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  1. Valve’s gaming handheld is called the Steam Deck and it’s shipping in December WWW.THEVERGE.COM Play your Steam library on the go with the Steam Deck.
  2. Start Freeloading Over 30 Games with Prime Gaming For Prime Day 2022 | by Dustin Blackwell | Jun, 2022 | Prime Gaming PRIMEGAMING.BLOG Amazon Prime members are in for a real treat! Prime Gaming is thrilled to offer members even more free games as part of this year’s Prime… Mass Effect Legendary Edition Need for Speed Heat GRID Legends Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Star Wars Jedi Knight II Star Wars Republic Commando 10 Second Ninja X 8Doors: Arum's Afterlife Adventure Addling Adventures Bang Bang Racing Clouds & Sheep 2 Death Squared Fatal Fury Special Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Gone Viral HUE Manual Samuel Metal Slug 2 Metal Unit Pumped BMX Pro Puzzle of the Year — 10 Pack Rain World Road Trip — 3 Pack Samurai Shodown II Serial Cleaner The Crow's Eye The Darkside Detective The King of Fighters 2000 The King of Fighters 2002 The Metronomicon: Slay the Dance Floor First of these start rolling out on June 21st.
  3. What: Nvidia press conference for 3000 RTX series cards When: Sept 1st, Noon EST, 9AM PST Why: The leather jacket must be worn Where: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/special-event/
  4. The publisher is Blood Music, the same label that Pertubator is on.
  5. I know I could just play Ascension but I'm looking for something more fleshed out into an RPG that isn't Slay the Spire/Inscryption/Roguebook. I want something more where you are always adding and removing cards to the deck in a battle not just getting or modifying a card here and there... want the deep dirty deckbuilding engine pumping anything like that out there?
  6. This with texture packs should result in something pretty neat looking.
  7. Lost in the Fae Realms You are stranded beyond our world, cut off by the sudden collapse of the arcane portal network. This catastrophic event has left you - and countless others - fighting to survive in a labyrinth of mysterious and perilous realms. ‍ Prepare for a journey of adventure, danger, and discovery - as you search for a way back to the last haven of humanity, Nightingale. Explore the Realms Traverse foreboding forests, harrowing swamps, and shimmering deserts, as you restore the portals leading deeper into the lands of the Fae. Build & Craft Construct estates, farms, and communities to live off the land. Craft the tools, gear, and weapons you need to survive. Shared World Adventure alone, or unite with other players. Combine your strengths and skills, and face the challenges of the realms together. Gaslamp Fantasy Open-world realms immerse you in a mystical Victorian setting, where the remnants of humanity are threatened by the dark magic and nightmarish creatures of the Fae. FAQ What is Nightingale? Nightingale is a shared world survival-crafting game set in a rich gaslamp Victorian fantasy setting. Players venture through portals where adventure and mystery awaits across a myriad of beautiful and increasingly-dangerous worlds. Does Nightingale have multiplayer? Yes. You can play Nightingale solo or with friends and other players who you meet across the realms. When Will Nightingale Launch? We're working hard to bring you Nightingale in 2022. Stay tuned for more. What platforms will it be playable on? Nightingale is currently PC only. When Will Alpha and Beta Tests Begin? Testing is set to begin in 2022. Sign up in the form above to get involved and receive updates on when tests will begin.
  8. Steam Next Fest June 2022 Edition Coming Soon STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM A celebration of upcoming games, featuring demos, livestreams and more Dropping at 12pm PST today. There's also some Future Games Show demos already available now. Melatonin is one of them, which @Ghost_MH recommended. Future Games Show STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM Join us now for over 60 minutes of new trailers, world premieres, and surprises as the summer of gaming continues
  9. As cryptocurrency tumbles, prices for new and used GPUs continue to fall ARSTECHNICA.COM AMD's Radeon RX 6000 series GPUs, in particular, are easy to find below MSRP.
  10. The Fallout-style RPG teased by New Blood last week features big names in the classic Fallout scene | PC Gamer WWW.PCGAMER.COM Van Buren developer Adam Lacko, artist Red888guns, and original Fallout composer Mark Morgan are all working on the project.
  11. Capcom Summer 2022 Bundle WWW.HUMBLEBUNDLE.COM We’ve teamed up with Capcom for our newest bundle. Get games like Monster Hunter: World and Devil May Cry 5. Plus, pay what you want & support charity! What an insane bundle. It’s been more than a year since Humble put out something this good. Easily in for the $20, since I own none of the headliners.
  12. So Valheim has been taking the gaming world by storm the past 2-3 weeks. I jumped onto it really early after seeing a few tweets about it. I love this Genre, and this game has been top notch in the genre. It's installation size is 1 GB, but the game itself is packed with content, and the way it handles progression and moves you forward through the game is extremely well done. I was kind of shocked to see no one talking about it on here. I have like 150-200 hours into it already. I just finished basically the full "Story" that is available in the Early Access now, so will finally take a break to wait for more updates, but most likely will still jump on to play with friends. I have never played Terraria, but I've read its extremely similar in game design to that. Others have said its a mix of Minecraft, Skyrim, and Dark Souls. If you have a PC capable of running it, I'd definitely recommend trying it out, especially if you have a small group that dig this style of survival/action rpg hybrid. A few screenshots of my first base setup with added bridge.
