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I just can’t have stuff with sugar in my apt


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6 minutes ago, TheLeon said:

I have no self control when it comes to sweets. I can only buy one pint of ice cream at a time, because whatever  I buy is getting eaten that day. 

As I’ve got older, I’ve become better at moderating but really - even though it’s a terrible mindset - I’d rather eat sweets/chocolate etc in one go, rather than have it available over a number of days just so they’re gone. The only thing that flies in the face of that, and is an inherited idea from my mother in law, is to bake a cake and have that over a few days. At least I know how much sugar/butter etc is in it! 

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5 hours ago, Chris- said:

I could eat through a Costco sized tub of peanut butter filled pretzels in like 2 days if I threw all caution to the wind. 

I basically did this over a weekend when I was dog sitting for my sister last year. I never brought the tub with me to the couch, it was just that every time I got up for anything I would stop in the kitchen and grab a handful. 

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Fake sugar products just wreck my inners. I’m a big guy and I love weed, so imagine my problems. I had no problems polishing off a Ruffles bag of Sour Cream and Bacon chips, and my Dairy Milk Chocolate and Sea Salt Caramel bar (MAC the strain of choice) I gotta be in the mood for ice cream and will have sometimes a week or 2 where it’s all want. Although I too overall tend to gravitate to the chips over sweats. I think that’s why the chocolate bar above works so well for me, salt and sweet. 

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On 10/28/2023 at 11:32 AM, SmugPrick said:

Im the same way which sucks because my gf loves keeping it stocked. When I smoke I go right for the junk. I actually just started getting veggies and fruits and been eating them after Ive smoked. Seems to be workin


Same thing that it’s after I smoke that I become rabid. I never order sweets when out, usually don’t even feel like it at all after dinner.


But if I’m home and just smoked and I know that if I allow myself to eat the entire second half of the bag of reese’s, like I did last night, that if I just allow myself this it will be like PEANUT BUTTER GOD.


Sometimes it’s like I need to eat it just so I can stop thinking about eating it. But if I simply don’t buy it at the store, never even think about it!



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