living creature from another planet. FACTS.