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  1. First Round Order First Round Summary And feel free to Boo him so the NFL will donate money to the Draft-A-Thon fundraiser for Covid-19
  2. Date: Sunday, February 2, 2020 Game Start Time: 6:30 pm ET Location: Hard Rock Stadium - 347 Don Shula Dr, Miami Gardens, FL 33056 Also be prepared for the best Super Bowl halftime ever: Shakira and J-Lo!
  3. Sunday, January 19 Tennessee Titans (9-7) 3:05pm ET CBS Kansas City Chiefs (12-4) Green Bay Packers (13-3) 6:40pm ET FOX San Francisco 49ers (13-3) "The winner of these games goes to the superbowl"
  4. Saturday, January 11 Minnesota Vikings (10-6) 4:35pm ET NBC San Francisco 49ers(13-3) Tennessee Titans (9-7) 8:15pm ET CBS Baltimore Ravens (14-2) Sunday, January 12 Houston Texans (10-6) 3:05pm ET CBS Kansas City Chiefs (12-4) Seattle Seahawks (11-5) 6:40pm ET FOX Green Bay Packers (13-3) Take note on Sunday, they are playing games later than they usually do, maybe to cater to the best coast?
  5. Saturday, January 4 Buffalo Bills (10-6) 4:35pm ET ABC / ESPN Houston Texans (10-6) Tennessee Titans (9-7) 8:15pm ET CBS New England Patriots (12-4) Sunday, January 5 Minnesota Vikings (10-6) 1:05pm ET FOX New Orleans Saints (13-3) Seattle Seahawks (11-5) 4:40pm ET NBC Philadelphia Eagles (9-7) That feeling when 13 - 3 isn't good enough to clinch a bye.
  6. For some teams it is a day of rest. For other teams it's a fight for a bye or even a shot at the playoffs. AFC Kansas City clinches a #2 seed and first round bye with a win and a Patriots win or a (Chiefs) loss and Texans loss. Patriots get a #2 seed with a win or a Chiefs loss. Texans will be the #3 seed with a win and Chiefs loss otherwise they are a #4. Titans can clinch the #6 seed with a win or a Steelers and Colts loss. Steelers clinch the #6 seed if they win and the Titans lose / Titans and Raiders lose and the Colts win / Colts and Raiders win and the Bears, Lions, Chargers and Patriots lose. Raiders get the #6 seed if they win and both the Titans and Steelers lose AND the Colts win AND if Bears, Lions, Chargers or Patriots win. NFC Packers can get #1 seed with a win and 49ers loss. With a win and 49ers win or a (Packers) loss and and a Saints loss they will be the #2 seed. 49ers clinch the NFC west and #1 seed with a win. With a loss they'll be the #5 seed. Seahawks clinch the NFC west with a win but need the Packers and Saints to be the #1 seed. They are the #2 seed with a win and Packers loss. Just a win makes them the #3 seed. A loss makes them a #5 seed. Saints get a first round bye with a win and a loss bye 49ers or packers if both lose Saints get the #1 seed. Cowboys need a win and Eagles loss to clinch the division. Eagles clinch the east and #4 seed with a win or Cowboys loss. Bengals will the the first pick in the draft no matter if they win or lose!
  7. As you already know, of course, no TNF this week. Instead we get 3 Saturday games. These 3 games look like the best games of the week so watch football on Saturday and sleep in on Sunday and watch the Monday Night game.
  8. Well if you decide to watch TNF tonight over the Game Awards you might get to see Lemar Jackson demolish the Jets. Pats are so bad they have to record the 1-12 Bengals sideline? Will Aaron Rodgers continue his decline against the bears? Are the Texans going to decide if they want to clinch this thing or not? Does Philadelphia have any more receivers left to be able to beat Washington? Buffalo gets a primetime game, o em gee! A Monday night shootout?
  9. There are only 4 weeks left in the season and so far beyond a handful of teams a season to forget. Usually by the time the playoffs roll around the you can tell who's a lock to make the playoffs. But in the AFC so far 8 teams are in the hunt, even the 4-8 Jets have a chance at the wild card (a very distant chance but yuck!) Even in the NFC even the Redskins have some hope somehow. But I'm guessing after this week a lot of teams will be eliminated from contention. I see a handful of games that should be good. Baltimore at Buffalo, San Francisco at New Orleans and Kansas City at New England. And for lulz the return of Eli Manning on Monday night! Woo!
  10. Happy Thanksgiving all. This week we are blessed with not many(?) great games. Which cowboys will show up to play the Bills, that game on paper seems the most intriguing Thanksgiving day game. 49ers vs Ravens needed to be flexed. We get a Browns vs Steelers rematch, it seems like just last week people were slamming helmets into each other. Oh wait, that was 2 weeks ago! Time to see the Texans get shut down by the Patriots. Monday night could be exciting. Woo! 🦃
  11. We have made it to week 12 and it looks like there are some good games this week. Thursday night game is actually a game that matters between two winning teams. The winner likely goes on to win the division and Colts have already beat the Texans. Buccanneers and Falcons both suck but they generally put up a lot of points so it could be worth watching just for that. Saints and Panthers might be nice as long as the Panthers from last week don't show up. Seahawks and Eagles is promising as is Cowboys and Patriots. Packers and 49ers were flexed into SNF and it should be pretty good. And even the Monday night game might not be bad.
