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  1. Thursday, October 21 Matchup Time (PT) TV Denver at Cleveland 5:20 PM Fox/NFL Sunday, October 24 Matchup Time (PT) TV Washington at Green Bay 10:00 AM FOX Kansas City at Tennessee 10:00 AM CBS Atlanta at Miami 10:00 AM FOX NY Jets at New England 10:00 AM CBS Carolina at NY Giants 10:00 AM FOX Cincinnati at Baltimore 10:00 AM CBS Philadelphia at Las Vegas 01:05 PM FOX Detroit at LA Rams 01:05 PM FOX Houston at Arizona 01:25 PM CBS Chicago at Tampa Bay 1:25 PM CBS Indianapolis at San Francisco 5:20 PM NBC Monday, October 25 Matchup Time (PT) TV Indianapolis at Seattle 5:15 PM ESPN I am referring to of course Deshaun Watson perhaps getting traded to the Dolphins. Games this week looking like a mixed bag as always, the late games look like a must miss, but the early games don't look much better.
  2. Looks like the college season begins again this weekend so I guess time to get this ball rolling!
  3. Thursday, October 14 Matchup Time (PT) TV Tampa Bay at Philadelphia 5:20 PM Fox/NFL Sunday, October 17 Matchup Time (PT) TV Miami vs Jacksonville 6:30 AM CBS Green Bay at Chicago 10:00 AM FOX Cincinnati at Detroit 10:00 AM FOX Houston at Indianapolis 10:00 AM CBS LA Rams at NY Giants 10:00 AM FOX Kansas City at Washington 10:00 AM CBS Minnesota at Carolina 10:00 AM FOX LA Chargers at Baltimore 10:00 AM CBS Arizona at Cleveland 1:05 PM FOX Las Vegas at Denver 1:25 PM CBS Dallas at New England 1:25 PM CBS Seattle at Pittsburgh 5:20 PM NBC Monday, October 18 Matchup Time (PT) TV Buffalo at Tennessee 5:15 PM ESPN Well last week ended with some spicy off the field drama. I'm sure that's going to continue this week. Other than that there seem to be a few stand out games this week. Will the Arizona / Cleveland game and Chargers / Baltimore game be oodles of scoring? Maybe. Bills get another prime time game. And I guess Dallas and New England should be interesting.
  4. Feds Search Washington Football Team Facility, Vermillion on Leave WWW.NBCWASHINGTON.COM Federal investigators executed a search warrant at the Washington Football Team’s training facility and the home of Head Athletic Trainer Ryan Vermillion on Friday, law enforcement sources told News4. Vermillion is on leave because of an investigation, the team said. “Ryan Vermillion has been placed on administrative leave due to an ongoing criminal investigation that is unrelated to the team,”…
  5. Thursday, October 7 Matchup Time (PT) TV Los Angeles Rams at Seattle 5:20 PM Fox/NFL Sunday, October 10 Matchup Time (PT) TV New York Jets vs Atlanta 6:30 AM NFL Green Bay at Cincinnati 10:00 AM FOX Detroit at Minnesota 10:00 AM FOX Denver at Pittsburgh 10:00 AM FOX Miami at Tampa Bay 10:00 AM CBS New Orleans at Washington 10:00 AM CBS Philadelphia at Carolina 10:00 AM FOX Tennessee at Jacksonville 10:00 AM CBS New England at Houston 10:00 AM CBS Chicago at Las Vegas 1:05 PM CBS Cleveland at Los Angeles Chargers 1:05 PM CBS New York Giants at Dallas 1:25 PM FOX San Francisco at Arizona :1:25 PM FOX Buffalo at Kansas City 5:20 PM NBC Monday, October 10 Matchup Time (PT) TV Indianapolis at Baltimore 5:15 PM ESPN Trying something new with the presentation. Kind of in a lazy way that takes too much time so I don't know if I'll come back to this look. As for this week's games looks like there are actually a good amount of compelling match ups, Thursday and Sunday Night looks good but Monday looks not great.
  6. A night to forget on Thursday and a night for excitement for one particular board member on Monday. Plus the Chicago QB carousel spins on. These stories and more coming this week in the NFL!
