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Do you still have your old year books?


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I’m currently preparing for a move and trying to practice half-hearted minimalism as I prepare to move into a house with limited storage space. I still have every yearbook from 7th grade to 12th. I never really flip through them, but when I do it is interesting to remember old faces. But do I really need them? Hauling around six hardcover and somewhat sizable book doesn’t seem justifiable any more considering how little I will actually lose them. It’s not like I had a particular lovely time during those years either. I would feel weird throwing them out, though, but in a year I can say I’d miss them THAT much.


A middle ground option would be to keep my senior year book and throw out the rest. Our cut out relevant pages from the ones I discard and store them in plastic sleeves in a notebook.


Or just burn them all, which is my roommate’s suggestion.

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I have most of mine, elementary through senior year high school. As I get older they start to mean a lot less. I used to recognize most everyone from my graduating class. Now when I look at the yearbook I'm like who the hell are all these people.  I don't plan on getting rid of them. I'll make my kids deal with it when I'm dead :p.

My suggestion is keep at least one. 

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I would get a yearbook at major milestones so I have 5th, 8th, and 12th. I debated recycling them but I now have a daughter who might get a kick out of seeing a young version of me and the notes friends wrote on the inside cover so I am keeping them for now. The books don’t take up much space. 

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I have a couple from middle school and one from freshman year of high school. I don’t know if I ever got any more after that. 

The thing I’ll definitely always keep is the little book that some of my classmates made for me in 8th grade, after my mom died. 

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