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Major downsizing at Game Informer, about half of the staff laid off

Commissar SFLUFAN

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I saw this comment on the Kotaku article I thought was interesting. Its someone claiming they work at a Gamestop store so I guess take it for what it's worth. I'll post the whole comment in a spoiler tag but the main part that caught my eye was there is talks of closing 15-35% of stores after this holiday season. 



That isn’t the bad part. The new regional managers somehow decided to split up the stores in a haphazard map that literally put two stores within a short distance of each other into two different districts across the state I work in.

On top of that, we (gamestop employees) can no longer help out in those stores if they are short staffed because we are in different districts, per our new shitty regional managers.

Gamestop can’t help but burn itself to the ground from about every conceivable angle at this point. My store is constantly looking less like a decent retail store, and more like ‘buy what little collectible shit we have left before the doors close!’

I didn’t see Kotaku mention this but, I’ve seen and heard on weekly conference calls that Gamestop is planning to close 15-35% of their stores nationwide right after the winter holidays (35% is probably saying they do horrible during that time). 

At this point, I think Gamestop is literally trying to put cut off anything that cost money from staff to stores. Make more than 30-40k? You’re gone.

We have Slack manager chats so managers can vent and keep in contact, and I very rarely see good news regarding Gamestop these days



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13 hours ago, Paperclyp said:

If you could pay a subscription to block gaming specific news online of any kind and you get an old school EGM + PC mag every month, I would be all over that. 


I yearn for those days. 


seriously. i remember which day what mag would arrive. i couldnt wait to  flip it open and see what new games are coming are read the latest reviews.  the internet provides us instant gratification, which isnt a bad thing, but i do miss that anticipation and excitement of receiving a new issue. 

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