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So I guess the Batwoman show is now super-duper official.

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30 minutes ago, 2user1cup said:



No one wants this!!


If you watched last year's crossover, it seems like they want to do teamups with Supergirl once everything gets merged in CoIE next year.

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10 minutes ago, skillzdadirecta said:

Pretty sure Supergirl is ending as a show. 


...where did you hear that? I saw just a week or two that CW renewed all of its shows that hadn't already explicitly been confirmed as being on their final season. 

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4 minutes ago, IdeaOfEvil said:

Maybe it's because of how Titans is treating their superheros, but this looks so watered down for a comic book show... Or maybe it's the snowflake in me that's still hating women?


You're seriously the only one who still gives a shit about this. 

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The setup feels a little like a retread of Arrow but that makes sense given how much of Arrow was the showrunners ripping off Batman storylines because WB/DC wouldn't let them actually use Batman. And also because this show will be replacing Arrow after its truncated half season (Stephen Amell apparently wanted out after season 7 and is doing this truncated season 8 basically as a favor to the showrunners to let them get through Crisis).


Still a little early to tell but I'm not immediately put off by it, I'll definitely give the season a chance based on this. Especially since it's been a while since one of these shows needed to do an origin stories setup (Legends sort of skirted that with its setup).

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