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  1. Look at these delicious match ups. We start the week off with Browns and Bengals on a TNF game. Ravens vs Texans, Pats vs Seahawks should be interesting at the very least.
  2. SEC, ACC, Big 12, AAC, C-USA and Sun Belt are the conferences that will be playing this year. Games start as early as tomorrow if they don't get postponed!
  3. As the NFL emerged from the weirdest off-season ever, so too does Alpha1Cowboy emerge as our leader after Week 1! How long will he be able to hold on to that top spot? ########## WEEK 1 RESULTS ########## Week 1 Feature Game - Houston Texans (+9.5) at Kansas City Chiefs The defending Super Bowl champs win their home opener against the Texans by a score of 34-29.5(20+9.5). Bets on the Chiefs win. QUESTIONS 1) What will be the first scoring play of the Feature Game? Texans TD, Texans FG, Texans safety, Chiefs TD, Chiefs FG, Chiefs safety, or other? ($300
  4. Four have been released on Defector--a site comprising many writers formerly from Deadspin. The Detroit Lions The New York Giants The Washington Fucking Idiots, Misogynists, and Racists without a Backup Plan The Cincinnati Bengals I know @Emperor Diocletian II appreciated these in the past.
  5. I recently finished a fantasy draft (only 1) and though oh yeah, Football is supposed to start. For how long it goes nobody knows. It did remind me of some interesting off season moves like DeAndre Hopkins getting traded to the Cardinals. A lot of interesting rookies out there Joe Burrow and Tua. How raw will they look with no preseason games? In any case season starts September 10 about a week and a half away.
  6. Holy frijoles, what an offseason. Wait, did we have an offseason? There was a draft. There were some workouts. Doesn't really feel like we had an offseason though. Oh well. The 2020-21 NFL Season begins tomorrow and that means the Mock Gambling Thread is back! Will @AbsolutSurgen be able to defend his title? Time to find out. Are you new and don't know what this is? Keep reading. The Mock Gambling Thread is a competition that is a part gambling, part predicting, and part forecasting contest. The competition lasts for the entirety of the NFL season and is open to all regul
  7. FedEx Requests the Washington Professional Football Team to Change Its Name Nike Pulls All Merchandise for NFL’s Washington Football Team Off Its Website These actions follow a letter sent by 87 investment firms and shareholders worth a collective $620 billion to Nike, FedEx, and Pepsico to cease their relationship with the team until the name is changed.
  8. https://www.freep.com/story/sports/college/2020/08/10/big-ten-football-cancels-season-michigan-michigan-state/3332277001/
  9. https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/dwayne-the-rock-johnson-buys-xfl-for-15-million-with-partner-redbird-capital-per-report
  10. First Round Order First Round Summary And feel free to Boo him so the NFL will donate money to the Draft-A-Thon fundraiser for Covid-19
  11. https://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/28438441/xfl-rule-changes-focus-faster-pace-more-excitement
  12. *FIREWORKS* *STROBE LIGHTS* *POLE DANCING* *LOUD NOISES* It's been a long season, but we're finally at the finish line! The games have all been played and we have a winner. Now that the dust has settled on the '19-20 NFL Season, let's tally up the final scores and see who will take home the 2nd D1P MGT title! ##### FINAL ROUND RESULTS ##### Feature Game: Super Bowl LIV - San Francisco 49'ers (+1.5) vs. Kansas City Chiefs The Chiefs beat the Niners by a score of 31-21.5(20+1.5) to easily cover the points and win their first Super Bowl since 1969!
  13. Date: Sunday, February 2, 2020 Game Start Time: 6:30 pm ET Location: Hard Rock Stadium - 347 Don Shula Dr, Miami Gardens, FL 33056 Also be prepared for the best Super Bowl halftime ever: Shakira and J-Lo!
  14. So it all comes down to this. The final week of the 2019-20 MGT Season. AbsolutSurgen holds a commanding lead going into the championship, riding the longest 1st place streak of the year. But can he hold back the contenders one more time? With a small handful of players within striking distance and the questions worth big bucks, will he still be standing atop the hill when the dust settles? This weekend may be the Super Bowl, but the real fight is here! We should sell ad space. -= THE LEADERBOARD =- @AbsolutSurgen - $268,000 @thewhyteboar - $186,850 @Keyser_Soze - $120,000 @
  15. Absolut_Surgen hits the gas and furthers his lead on the pack. His lead is impressive, but not insurmountable as he has a couple of contenders still within striking distance. With only one chance left to earn money can he hang on for one more week or is there an upset in the making? ########## DIVISIONAL ROUND RESULTS ########## Feature Game: Tennessee Titans (+7.5) at Kansas City Chiefs The Chiefs beat the Titans by a score of 35-31.5(24+7.5) to beat the spread and move on to Super Bowl LIV! QUESTIONS 1) What will be the first scoring play of the AFC C
  16. Sunday, January 19 Tennessee Titans (9-7) 3:05pm ET CBS Kansas City Chiefs (12-4) Green Bay Packers (13-3) 6:40pm ET FOX San Francisco 49ers (13-3) "The winner of these games goes to the superbowl"
  17. Hitting the Feature Game bet and doing very well in the questions has let AbsolutSurgen extend his lead and give himself a little more breathing room. With only 2 weeks to go will anyone be able to knock him off his perch or will he take home the title and the prize? ########## DIVISIONAL ROUND RESULTS ########## Feature Game: Seattle Seahawks (+4.5) at Green Bay Packers The Pack just edged out the Seahawks by a score of 27.5(23+4.5)-28 to move on to the Conference Championship. Bets on Green Bay win. QUESTIONS 1) What will be the first scoring
  18. I figured with games starting on Saturday (Florida vs Miami), now would be as good a time as ever to start up the ol' college thread.
  19. Joe Burrow says Browns' Odell Beckham Jr. handed out real cash to LSU players Does this count as "lack of institutional control"?
  20. https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nfl/luke-kuechly-announces-retirement/ar-BBYXwgZ?OCID=ansmsnnews11
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