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Quebec denies residency over language

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Quebec only cares to protect their version of old french. 

I do love watching french and quebecers arguments eventually turn to English because they can’t understand each other.



this seems to be a case of not that she is french but that she used English in one of her papers. This is not shocking and shows the petty anglophone/francophone divide in the province at the hands of the province.

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2 hours ago, AbsolutSurgen said:

It's potentially the most racist part of North America.


In some ways it is more racist (official government ban on wearing some religious articles if you work for the government). In other ways it is far less racist (when was the last time people of colour were killed in Quebec in the back country?). Overall I'd say it is less racist than many parts of the US as the official racism is still less than the cultural racism in the US towards black people in some areas. I mean, either way, it's bad.

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In America driving while black can get you killed whereas in Quebec it gets you tickets which you can fight in court and then repeat every few years.




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18 hours ago, CitizenVectron said:

There are really multuple spectrums upon which to measure racism (that I can think of):

  • State-sanctioned discrimination
  • Systemic cultural discrimination
  • Violent-result racism

I would guess that Quebec is higher on the first, but lower on the latter two (than southern US states).

IMHO, there is huge systemic cultural discrimination to anyone who is not white and francophone from a significant portion of the population in Quebec.  My wives family was anglophone from the Eastern townships, and have mostly all emigrated from Quebec to Ontario.

The "state-sanctioned" discrimination against anyone who speaks English is derived from systemic cultural racism that is the bases for terms "distinct society" and "Quebec values".

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