  7. There are a lot of juicy match ups this week but only one game features two 0-2 teams. Who will emerge the victor of the battle of the worst teams?
  8. With both the NFC and AFC West teams there is no doubt the best teams are in the west. This week most of them appear to have a more difficult challenge ahead of them. Meanwhile most teams that had a bad week last week don't appear to have anything easier, with the exception of Green Bay of course. But was it a bad week for them or was Rodgers intentionally tanking? 🤔
  9. With the season kicking off in a little over a week I figure it's a good time to create the football thread. For the first time in a while no Monday night double header game. Not sure who asked for these prime time games though. But a new season, new expectations, maybe they will be good!
  10. FedEx Requests the Washington Professional Football Team to Change Its Name Nike Pulls All Merchandise for NFL’s Washington Football Team Off Its Website These actions follow a letter sent by 87 investment firms and shareholders worth a collective $620 billion to Nike, FedEx, and Pepsico to cease their relationship with the team until the name is changed.
  11. Wow. I am surprised but not surprised. Barca’s finances are complete mess and with a league imposed salary cap, it had no room for him. He needed to take a hug cut which obviously he didn’t want to do Wonder if it is too late for City to back out of the Grealish deal. It’s either City or PSG. I can’t think of anyone else who can afford him
  12. Longtime Florida State football coach Bobby Bowden dies at 91 WWW.ESPN.COM Longtime Florida State coach Bobby Bowden has died at 91. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in July.
  13. With Covid-19 guidelines in place this is sure to be the healthiest NFL draft on record! First Round Order Jacksonville Jaguars New York Jets San Francisco 49ers (from Miami Dolphins via Houston Texans) Atlanta Falcons Cincinnati Bengals Miami Dolphins (from Philadelphia Eagles) Detroit Lions Carolina Panthers Denver Broncos Dallas Cowboys New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles (from Miami Dolphins via San Francisco 49ers) Los Angeles Chargers Minnesota Vikings New England Patriots Arizona Cardinals Las Vegas Raiders Miami Dolphins Washington Football Team Chicago Bears Indianapolis Colts Tennessee Titans New York Jets (from Seattle Seahawks) Pittsburgh Steelers Jacksonville Jaguars (from Los Angeles Rams) Cleveland Browns Baltimore Ravens New Orleans Saints Green Bay Packers Buffalo Bills Baltimore Ravens (from Kansas City Chiefs) Tampa Bay Buccaneers And best news, you'll be able to hug Roger Goodell Commissioner Roger Goodell fully vaccinated, will be allowed to hug draft prospects WWW.NFL.COM The bro hugs are back. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been fully vaccinated, and the league said he will be allowed to give his famous hugs while greeting players at the 2021 NFL Draft, Ian Rapoport reports. First Round Draft Summary
  14. Les Miles out as Kansas Jayhawks' head football coach WWW.ESPN.COM Les Miles is out at Kansas four days after a report was made public that accused him of inappropriate behavior toward female students while he coached at LSU.
  15. Kansas City Chiefs (14-2) Location: Raymond James Stadium | Tampa, FL Date: February 7 - 6:30 pm est Network: CBS Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-5) Special Halftime show: The Weeknd! We've got a player who has played in nearly 1/5th of all Super Bowls against a player who just won his first Super Bowl last year. Should be interesting!
  16. RIP Martyball Marty Schottenheimer, NFL coach with 200 wins, dies at 77 APNEWS.COM Marty Schottenheimer, who won 200 regular-season games with four NFL teams thanks to his “Martyball” brand of smash-mouth football but regularly fell short in the playoffs, has died. He was...
  17. Sunday, January 24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-5) 3:05pm ET FOX Green Bay Packers (13-3) Buffalo Bills (13-3) 6:40pm ET CBS Kansas City Chiefs (14-2) You got battle of the old QBs in the early game and the battle of the young QBs in the late game.