  12. In case you weren't aware Monday Night's game is in Mexico! Maybe Mexico will have more Chargers fans than LA! Games to 👀 this week > Texans at Ravens - (Lots of points will be scored (maybe, I probably jinxed it)) > Jest at Washington (didn't these teams play already?) > Saints at Tampa Bay (Just based on exciting scoring that probably will happen) > Pats at Philadelphia (I just realized I'm mixing team names and then the city, weird!)
  13. Looks like a rather bleh week until you get to the late games on Sunday. Monday Night is like a good MNF game for a change. Wow!
  14. Thursday is here and that means another week of subpar superb NFL football. Halloween night we have the undefeated 49ers facing the 3/4/1 Arizona Cardinals. Can Kyler Murray become a god and beat the 49ers? You will just have to watch! Houston and Jacksonville play in London. I bet it's a game most normal people would want to see! Buffalo looking to bounce back from their disappointing loss, the only thing more disappointing would be losing to the nearly winless redskins. Speaking of nearly winless, the nearly winless jets play the winless Dolphins. If Dolphins want to prove they aren't tanking this is the week to do it! The probable highlight game this week is NE at Baltimore. You get to see Lamar Jackson in prime time but will the Patriots shut him down? Monday night game is just a rematch of the week 1 game. Cowboys could clinch the division in week9?
  15. Starting the week off terribly with Redskins vs Vikings - A revenge game, Case Keenum against his former team and Kirk Cousins vs his former team. But that's probably the only interesting thing about the game. Packers vs Chiefs was probably the highlight game this week and no Mahomes kind of takes the wind out of the sails. Then end on Monday night where everyone gets to see how bad Dolphins are!
  16. So, looking like mostly decent games this week. Thursday night looks strong with Chiefs and Broncos. Wake up to see Oakland at Green Bay or Houston at Indy. The 3 late games look good (we don't count the Chargers game). Monday Night will probably be a bloodbath. Good luck Sam Darnold!
  17. Looks like other than a handful of games, another week to forget in the NFL. Watch game 5 of the Astros game instead of this TNF trash. Washington and Miami are out to find out who's the best of the worst. But (Houston v KC) / (Carolina v Tampa) and maybe (San Francisco v LA) should be good
  18. This week seems to have some intriguing match-ups, or some games that won't be totally lopsided anyway. One of the highlights being the return of Khalil Mack to Oakland, except this time he's going to show them they made a huge mistake trading him away. Or maybe the Raiders will show them that they are totally better without him! Bucs and Saints will probably have a lot of points scored, at least based on last week and if Teddy is up for it. And the trend of good Thursday night games continues with Seahawks and Rams, both teams 3-1. Should be pretty wild!
  19. We are at week 4 and the huge clash of the two undefeated teams is upon us. Who woulda thunk it would be Bills vs Pats though. In other news the of the week goes to the Dolphins over the Chargers. This is the perfect situation for a game the Chargers should win but somehow lose.
  20. It's a strange time to be a football fan. After week 2 all of the quarterbacks you know and love aren't playing anymore. Gardner Minshew is the starter for the Jags Luke Falk is the starter for the Jets A different QB each quarter is the starter for the Dolphins The Daniel Jones era is officially starting for the Giants Cam Newton might not play so Kyle Allen would start for the Panthers Mason Rudolph will be starting for the Steelers And the saints will be rocking a two QB system between Bridgewater and Taysom Hill But you could always still love Joe Flacco if you're into that... 😧
  21. Thursday Night's barn-burner guarantees one of these teams will have a win. Carolina has lost 8 of their last 9 games and Tampa Bay has lost 5 games in a row stretching back to last season. Buffalo is looking to shock the world and string together 2 wins in a row and have 1/3 of the wins they had last season! Miami looking to also chock the world and channel the juju they put on the Patriots week 14 last season where they came away with a miraculous victory only if they do it this week it will be even more miraculous! The Gardner Minshew era begins for the Jaguars this week but will he be enough to defeat the Texans? New Orleans and Rams have a rematch of the NFC Championship game from last year but now they have instant replay on pass interference so does that mean New Orleans wins this time? Chicago is ready to take all their rage out on Joe Flacco. Cleveland gets a Monday night game and will they still be the Browns or will they act like the team people thought would win a lot of games?
  22. The NFL season starts tonight with a rematch of last year's week 1 game that had Aaron Rodgers coming out of the locker room to erase an 20 point deficit in the 4th quarter. Can he do it again? If he does @Emblazon will let us know how he feels ITT. The rest of the week looks kind of shit except for Steelers vs Pats, but maybe some team will surprise us!
  23. Enjoy watching @Biggie's 3rd string Falcons play @IPS Temp Admin's 3rd string Broncos! The non-debut of Joe Flacco for the Broncos should be exciting to see!
  24. I haven nothing to say really, seems like it's not a very exciting class this year. Here's the draft order
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