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When do you usually know it's time to give up reading a book?


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I'm currently reading The Ministry of Utmost Happiness by Arundhati Roy for my English book club in Germany and it's proving to be a real struggle. I'm over 60 pages in (out of 437) and it simply is not grabbing me. In fact, I'm finding it extremely confusing, jarring, and actually rather off-putting because the book constantly is switching perspectives and times, and there is a constant flood of indistinguishable characters with Indian names (many of which have multiple names). My brain hurts. :(:p 


Normally I would just slog through, especially for a book club book, but maybe I've finally hit the point where I'm willing to give up on a book.


When do you all reach that point? When do you decide that it's time to spend your time elsewhere? 20 pages? 50 pages? 50%? Never? 


And if you feel like sharing, what are some books that you've given up on? 

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I've never given up on a book,  but I have skipped entire sections to move passed a point that I've ever struggled with.


Last I can remember, I was reading Bram Stoker's Dracula, and when I got to the chapter where Mina is asking questions to the old port man about what happened on the Demeter I had to skip it entirely. The language and slang were giving me headaches, and if I didn't skip it I know I would have stopped reading the book entirely. And once I did, I didn't miss what I didn't read in the slightest.


So, you might find it beneficial to not entirely drop a book, but maybe skip ahead to another chapter just to see if something changes and piques your interest there.

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I usually just stop reading them. I always start out a book strong by reading 50-70 pages up front, then I try to read a few chapters a day after that. If the book fails to catch me I'll cut down to like a chapter a day before I just stop reading it altogether. I'll find something better to do with my time.

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