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  1. With Covid-19 guidelines in place this is sure to be the healthiest NFL draft on record! First Round Order Jacksonville Jaguars New York Jets San Francisco 49ers (from Miami Dolphins via Houston Texans) Atlanta Falcons Cincinnati Bengals Miami Dolphins (from Philadelphia Eagles) Detroit Lions Carolina Panthers Denver Broncos Dallas Cowboys New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles (from Miami Dolphins via San Francisco 49ers) Los Angeles Chargers Minnesota Vikings New England Patriots A
  2. Les Miles out as Kansas Jayhawks' head football coach WWW.ESPN.COM Les Miles is out at Kansas four days after a report was made public that accused him of inappropriate behavior toward female students while he coached at LSU.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs (14-2) Location: Raymond James Stadium | Tampa, FL Date: February 7 - 6:30 pm est Network: CBS Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-5) Special Halftime show: The Weeknd! We've got a player who has played in nearly 1/5th of all Super Bowls against a player who just won his first Super Bowl last year. Should be interesting!
  4. RIP Martyball Marty Schottenheimer, NFL coach with 200 wins, dies at 77 APNEWS.COM Marty Schottenheimer, who won 200 regular-season games with four NFL teams thanks to his “Martyball” brand of smash-mouth football but regularly fell short in the playoffs, has died. He was...
  5. Sunday, January 24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-5) 3:05pm ET FOX Green Bay Packers (13-3) Buffalo Bills (13-3) 6:40pm ET CBS Kansas City Chiefs (14-2) You got battle of the old QBs in the early game and the battle of the young QBs in the late game.
  6. Saturday, January 16 LA Rams (10-6) 4:35pm ET FOX Green Bay Packers (13-3) Baltimore Ravens (11-5) 8:15pm ET NBC Buffalo Bills (13-3) Sunday, January 17 Cleveland Browns (11-5) 3:05pm ET CBS Kansas City Chiefs (14-2) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-5) 6:40pm ET FOX New Orleans Saints (12-4)
  7. SEC, ACC, Big 12, AAC, C-USA and Sun Belt are the conferences that will be playing this year. Games start as early as tomorrow if they don't get postponed!
  8. Saturday, January 9 Indianapolis Colts (11-5) 01:05pm ET CBS Buffalo Bills (13-3) LA Rams (10-6) 4:40pm ET FOX Seattle Seahawks (12-4) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11-5) 8:15pm ET NBC Washington Football Team (7-9) Sunday, January 10 Baltimore Ravens (11-5) 1:05pm ET ABC/ESPN Tennessee Titans (11-5) Chicago Bears (8-8) 4:40pm ET CBS New Orleans Saints (12-4)
  9. Of course I'm referring to the Jets vs Patriots. Jets screwed their draft stock by winning last week. Patriots have no reason to win and it's probably better for their draft placement if they lose. So who will come out on top? 🤔 As far as playoff scenarios go AFC Titans: Win and they win the division Dolphins: Win and they are in Ravens: Win and they are in. Browns: Win and they are in. Colts: Clinch a spot if they win and any of the above teams lose. NFC Washington: Win and in (and NFC East Champs), no playoffs if lose Ram
  10. I've created this thread after some discussion with a few of our players about having some more interaction between y'all as you battle it out for the title of D1P MGT Champion. Because I lock the weekly thread at the deadline each week, it doesn't leave a lot of room for non-entry based posts, discussion, congratulations, or shit talking which is half the fun of a competition. So here we introduce, "The Mock Gambling Thread Discussion Thread!" This thread is for any non-entry posts about the MGT, the games, the players, the results, and any other related discussion. Don't post
  11. Week 16 means playoffs are right around the corner, here are some scenarios: Kansas City Chiefs: Clinch home field advantage and first round bye With a win A Steelers or Bills loss Green Bay Packers: Clinch home field advantage and first round bye If Seahawks lose If Green Bay wins If Green Bay beats the bears next week AFC South champion Titans will win the division if they beat Green Bay and Indianapolis loses at Pittsburgh AFC North Steelers have clinched a spot but not the division Wild Card
  12. NFL Football on Saturday was always an end of season tradition. This year it feels like they could have done it way before week 15, but I guess we gotta play (some) of these games on a designated day! Enjoy what mostly looks like assy games. Could we maybe flex KC and New Orleans to a primetime game?
  13. As @Slug has to take a week off there will be no official Mock Gambling thread this week. But don't be afraid to participate in this mock mock gambling thread for one week only! The points don't count for the official thread but they will make you feel good if you get them right anyway. Everyone has the same amount of money this week, $50,000. Put it all on the line for a chance at glory! WEEK 15 MOCK MOCK GAMBLING - SPREAD AND QUESTIONS DEADLINE FOR WEEK 15 ENTRIES - Saturday, 12/19/2020 01:49am EASTERN THREAD WILL BE LOCKED AT THE DEADLINE SO GET
  14. So last week we learned that if you have COVID and delay the games enough you can start the game if it is delayed till Tuesday! This week we will also learn if Seattle can beat a team from New York. What is the most exciting match up this week? Write what you think it is in the comments below!
  15. I find it kind of humorous that after all the shuffling of the schedule around that they played Steelers vs Ravens to Wednesday and had to move the Thursday night game (originally Ravens vs Cowboys) to Tuesday. Why didn't they just put Steelers vs Ravens on Thursday and then move Ravens and Cowboys to Wednesday? (Thursday?) I dunno play two games on Thursday who gives a fuck?
  16. Normally people go out to people's houses for Thanksgiving and don't get to see the games. This year might be different, you could possibly see every game on Thanksgiving this year! But other than the Baltimore game, who would want to watch the other two? Seattle has a primetime game every week it seems. Good for them!
  17. Less than a month ago the Cardinals and Seahawks played an exciting game. This Thursday you can watch the sequel. Then you could probably skip everything until Sunday Night (with maybe Green Bay at Indy being the exception)
  18. Looks like some alright games this week. They certainly have more interesting prime time games this week in any case.
  19. The Thursday Night Game looks good for a change. The MNF game yikes!
  20. There seem to be a handful of good games this week and some interesting storylines, like Tua's first game. I think they probably should flex that Seahawks game to Sunday Night though. Who wants to see whoever the Cowboys are going to start at QB?
  21. You could watch the debate Thursday night or watch the Giants or neither! And the much anticipated much delayed game between Pittsburgh and Tennessee is this week (maybe) but sick or not they'll probably play it anyway.
  22. You know, even before last week's Tuesday night game I was thinking about spreading the NFL games over the course of a week. Obviously this would have to be scheduled very carefully but I think it would work out. As it stands the NFL is really the only major sport that has every game (mostly) on one day. Spreading the games out across the week ensures that many teams get exposure to all markets rather than the viewer only getting a (non) choice of 2 games a week. Obviously you wouldn't have a team play on Wednesday then the upcoming Sunday but you could definitely make it so certain team
  23. In a week that saw a lot of movement of the leaderboard, ManUtdRedDevils takes advantage of the chaos and slides back into the #1 position going into Week 6! ########## WEEK 5 RESULTS ########## Week 5 Feature Game: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3.5) at Chicago Bears The Bears get the upset, winning by a score of 20-15.5(19-3.5). Bets on Chicago win. QUESTIONS 1) What will be the first scoring play of the Feature Game? Buccaneers TD, Buccaneers FG, Buccaneers safety, Bears TD, Bears FG, Bears safety, or other? ($600 for the correct call) Ryan Succop hits
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