  18. Saturday, January 16 LA Rams (10-6) 4:35pm ET FOX Green Bay Packers (13-3) Baltimore Ravens (11-5) 8:15pm ET NBC Buffalo Bills (13-3) Sunday, January 17 Cleveland Browns (11-5) 3:05pm ET CBS Kansas City Chiefs (14-2) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-5) 6:40pm ET FOX New Orleans Saints (12-4)
  19. SEC, ACC, Big 12, AAC, C-USA and Sun Belt are the conferences that will be playing this year. Games start as early as tomorrow if they don't get postponed!
  20. Saturday, January 9 Indianapolis Colts (11-5) 01:05pm ET CBS Buffalo Bills (13-3) LA Rams (10-6) 4:40pm ET FOX Seattle Seahawks (12-4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-5) 8:15pm ET NBC Washington Football Team (7-9) Sunday, January 10 Baltimore Ravens (11-5) 1:05pm ET ABC/ESPN Tennessee Titans (11-5) Chicago Bears (8-8) 4:40pm ET CBS New Orleans Saints (12-4) Cleveland Browns (11-5) 8:15pm ET NBC Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4) We get two extra games this week. We will find out of the Bears are worthy of such an honor.
  21. Of course I'm referring to the Jets vs Patriots. Jets screwed their draft stock by winning last week. Patriots have no reason to win and it's probably better for their draft placement if they lose. So who will come out on top? 🤔 As far as playoff scenarios go AFC Titans: Win and they win the division Dolphins: Win and they are in Ravens: Win and they are in. Browns: Win and they are in. Colts: Clinch a spot if they win and any of the above teams lose. NFC Washington: Win and in (and NFC East Champs), no playoffs if lose Rams: In with a win or Bears loss and tie Cardinals: In with a win Bears: Win and in. Also in if Cardinals lose Cowboys: In with a win and need Washington to lose Giants: Win and Washington loss makes this the first NFL team with a 6-10 record to make the playoffs 🤮
  22. I've created this thread after some discussion with a few of our players about having some more interaction between y'all as you battle it out for the title of D1P MGT Champion. Because I lock the weekly thread at the deadline each week, it doesn't leave a lot of room for non-entry based posts, discussion, congratulations, or shit talking which is half the fun of a competition. So here we introduce, "The Mock Gambling Thread Discussion Thread!" This thread is for any non-entry posts about the MGT, the games, the players, the results, and any other related discussion. Don't post entries to this thread as they will not only not count, but we'll all laugh at you. Good-natured trash talking is encouraged. But don't be dicks. Y'all know where the lines are. I will turn this thread right around...</dad_voice> You can also use this thread if you have any MGT questions for me that are not specific to the current Week's thread. This thread will remain open until the start of the 2021 NFL Draft, at which point it will be locked. A new discussion thread will be posted for the 2021-22 MGT Season when that begins, assuming we all haven't caught zombie AIDs from rabbid unisquirrels or something. @ManUtdRedDevils@BasemntDweller2@Emperor Diocletian II@thewhyteboar @Keyser_Soze@Alpha1Cowboy@AbsolutSurgen@Dodger@Greatoneshere@Biggie@Kal-El814
  23. Week 16 means playoffs are right around the corner, here are some scenarios: Kansas City Chiefs: Clinch home field advantage and first round bye With a win A Steelers or Bills loss Green Bay Packers: Clinch home field advantage and first round bye If Seahawks lose If Green Bay wins If Green Bay beats the bears next week AFC South champion Titans will win the division if they beat Green Bay and Indianapolis loses at Pittsburgh AFC North Steelers have clinched a spot but not the division Wild Card Depending how AFC North shakes out - Steelers are a lock for the playoffs. Browns need to win and for 1 team (Ravens, Dolphins or Colts) to lose to clinch. Raiders need a lot of things to happen. NFC West champion Seattle wins and they clinch NFC East Champion Washington Football Team clinches with a win and Giants loss NFC South Champion Saints have clinched Wild Card Buccaneers get a wild card if they beat the Lions (TB12 back in the playoffs?) Rams get a wild card if they win. If the Rams lose they get in with a Bears loss or if the Cardinals beat the 49ers Cardinals clinch a spot if they win and Bears lose Bears need to win out and have the Cardinals lose once to get a wild card spot
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