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  1. Found someone hurting for some money, bought one for 280. First time using VR - holy shit its incredible, but damn does it mess with my equilibrium after playing. Im sure it'll go away after time, but has anyone else experienced motion sickness after using? Does it go away after a while?
  2. I love it...I bought in at 84 bucks back in feb. What does this do to Sony? That 46 dollar price point looks pretty salivating.
  3. What are some of the hottest releases to flex this card in 4k glory?
  4. I have been groped the last two times I've flown. Legit hands in and around the taint style groped.
  5. Rockstar needs to get back to its roots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdvVFNU7z9k
  6. Like it totally turns me on to lick a girls ass that has never had it done before. I don't know why this is happening, but Im really enjoying it. Anyone else here lick their partners ass?
  7. MTV Singled out went from Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra to this nasty ass chick?
  8. I had one of those MSI gaming laptops. It was ok - but I got sick of it being huge. I bought a 15" MacBook Pro and rebuilt my gaming HTPC when the new corsair lapdogs came out. Love it!
  9. promoting pornography on a gaming website where little kids can see/10
  10. I don't drink alcohol. Too many negative effects on the body. Ill smoke weed though.
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