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California September 14th election of idiotic recall rules.

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6 minutes ago, CayceG said:

I just don't understand how someone with Larry Elder's views can be the leading candidate here... Do people just not care and all they see is "Democrat bad"?


You can win with literally any plurality on the second ballot question as long as the first ballot question passes. He's polling around 25% and that's amongst people who are voting for a replacement candidate; the Democratic party messaging has been that if you don't want Newsom replaced just vote no and leave the second question blank. So it's 25% of a group that's smaller than the number of people voting on the recall question and that's already self-selected toward rightwing nutjobs.

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40 minutes ago, CayceG said:

So the Democrats are fundamentally misunderstanding the rules and might suffer greatly for it. 




The reason they're doing this is because they feel that the "vote no, but also just in case..." messaging confused people in the 2003 recall campaign. It's also why there's no serious Democratic contender on the second question.

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6 minutes ago, chakoo said:

Best of luck my birth state. Results are starting to come in now and so far No is winning but the lead will most likely shrink as the night goes on.



I'm pretty sure it just jumped from like 63% Newstom to 69% (nice) Newsom with nearly 60% of LA County votes in. I don't think chud country has enough people to make this particularly realistic for them.


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4 minutes ago, thewhyteboar said:

The takeaway from this is that elections are rigged by the system in favor of Republicans and that EVERY Republican candidate is insane. 


Because when you're trying to rig the election all that matters is firing up your base. 

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