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9 hours ago, SlipperySlope said:

wtf is up with this app it stopped working

What are you seeing? Mine is working fine but I have found that the web control can desynchronize from the local client, so it may look as if its not running from your browser interface. 

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I turned off the CPU folding since it's just not efficient enough from a points-per-watt perspective to be worth it, and took the side panel off my case to ensure no overheating would happen when the GPU is dumping its 250W of heat 24/7.


And yeah sometimes it likes to stop working after finishing work unit; it seemingly can't connect to the server to download a new one.  I usually then have to manually pause and then start it again and it'll find a new workload in a few minutes.

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Well I decided to let it run through a cycle so I can go to heaven.  My R5 3600 just ripped it, my 1060 GPU is slow.  Took about 40 min for the CPU, GPU is going to take over 2.5 hours.  I get more credit for the GPU doe.  Is the GPU work that more demanding and that's why the CPU finished so (relatively) quickly?


Ok, I took the CPU out too, at least the GPU is quieter thanks to fan curves.

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