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Gamestop's stock price has increased 637% in the last six months (100% over the last two days). They're still doomed.

Commissar SFLUFAN

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Wall Street Bets Traders Are About To Be Crushed By GameStop


The 2020 holiday shopping season was quite bad for GameStop given the huge burst in spending on video games because of the pandemic keeping people inside and the console cycle. Comp store sales growth was 4.8% with 308% growth in online sales. Total sales fell 3.1% with an 11% decline in the store count.


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31 minutes ago, LazyPiranha said:

Literally anyone who tries to suggest that the stock market is tied to the health of the economy should be shot on site and their body left to rot as an example to others.


While they indeed should, I would recommend a similar fate for anyone that suggests Gamestop's share price to be indicative of anything.

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9 minutes ago, ThreePi said:

Has the Gamestop made any recent statements about what is going on? I don't know exactly how WSB managed this, but memeing a stock to obscene growth really tells you a lot about what the Stock Market means overall.


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All I can say at this point is good, fuck shorts. I've held stock in more than a couple companies that have been systematically held down by them.


This stock had 147% of its float shorted, that shouldn't even be possible without naked shorting which is illegal.

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