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Taylor Swift Inspired Heinz to Release Limited Edition Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch Bottles of Kranch


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Heinz is making a ketchup and seemingly ranch bottle to honor Taylor Swif when she saw Travis Kelce at the Kansas City Chiefs game. Learn more here.



Over the weekend, the “Anti-Hero” singer made waves when she attended the Kansas City Chiefs’ football game in light of her rumored romance with tight end Travis Kelce, and her choice of condiments for her game day chicken tenders meal — ketchup and “seemingly ranch” — went viral. So viral, that Heinz has rebranded the condiment combo and made it a limited-edition bottle.


Heinz confirmed in a Tuesday post on Instagram that Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch (Taylor’s Version) will be released in the coming months. “It’s a new Era for Heinz. Introducing Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch. Limited-edition bottles coming soon. #SeeminglyRanch #ItHasToBeHeinz,” the company captioned the post.


The condiment flavor — which already exists within the company as “kranch” but is receiving a tangy rebrand just for the pop star — is inspired directly by Swift and Kelce’s budding relationship, a spokesperson revealed in a statement to The Independent. “In honor of #Traylor, Heinz (Arrowhead Stadium’s supplier of both Ketchup AND Ranch) is creating a ‘Taylor’s Version’ of its iconic Kranch sauce and releasing 100 bottles of Limited-Edition ‘Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch’ sauce,” the spokesperson said.


The spokesperson additionally confirmed that 100 bottles of the sauce are due to the sum of Kelce’s football jersey number 87 and Swift’s lucky number 13.


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I don’t pay attention to sports so I don’t know what a Kelce is either but apparently right wing pundits thought her dating him was a good time to go after her on social media so that might be some of it. I think essentially she’s popular enough that even if you don’t follow anything remotely close to her, enough other people do that anything as trivial as her dating someone will cause a bump in hearing about her.

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26 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

How could anyone say this is shit? :nottalking:



Don't care for the vocal styling. In fact its one of the biggest issues I have with modern music in general. Also now that I listened to most of it, its just boring and repetitive. Musically it just kinda says the same throughout. There is no build up or crescendo.

Now this is how you do a slow sad longing song. 



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Audience Peaked at More than 29 Million Viewers in Second Quarter Led By Peacock, Chiefs-Jets is Most Streamed NBC NFL Regular-Season Game on a Sunday  NBC Sports Has Presented Two Most Watched Games of 2023 NFL Season Viewership Increases Among Females Across All Age Groups, Adding More than 2 Million Female Viewers Chiefs and Jets ...


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