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NFL Week 1 - The First Bradyless Season in 23 Years!


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1 hour ago, best3444 said:

Unbelievable. I never want to see anyone suffer from an injury but yes, I called it and I just had this odd feeling it would happen. He is finished. 


You may have unintentionally ended someone's career but maybe you should buy a lotto ticket while you've still got the mojo! :o

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Just now, GeneticBlueprint said:

That’s the most Jets thing to happen so it tracks. They were so unbelievably dumb to overpay for a guy Rodgers’ age instead of trying to get a younger guy they could build around like Carr or Jimmy G. Now they’re stuck with that dork from my Alma Mater. 


Dumb to pay for a guy who's used to having an O-line and not paying for the O-line :p

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1 minute ago, Chris- said:


You know deep down that this probably saved you much more anguish in the future. You should be thankful you've been spared.


I have watched < 25 snaps of Jets football over the last 3 years. There’s nothing they can do that will hurt me. I’ve been a paid season ticket holder, I’ve rooted for them for 30 years. If (OLO) they do well I will have no problem hopping on the bandwagon (OLO).


But Captain Immunized blowing out his leg 6 minutes into the season? Doesn’t move the needle at all, I don’t care.

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