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Too broke to retire? Fox Business guest says working into old age is a ‘blessing’

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7 hours ago, marioandsonic said:

Any reason why?

I had a professor who is really old. He owns a bunch of houses in addition to his professor salary. Dude enjoys his job and said he doesn’t believe in retirement. He also tried to tell me that RC Cola tastes the same as Coca Cola so he is clearly insane! 

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RC is better than Coke. I wish I could find it more often. 


But yeah, some people just like working. They're crazy, but they exist. My grandpa was essentially forced into retirement at something like 72 and he wasn't happy about it. Right up until he got sick at died a couple months ago at 87, the man would still be trying to do something. 

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A rich CIO doesn't care. Shocking.


This part stuck out: "Is bowling that interesting? Is fishing that interesting?"


Putting aside the amount of people who do that and watch Fox (God knows I've befriended plenty), who cares what someone else likes? I love video games, but some people don't get why. I don't get fishing, but some people are in paradise sitting on a boat with friends. If you like fishing, bowling, tennis, dancing, video games, movie/show binging, writing, traveling, exploring, arts, escape rooms, reading, snorkeling, sailing, climbing, working out, editing videos, collecting, going to the beach, and that's what makes you happy, then it's interesting to you and no one else should judge you for it.


I get the idea of loving your work to the point that you keep doing it, but he's a rich cat who can afford to choose what he does and doesn't get the negative reason why many people are never planning on retiring.

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