  13. This was the game I replied to in the topic "What games have fallen off the radar?" So I was excited to not just see a release date 10/21/22 but Free on Gamepass day one too! long ways away though but excited non-the-less Scorn, the Very Bloody Horror Game Inspired By H.R. Giger, Has a Release Date - IGN WWW.IGN.COM Scorn, the new horror game developed by Ebb Software, will be out October 21. It will be available day one on Xbox Game Pass.
  14. I saw this on Steam earlier. Doesn't have a release date yet but apparently it's been in development for quite a while. Looks really cool, fingers crossed.
  15. Good riddance to 1.0, which is essentially a sharpening filter. I really do hope they can get it right this time. Not expecting it to go tit for tat with DLSS, but I hope it’s something I’ll actually want to use with my aging GPU, and will benefit the consoles. In other FSR news, Switch Sports supposedly uses the older implementation.
  16. You are a demon in the Underworld, made out of glass and pain. The Devil has given you a skateboard with a simple deal: Skate to the Moon and swallow it — and you shall be freed. Ollie, kickflip, and grind your way through the ash and smoke of The Emptylands as you take on a seemingly impossible quest. Learn to master your weight and motion to conquer the weeping concrete. Savour the ritualistic beauty as you set your feet to pop a perfect kickflip. Skate fast to destroy vicious demons, help a forgetful frog, and save other tortured souls on your journey from fragile beginner to a hardened skater. Push through hell and discover The Devil’s greatest weakness: humility, perseverance, and a disgustingly sweet backside tailslide. All you need is your skateboard. Hypnotic Beats for Demonic Streets Cruise through The Underworld to a psychedelic soundtrack by enigmatic New York artist Blood Cultures, and additional tracks by John Fio. Stylish Street Skating Adventure Skate through nine layers of The Underworld. Cruise through streets and surreal landscapes full of waxed ledges, unholy gaps, and tortured demons. Push your way through precarious paths and shred freeform skate spots. Discover and create your own challenges as you explore the world and master your board. Succumb To The Beauty of The Board Sell your soul for decks, wheels, and trucks to keep your skating fresh. Over 70+ skate tricks to progress and improve. Complete skate trials to level up, learn new tricks, and get new gear. Destroy vicious demons with your 360 flip… or at least impress them.
  17. Fort Solis is a single-player third-person thriller set on the far side of Mars. Engineer Jack Leary responds to a routine alarm. Upon arriving at a dormant Fort Solis he becomes unnerved by the lack of any staff at the base. As the night grows longer events begin to unravel and spiral out of control. The mystery of what Fort Solis was created for starts to appear along with its crew. Can Jack escape with what he has discovered and more importantly, his life? Key Features Key Sequences – Huge narrative moments that are fully playable with multiple outcomes. Each containing actions that have story-changing consequences. Immersive Storytelling – High fidelity world aiming to be as immersive and captivating as the performances of our cast. Explore Fort Solis – One large base location encompassing over nine individual structures, all containing surface and sub-surface levels. Players can play on the surface of Mars or simply progress by remaining below the surface. The choice is theirs!
  18. Hard West 2 WWW.HARDWESTGAME.COM Hard West 2 is a supernatural journey to the dark heart of the West. With a gun full of lead and a fistful of witchcraft, raise an outlaw posse and chase down the devil to take back what’s yours. Hard West 2 on Steam STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM Hard West 2 is a supernatural journey to the dark heart of the West. With a gun full of lead and a fistful of witchcraft, raise an outlaw posse and chase down the devil to take back what’s yours. Hard West 2 resurrects the supernatural cowboy XCOM for another heist WWW.THESIXTHAXIS.COM The devil's in the details. Not to be confused with these other similarly themed titles: Weird West on Steam STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM Survive and unveil the mysteries of the Weird West through the intertwined destinies of its unusual heroes in an immersive sim from the co-creators of Dishonored and Prey. Evil West on Steam STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM A dark menace consumes the Old West. In solo or coop, fight with style in visceral, explosive combat against bloodthirsty monstrosities. Eradicate the vampiric hordes with your lightning-fueled gauntlet and become a Wild West Superhero. Blood West on Steam STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM Blood West is an immersive stealth FPS horror set in a wicked Wild West. Brought back to life by strange native spirits, you will explore and scavenge, build up your arsenal and gain powerful perks, hunt your enemies quietly or meet them guns blazing. Take back the frontier, gunslinger! West of Dead on Steam STORE.STEAMPOWERED.COM Descend into the grim and gritty world of Purgatory in this cover-based shooter which combines the fluidity of twin-stick controls and tactical cover usage. Dodge behind cover as you try to outgun your enemies in the unknown procedurally generated hunting grounds.
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