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  1. That letter was from 2009.
  2. Get a damn tripod lol. You will want to make shorter more engaging videos for advertising. Learn to sell what you got in 30 secs or less. Good luck with the business!
  3. Oh man, dont remember getting the gameboy, but I do remember the story how it was stolen. I was at my grandmas and we needed to make a trip out of the house. I begged and begged to let me take my gameboy with me. She convinced/told me to leave it at the house. Well in the small amount of time to get back it was stolen (whole house was robbed). She felt super bad, so since she lived in canada, I got the canadian gameboy set for my birthday! Which wasnt the same sadly (different case, not the same games). Still have it and tetris though!
  4. Im rocking Pineapple Express (flower), Rainbow Cookies (flower), and UW Purple (oil)! Ordered Jimmy Johns, and Ill be having a brisket sandwich later tonight!
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