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  1. I plan on encrypting my traffic that is going to use the ports, but should I be worried about regular internet use or when getting updates for Plex?
  2. Lol, I was super pumped for this game to come out. All I wanted to play was H2 multi since I was super hardcore about the game back in the day. So yeah, super pumped for over a year, get the game and its broken, thought to myself, they should have it up in a few hours, hours became days, days became weeks and weeks became months. All in that time Microsoft lowed the price of the game in half, gave us "free" content to make up for the disaster, and guess what! The game is still broken and they want to sell more! No. Yes I know, the salt is deep on this one.
  3. I have DuckDNS, Ill check out my router. I have an ASUS AC forgotthemodelnumber. Any tip's about open ports and security risks?
  4. Dead serious lol. Not sure if I'll ever give 343 a single dime after the MCC bullshit. Kind of ruined gaming for me.
  5. Reach should be free. What makes them think they have an actual gold product to actually sell? If the standards is the way this game originally launched, then expect to pay for something they will get around to later. Thanks 343!
  6. Jesus, why the fuck are people making this look easy? The VPN would just be for myself if that makes any difference, even then I was questioning if I really needed it. So would I need, or you recommend I still have the same setup just to open a few ports?
  7. Im looking to enhance my smart home setup and in order to really do that it requires me to open ports. I've done this before for the xbox, but I havent done this for a PC. I have a Ubuntu install housing my home automation (homeassistant), Plex server, and I was also looking into setting up a VPN (Link to video). So what can happen when opening a few (3?) ports to this PC? I understand encrypting the information being send in and out, but does leaving these ports open leave the rest of my network at risk? If you have any warnings or tips to help secure things better I'd love to hear them. Thanks all!
  8. You dont need google or amazon for a smart home. I have zero interest in thinking about turning my lights on or off. Seriously, why do we even need to think about that! We have technology do so many things for us, but the light switch, nope!
  9. You should have seen the chaos here in Seattle! Reported 3-8 ins of snow and all the stores have sold out of bread and milk! We're doomed!
  10. The PC board will never be the same without the elitists PC crowd. Which everyone here shoo'd away.
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